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My Childhood Sweetheart

by test 2 months ago in family
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Chapter 17

The voice of the person on the other side of the phone was slurred, unable to speak, the rising tone did not rise, the falling tone did not fall, and they shouted his name all at once.

"Lin Yang?"

"Well, Wei Yuan, I like you!!!"

The suddenly raised voice made him pull the phone away from his ears.

"Did you drink?"

he turned the wheel back, then turned around and asked her as he drove.

"Where are you?"

"Hehe, Wei Yuan, hehe, Wei Yuan, hehehe..."

The person on the other side didn't listen to him at all, he sighed and half coaxed her.

"Give the phone to the person next to you, okay?"


She answered loudly.

However, there was a lot of noise over there, and the person holding the phone finally changed.

Her roommate neatly reported the place name, Wei Yuan hummed softly, and when he was driving, he happened to bump into Lin Yang sitting blankly at the barbecue stall.

Seeing him, his eyes lit up.

"Wei Yuan!"

He remembered the countless nights when cicadas and starlight rang out, and a girl always raised her eyes and smiled at him.

The person who drank is not easy to provoke, and he kept dragging him to say that she liked him. He looked down at her and counted the stars in her eyes.

"Do you like me?"

She nodded desperately.

"Someone took it." There

There was a lot of noise around. After all, Lin Yang's drunken madness spread quite a lot. He didn't want to care about the noisy crowd, so he pulled her into the car.

"I don't want to take the car," she said pitifully.

She gets motion sickness.

Pulling her to where no one was, he lifted her face by pinching her chin.

"Your school is so far away, can you walk?"

She shook her head.

"Then what do you think?"

He shook his head again.

The end of his eyes drooped and his face was very soft. He squeezed it as if he was not satisfied, and continued to lower his head to coax her.

home with me?"

"Where is your home?"

"It's very close."

"But I don't want to go."

"You little alcoholic."


She leaned into his ear and spoke, her breath hot on his ears.

"I like you, Wei Yuan."

His heart skipped a beat when she heard her words in a daze.

Unfortunately, she drank.

He won't believe it when someone who is not sober speaks, and he weighs her, trying to divert the topic away.

"Lin Yang, you've gotten heavier."

"I like you." But she insisted.

"I'm going to record."

"What is the recording?"

"The recording, um, the recording is..."

"I like you too." But

suddenly I felt a chord in my heart, and I just wanted to take those things while she was drunk. If you can't say anything, tell her now.

"Really? How much do you like it?"

The fluffy head rubbed his cheek against his cheek and leaned in front of him.

"very much." "How much do you like it?"

"The kind that stars like the moon."

"And what else?"

the kind that is by the river.

"I like that kind of thing."

"I don't understand."

He turned around and pressed her head down.

"Wei Yuan likes Lin Yang's kind."


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