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Mostly Ghostly

by Epic Writer Inbound, L.J. 10 months ago in Short Story
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A Short Battle Between Magical Humans and a Vengeful Spirit

Mostly Ghostly
Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

From a former, and unpublished, Supernatural fan-fiction I made...

October 7th, 2003; Denton, Texas

The hunters were nowhere close to learning the identity of the spirit. The previous night, they were wide awake, searching endlessly for any information about someone who passed away in the past year or at any year within that area and they kept coming up with blanks. The only piece of information they found was of a death that happened centuries beforehand but why would a spirit from long ago suddenly attack people in the modern century?

After becoming incredibly frustrated, Riley suggested that one of them go check the house again while the other continued with the research and despite her annoyance, she had chosen to remain in the motel room because all of her negativity probably would fuck up their entire mission. Because of that, Selena was forced to drive their death machine to the Davis household, with the roof over her head because otherwise, she wouldn't drive it. In fact, she wasn't fond of driving anyway, but since the case demanded it, she had to; luckily, she had been taught. Slowly, she drove to the house because she couldn't risk getting caught up in a wreckage. Eventually, she made it there in one piece. After lying to Richard against her better judgement, she was allowed inside again.

Searching each room, Selena continued to come up with nothing; there wasn't a sign of anything amiss and no clues were lying around. She was growing to the point where she was tempted to just ask the family if anyone they knew died within the house, but that wouldn't exactly end well, considering she was supposed to know that information (thanks to the FBI persona). Unfortunately, she was running out of options. As she searched throughout the second floor, she suddenly remembered the boxes she had seen in the attic; maybe one held a clue.

Making certain that Bianca and Richard were downstairs, she made her way to the attic. However, just as she reached up to pull down the ladder, she suddenly heard the sound of running water. Distracted, she headed towards the source of the noise, thinking that maybe one of them came up the stairs without her knowledge. Reaching the location, she noticed a door that was cracked open. Approaching it, she pushed forward gently, causing the door to open further. She entered the bathroom, staring at the tub that was filling with water. Confused, she just continued staring at it for a short moment before realizing too late that she made a terrible mistake. Turning around quickly, she attempted to walk back out but the door slammed shut in her face; she was trapped.

She was forced backwards, pushed towards the tub of water by the unseen figure. Losing her balance, she fell into it. As she attempted to escape from the overflowing bathtub, her head was forced underwater and she struggled immensely to get her head back above it. Unable to do so with mere strength, she was growing closer to drowning. With no other options, she stopped struggling to focus on just the water itself; soon, it was pooling around her face as she kept herself alive with her limited power over the element. As she roughly coughed up the water that entered her mouth, she was thanking the stars that she had the ability or she would've been a goner.

A minute later, she realized she was no longer being held down and immediately removed herself from the tub, soaked in water and breathing heavily. She also noticed the water was no longer running. The spirit left her alone for some reason; either it noticed she wasn't dying or it assumed she had. Regardless, the ghost wasn't in there with her anymore. As she recovered from the assault, a feminine scream came from downstairs. Rushing out of the bathroom, she raced down the stairs and found Bianca hysterically crying over the corpse of Richard, his body ripped to shreds. Selena's eyes widened; she didn't think a spirit was capable of murdering someone so quickly, especially one that was just attacking her upstairs moments beforehand.

Quickly, she pulled out her phone and attempted calling Riley, but her cell wasn't operating; it had been damaged by the water. "That cannot be good," she commented. With haste, she thought over her only option; her abilities wouldn't work against the vengeful spirit, so she'd have to protect herself and Bianca with salt or iron while she found out what the hell caused the situation to begin with. Overall, things weren't looking too good for either of them.

Bianca released another sob. "He's dead! M-My father! He-He just-! He just started r-ripping apart right in front of m-me!" Her loud crying continued. She stared at the bloody mess. Glancing towards Selena, she noticed she was soaked. "W-Why are you soaking wet?! What the hell is going on?! Am I insane?! What's happening?!" She felt delirious and sane; she wanted to believe she was seeing things, but knew what she had seen. She was scared out of her damn mind, not to mention she was confused. It was entirely impossible and yet…

Selena looked at her and hesitated. "...At the moment, I cannot explain our situation. We are in serious danger." Tossing her cellphone to the ground, she faced her completely. "Has anyone passed away in this area recently, preferably inside the house? My sister and I were unable to uncover any information that could help us solve this and my final resort is to ask you."

Bianca stared back, confusion and fear written on her face. Sniffling, she struggled to give out the information Selena was seeking. "W-Well... T-The only death I can recall is my older sister. Cordelia, she f-fell down the staircase and broke h-her neck. This happened a f-few months ago, before the a-accidents started." Quickly, she started yelling again as she cried more. "Why do you need to know this?! How will this help us?! What kind of danger are we in?! Why did I see my father get ripped to pieces by air?! Why haven't you told me anything?!"

"Like I said, I cannot explain our situation right now," Selena answered. She glanced around, waiting for a sign of Cordelia's returning spirit as she remained close to Bianca. "Did anyone witness her death? Did she speak of anything before she passed? Did she act unusual?" She believed that Cordelia was murdered; it was the only explanation for her return.

Bianca closed her eyes, remembering the event. She attempted to speak calmly, but couldn't. "Y-Yeah. Blake and Brandon s-saw her die. Before i-it happened, her death, s-she had an outburst during dinner and they were our guests. She, um... S-She... She said..." She gave Selena a serious look, sniffling again. "S-She went on about how they had abused her just a few hours before. I didn't believe h-her, none of us did. I-I just thought she was being an attention whore. Our parents dismissed it...and told her they didn't care either way because, you see, t-they were as wealthy as us. Our parents didn't want a r-rivalry." Cruelty was a common trait in rich folks; they could easily turn on their own to appease others of their stature. Bianca brought her hands together in front of her face and shook her head furiously. "Oh, God... How could they say something like that...?"

Grabbing Bianca's hand and pulling her along, Selena quickly walked towards the front door. "Your sister has returned as a darkened spirit because she was murdered by those rapists. However, because neither of them cared, your parents were killed, too. Very likely, she's coming after you now and for the same reason." She sighed. "Everyone has a right to choose what they believe, what they wish wouldn't exist, and how they want to live. I suppose she had a slightly better reasoning for murdering your parents, but nonetheless, she should not have slaughtered them because of their poor judgement. You, on the other hand, didn't believe the matter either but for a whole different reason; you had a crush on one of them. Blake, to be more precise, but I don't think she cares about that. She just wants all of you gone." Reaching the door, she attempted to open it but it wouldn't budge. With slight frustration, she waved her free hand to try opening it that way, but it didn't work. "It appears we cannot leave."

"Wait, she attacked you, too, didn't she? That's why you're soaked, right?" Bianca asked. She trembled in fear. "Why is she trying to hurt you? You didn't d-do anything."

"I am interfering with her unfinished business." Selena searched through the first floor, keeping her hand connected with Bianca's. "I have to place you inside a circle of salt. When I do, you cannot exit under any circumstances. It will keep you safe." She strolled over to the fireplace and picked up an iron fire-poker. "Pure iron keeps spirits at bay, too, but not for very long."

"Who are you? What are you? How do you know this?" Bianca questioned. Suddenly, a bang came from nearby and she screamed at the top of her lungs, clinging tightly onto Selena as she looked towards the general location of the sound. Both women released a breath, fog appearing as the oxygen escaped their parted mouths. "Oh, God! She's back, isn't she?! She's gonna kill us!"

Selena held the fire-poker, positioned defensively. She made zero movements to make Bianca release her; she'd react that way, too, if she were normal. "Where is she buried?" Although she was unable to exit the house, she needed the location so she could pass the information to Riley, whenever she popped up.

"Nowhere. She was cremated; her ashes were spread across our backyard." Bianca gulped. "You're distracting me, aren't you? You can't really do anything, can you? You just don't want me focusing on dying. Well, your plan isn't working." She whimpered as her sobs recommenced. "We're gonna fucking die, aren't we?! I don't want to die! I'm too pretty! I'm too young! I haven't even had sex yet! Virgins are supposed to be the ones that live in the end! It's the rules of survival! I can't die now!" She cried into Selena's arms, making the hunter grimace from discomfort; she didn't need to hear any of that.

Selena's tone was uneven. "Do you, by chance, have something precious to her? Something inside the house? Because that is our final option." If the object was somewhere out of reach, they were toast.

"Her ribbon!" Bianca exclaimed. "She wore it everyday! Some of her hair is still tangled around it! It's-It's upstairs! In my room, on the dresser!" Selena grimaced again; how was she gonna get there and protect Bianca at the same time? She could still place Bianca in a ring of salt, but the spirit could easily find a way through it so she couldn't risk leaving the young woman behind. They'd have to travel up the steps together.

Before they could head towards the stairs, they were forced apart by Cordelia. Both were unable to catch a glimpse of the vengeful spirit as she threw them across the living room; Selena crashed against the wall, landing on the floor with a grunt as she dropped the fire-poker, and Bianca landed harshly on top of the couch, the furniture falling backwards during impact and brought her down with it. Selena stood quickly as she spotted a variety of objects flying towards Bianca; without hesitation, she waved her hand around frantically as she prevented the objects from hitting the woman. After successfully protecting Bianca, she was tossed against the wall again, her back hitting it roughly once more, but she didn't hit the ground again. She felt someone's hands wrapping around her throat, her oxygen cutting off.

As Selena desperately fought to become free, Cordelia's spirit manifested; she was incredibly pale (like any ghost would be), her eyes were a pale shade of blue, her roughed-up pale-blonde hair was styled in a similar manner to how Riley once styled hers, and the female's neck was oddly crooked, making her appear to be permanently tilting her head. She was glaring at Selena as she choked her, displeased with her disturbances. "Whoever you are, stop interfering! You can't stop me, no one can! I will have my revenge! All of them must die!"

Selena continued struggling with breathing as she fought harder. Without warning, the spirit vanished from sight as the fire-poker slashed through her. Placing a hand onto her throat, Selena gasped for air as she pushed away from the wall. She stared at her savior; Riley stood there, her arms raised as she glanced around the room for Cordelia, prepared to attack again. Coughing, Selena spoke. "Glad to see you." She didn't know how her sister had gotten there without the car, nor did she know how the woman had gotten into the house but she honestly didn't care. "Thank you. Your presence is appreciated."

"My instincts were telling me that you were in danger, so I stole a truck. The door was really hard to get through, but nothing a boot couldn't fix," Riley stated. Considering Bianca and Selena had been preoccupied, it made sense that they hadn't realized she knocked down the door. She glanced around the room again, spotting Bianca getting up from the floor. She jogged over to her, staying alert. "You alright?" Bianca nodded quickly. Selena strode over to them, constantly glancing towards the staircase. "Go," Riley instructed, noticing her behavior. "I'll protect Bianca. You find whatever it is that'll get rid of this bitch and you better hurry." The omega nodded before sprinting to the stairs, ignoring her aches.

Downstairs, Riley kept Bianca at her side as she made them turn in circles. Neither knew when or where Cordelia would show up. It didn't take long before the spirit in question revealed herself again and she was sent away by Riley once more. However, she reappeared a lot quicker than Riley was anticipating, forcing her to constantly slash away at the ghost. Eventually, Cordelia threw the annoying hunter against the wall, making her release the fire-poker. She landed violently onto the desk beneath her before landing abruptly on the floor as the furniture collapsed. "Ow," she mumbled, attempting to stand. As she glanced upwards, she came face-to-face with Cordelia. Before the spirit could kill her, she vanished; Bianca saved Riley's life. The hunter stood and grinned at her rescuer. "Not gonna lie, that was pretty hot. Maybe you should kick ghost ass more often. You'd be an awesome hunter." Bianca took the compliment with a suppressed smile.

Upstairs, Selena went through multiple bedrooms as she tried to locate the ribbon, but she wasn't having much luck. Eventually, she entered the room that belonged to Bianca and the item was laying on the dresser, waiting to be taken. She sprinted towards it but as she reached for it, she was sent flying into the nightstand; Cordelia decided to join her. Growing tired of the ghost, Selena simply used her telekinesis to make the ribbon come to her instead and gripped it tightly. Standing quickly, she dodged objects being thrown at her and ran out of the bedroom, sprinting down the hallway and towards the staircase. When she reached it, Cordelia manifested behind her and pushed her forward, making her tumble all the way down. Fortunately, Selena survived the ordeal and the spirit shrieked in outrage.

As Selena stood, Bianca and Riley ran towards her. She limped forward for a second before immediately stopping, letting them meet up with her instead of meeting them halfway. "Tell me, please, that you found some salt or that you have brought some," Selena said as she held out the ribbon.

Riley held up a small bag of salt. "You shouldn't doubt me, darling sister," she remarked. "Next time, I'm leaving your ass." Taking the ribbon, she dashed it with salt and, after tossing aside the empty bag, she gripped it tightly as she set it aflame with her power. As she did, Cordelia presented herself, knives flying from the kitchen behind her and they flew past her, heading towards the three living females. "Hasta La Vista, motherfucker!" Riley exclaimed. The knives stopped in their trail, dropping to the floor as Cordelia burst into flames with a scream. In seconds, she permanently disappeared and the three sighed in relief.

Short Story

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