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My Second Book is Published!

by Deepika Viswanath 6 months ago in Short Story
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The process behind writing my second book and what it personally means to me

My Second Book is Published!
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I am now the author of two books and I can't be more than happier. I just released the publication of my second book, Second Chance, two days ago and I can't believe my book has turned out exactly how I envisioned it!

Cover of my book

back cover of my book

SUMMARY: This is a collection of nine romantic and dramatic stories that are about falling in love and finding new discoveries.

Discover the meaning of love in Unexpected Love, The Opera House, Second Chance, From Whom It's Worth, and The Artist's Dream.

Make life-changing discoveries in The Happenings of the Peterson Family, My Childhood Home, A Move to Remember, and The Golden Discovery.

These enchanting stories will leave a lasting impression as they'll show readers the value of true love and discoveries that transform lives forever.


Global Summit House store:


Barnes & Noble:

Ebook- $1.99

Paperback- $14.99

Hardcover- $23.99


Second Chance is a collection of short stories that I decided back in October 2021 to put together. In 2020, I had written stories for's writing challenges, and in 2021, I continued to write stories, that I have stored on my computer. Afterwards, I decided that I wanted to write a second book. I decided that my second book would be a collection of what I perceive to be my best short stories, stories that are personal, that showcase my writing skills and ones that I uncoined my target audience would like to have on their bookshelves to re-read.

Each of the stories in the book were written at separate times, but the common themes of these stories were about love, memories and new discoveries. In a sense, I saw myself in these characters as they navigate their feelings and new changes that life brings them.


THE OPERA HOUSE: I wrote this story in mid-2021 literally after listening to the song La Japonaise, by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe from the album Barcelona. I envisioned an opera singer, dressed in a suit, (similar to how Mercury looked in his 1988 La Nit performance, performing songs from the same album) singing at night to a love interest. And this inspired the story.

MY CHILDHOOD HOME: This story is the most personable to me, as it was inspired by my personal experiences of growing up in my own childhood home and reflecting on memories I had from living there, and how I had to accept moving on once I got to college.

THE HAPPENINGS OF THE PETERSON FAMILY: Back in late 2020, posted a writing prompt about writing a story about a family reunion. For Reedsy's writing challenge, I decided to write a story about a dysfunctional family reuniting. I had also seen the movie Knives Out at that time which gave me visual inspiration as to how my story would play out. Except in my story there's little a twist to the ending. I didn’t want to make my story a thriller, but simply a family drama that shows the importance of valuing relationships.


Like my first book, Buried Secrets, I enlisted the help of an editor from in November 2021. I find Reeds reliable because they not only provide writing resources, they have a marketplace where writers can find editors, marketers and professionals related to the book publishing industry to help with their book journey.

My editor for Second Chance provided clear edits and helped refine my query letter for agents.

After receiving her edits, I read each line of the book, and made edits. I printed out the entire manuscript story-by-story and made necessary plot changes, grammar fixes, and implemented my editor's comments.

I also created the cover after editing the manuscript. I wanted to go for a wintery theme, since a lot of the stories are set in the winter. The cover really shows the essence of the book and just by looking at it, it makes for an aesthetically pleasing book on ones' bookshelf.


After finishing all this, my manuscript was complete. I now had a finished product to showcase to agents. In December 2021, I queried close to 100 agents and companies and heard back from a few, and got acceptances from three companies. I decided to go with Global Summit House to help publish my book.

After going with them, they helped fix the interior, finalize the cover, and give me 5 rounds of interior design corrections and 2 rounds of cover design corrections.

My book was all finished by February 2022. Now, I am excited to advertise and announce that my book is available eon Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Globe Summit House's online store.


I used to design advertising material for my book. On my IG, I included posts on cover design reveal, where to buy the book, and more information on my book.


I hope you support my journey as an author and buy my book! It means a lot to me, and I worked very hard on designing the book's cover and editing the stories!

Check out my website !

Short Story

About the author

Deepika Viswanath

I'm an author who loves to write short stories!

My website:

My Twitter: @deepikaviswan

My IG: @itsdeepikav

Check out my two books :

1. BURIED SECRETS ( detective mystery)

2. SECOND CHANCE (short stories)-- NEW BOOK!

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