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Neighbor asks to get rid of the family dog so that her children can play in the homeowner's garden...ending relief

by tige 4 months ago in Excerpt
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The humility of dog breeders, only dog breeders understand.

Such oddball neighbors, it really is too much to meet one ...... let alone ...... six ......

Two days ago in the forum brush to a foreign netizen's posting, let me hear the sound of the three views broken ......

To be able to move into the dream house is the most wonderful wish of all.

This netizen is no exception, he and his wife's dream house is the kind of house with a "huge back garden".

Finally, at the age of 36, after the couple persistently searched around, they finally found this ideal house and moved in.

It is known that the previous owners of this house were an old couple without children.

They built many tree houses and bridges over the trees in their yard for the children in the neighborhood to play.

So after the young couple moved in, the next door neighbor very politely came and asked if his children could continue to come over and play.

The couple felt that it was perfectly fine for the child to come over and play as long as the parents did their duty to watch the child and they were not responsible if the child was injured.

The neighbor was so grateful for the couple's answer that he wouldn't come empty-handed when he came to see his child, and often brought juice and cookies with him.

Word slowly spread, and the couple's huge backyard had about a dozen kids coming over almost every week to play.

Some were brought by their parents, others came in pairs of three or two.

Everyone was polite, so it went on like this for a long time without incident.

Until one day, the husband received the news that his father was going to a nursing home.

Because his father was too old to take care of his two dogs: an 11-year-old Belgian shepherd and a 12-year-old German shepherd.

The father wanted the couple to take over completely and help take care of the dogs for the rest of their lives.

Both dogs have great personalities, so the couple happily took the dogs in.

Usually the two dogs stay in the backyard or on the porch, and the couple will check the yard carefully and pick up the dogs' poop once a week on a regular basis.

They also put signs on the doors to keep them closed and to alert those who are afraid of dogs to the presence of dogs in the yard.

The children who come over to play also like the two dogs very much, and the older children can even take the dogs out for walks.

However, just as the dogs were beginning to adapt to their new life.

A strange lady appeared in front of them and sternly asked the couple to get rid of the two dogs!

The reason was actually because: her children had fallen headfirst into dog poop while playing in the garden!

The wife theorized to this oddball: If you had watched your kids, this wouldn't have happened!

And the lady said: If you do not get rid of your dog, my children will not come back, and I will file a lawsuit for endangerment!

The most amazing operation came when the lady later even brought a petition to force the couple to get rid of the dog.

And there were six signatures on it!

Then the couple had no choice but to lock the door, posted an explanation, and then left.

Of course, there are many neighbors to persuade them to change their minds.

But because of this "rat turd", the couple was not willing to take any more risks.


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