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My Beloveth Jasmine

A Story of Love, Passion, and kingship

By Princess Jekey-GreenPublished 9 days ago 4 min read
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'Twas an intense argument, with each side not backing down from making their case. His mother had tried to make him leave the room but to no avail and she knew she had to do something fast before the men got physical, even though her son would outnumber the guests, she didn’t want such fracas in her home.

Adrian was one with a flicker of temper, especially when poked and scratched. The guests know this too well and were planning to use it to their advantage.

She had whispered to him earlier that he shouldn’t fall for the bait. And he seemed to be getting a hang of it until he was called a spoilt brat, one whose entire life has been wrapped around his father’s legacy. In the words of Nicholi, “a man who rides his father’s car, has no business being in the company of men who own bicycles” and a loud uproar of laughter filled the room.

Adrian was boiling in anger but kept a calm demeanour and that was what scared everyone else because they’d expect the usual outburst.

Silently, he beckoned at his personal guard, spake some inaudible words into his ears and gave a two-finger wave, as an order to go ahead.

He met his mother’s scared gaze and smiled. She tried to speak to him through her eyes, a language they’re both too familiar with, her usual plea but he quickly averted his gaze.

In quick succession, the dining hall had been closed up on by Adrain’s army, an army well vast and notorious for human torture.

On realizing rather too late what was befalling them, an askance of silence filled the room and Adrain spake rather too coldly, “to you sire, would you be kind enough to repeat that which you said about me not being a worthy fellow?”

Another defeating silence was what followed for the men have come to the realization that this might as well be their last supper.

The guard was swift in sprawling sire across the room and dropping him at Adrian’s feet. On your knees you infidel, you’d kneel before my master, or have your knees cut off.

Everyone in the room had fear in their eyes because they could foresee their end, and then he smelt it… orchids.

Only one woman had such power over him, only one woman, his blessing and his curse.

He tried to dismiss it as his brain playing tricks on him. She couldn’t be here, not now, not like this.. yet, the smell grew stronger, more compelling and more intense.

Like a falcon whose falconer beckons, Adrian’s eyes grew wider and warm as made to turn, trailing the scent, only to meet the eyes of his beloveth Jasmine.

She had the most beautiful eyes that any man could drown in them. Eyes that tell a thousand words even with her lips saying nothing. Twas those soul-piercing eyes that had caught his attention on that sunny day when he first laid sight of her, so much that he fell off his horse.

And in the softest tone, a voice so silky and soothing, fiery red hair dangling across her face, she looked up to him and said “I had to come, I couldn’t bare to stay away any minute longer, I have missed you. My body craved you, my mind yearned for you and oh, my hands needed to feel the warmth of your skin. Forgive me for being too forward but you my lover have been on my mind I feared I’d go mad if I don’t hurry to you. So, here I am, all yours to have and to do with as thou shalt”

Adrian couldn’t speak, for he was already lost in her eyes and her words had stirred so much desire in him. So much that it left him wondering what potent spell she had cast on him, for with each passing day, he would crave for her anew and with each passion moment, he hungered for more.

He looked at his mother, knowing this was her making, her trump card, but she avoided his gaze.

In hand, lightly caressing the lacy trimmings of her bodice, as perfectly suited for her curves, he whispered into her ear, “you my beloveth jasmine, you are my saving grace, my fire and my peace. You’re all these to me at all the times I need it and I’m eternally yours for it”

Giggling, they both walked into his chambers, leaving all the chaos of the world behind. And for a moment, she was all the world he needed to be in, and with nothing left to say, he buried himself inside her, erupted by her warmth, they both heaved a sigh of pleasure.

~excerpts from ‘my beloveth Jasmine’ ®️Jekey


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