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Most failed blackmail

by McCann, West 4 months ago in Short Story
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Photojournalist Peter couldn't resist the temptation to accept a bribe from a consortium boss to write a fake report, only to be fired from the newspaper.

Photojournalist Peter couldn't resist the temptation to accept a bribe from a consortium boss to write a fake report, only to be fired from the newspaper.

  Peter's life and career suddenly fell into a trough. Originally, Peter was a well-known figure in the press, and he had been living a free and easy life of driving a famous car, living in a villa, drinking fine wine, and hugging beautiful women. Now, the house has been repossessed by the owner, and the famous car has also been repaid. The beauties "said goodbye" to him one by one. He had to move into the slum and have a full meal and starvation.

  Peter asked the owner of the consortium for help, but the boss wouldn't even let him in, saying that a person with no professional ethics like him only deserves to be poor. Peter's teeth were itchy with hatred, but there was nothing he could do. No way, Peter had no choice but to work as a paparazzi. Like a ghost, he wanders in the shadows of the city all day, staring at every corner of the city with evil eyes, chasing all kinds of peach-colored events.

  On this day, Peter drove a broken car and secretly guarded the door of the Alucy Hotel, staring at the people who came in and out like a fly. This is a paradise for lovers to date. Here, he has secretly photographed several pairs of wild mandarin ducks meeting, took the opportunity to blackmail them, and got a lot of money. By making black-hearted money, Peter became rich again.

  At this time, a couple who were hugging each other attracted his attention. From the back, the man was well-dressed and well-dressed; the woman looked a little shabby. Needless to say, this is definitely a couple of lovers who are playing on the scene. He grabbed the camera and stared at the man and woman, lest he miss any opportunity. Sure enough, the man looked back nervously as he entered the gate, as if afraid of being followed. Peter took the opportunity for a burst of shots, then stayed in the car and waited. More than an hour later, the lovers showed up, and the woman came out first, with her head bowed in fear, and left in a hurry; then the man came out, looking comfortable, looked around for a while, and left unhurriedly..

  Peter naturally did not waste this opportunity and photographed both the woman and the man. Satisfied, Peter returned home and wanted to know how big the fish he caught was. He hurriedly searched the Internet and was quickly ecstatic: What he caught today was definitely a big fish! The man turned out to be Jack, the son-in-law of the largest petrochemical company in the city, the consortium owner who brought him to this point! Peter held the photo proudly, thinking about the amount of extortion, is it 100,000 yuan? Or 1 million yuan? Finally, he decided to start with 1 million and beat them hard.

  Peter began to approach his prey. One day, Peter deliberately collided with Jack and took the opportunity to shove photos and extortion letters into Jack's hands. Before leaving, seeing Jack in a daze, Peter couldn't help laughing secretly: Boy, you are feeling better! Sure enough, not long after Peter got home, the phone rang. Peter waited for the phone to ring enough before slowly picking up the phone. As soon as he "fed", the other party timidly asked, "Mr. Peter? I want to talk to you." Peter said, "Mr. Jack, is it necessary to be so troublesome? You just do what I want." Jack said, "But I don't have that much money." Peter sneered: "I don't care. Remember, if I don't see your money in five days, those pictures will be on your father-in-law's desk. Believe it or not." Jack was silent for a while on the other end of the phone, said "You're so mean", and hung up.

  In the evening, Peter was browsing the entertainment news when a man wrapped in air-conditioning broke in. This man was Jack. Peter stared at Jack with an admiring prey-like gaze and asked with a sneer, "Mr. Jack, have you brought the money?"

  Jack glared at him angrily, took out an envelope and threw it in front of him. Peter whistled, opened the envelope, and said angrily, "Damn! It's only 10,000 yuan. Are you teasing me?" Jack shrugged: "Mr. Peter, you should be satisfied that such a bad photo can make such a lot of money." Peter said gloomily: "Looks like I'll have to mail the photo to your father-in-law."

  Jack's face changed, he sighed, and changed his pleading tone: "Mr. Peter, let me go, I really have no money."

  Peter laughed at him: "Mr. Jack, this is not right, a dignified son-in-law who rides a dragon and rides a dragon, how can he pretend to be poor and complain about his wealth?" Jack's face turned pale for a while, and he murmured: "Then, that's because you don't understand my situation." Peter laughed: "I don't know you? Well, then I'll tell you about your life experience." Peter said proudly: "Although you came from a poor background, you are handsome because of your looks., very attractive to girls. At the age of 16, you won the national baseball championship and met your current wife, the only daughter of the head of the petrochemical company. Because your father-in-law also loves baseball, he didn't dislike your background, married your daughter to you, and arranged a good seat for you in his company to make you stand out. But he didn't expect that you are an unsympathetic and ungrateful guy, right? "

  Jack's face was ashen, and he lowered his head speechless. Peter continued: "This 1 million yuan is actually not much. In the future, won't your father-in-law's business be yours? Besides, I also charge according to the price. Is your identity not worthy of this price?"

  Jack said with a sad face: "I really can't come up with the money. You don't know, they don't treat me as their own at all, and only give me a little pocket money every month. I have to go through them for food, clothing, and use. Nominally, I'm a husband and son-in-law, but in fact, my status is not as good as their nanny." Peter said: "That's right, people like you, if it were me, would treat you the same way - get a daughter for nothing, and even go out to cheat, you are scum at all. Come on, what are you going to do with the rest of the money?"

Jack said pitifully: "I, I can't get it out, so you can beat me to death." Peter said angrily: "You are such a rascal. I don't care what you do, if you don't get enough money in three days, your father-in-law will appreciate the pictures of your ugly performance!" Jack suddenly looked up and said, "Mr. Peter, you are too cruel. If I had 1 million yuan, I would just fire my wife. Besides, just a photo, what does it mean? Can't she be my cousin, or some relative? I advise you to be practical and not be so greedy. At most, I'll give you 10,000 yuan, otherwise, you won't even get a penny. How about it? Agree and make a deal. "

  Peter originally wanted to catch a big fish, but he didn't expect it to be a small shrimp. He looked at Jack for a while, and found that the guy had a gloomy brow and an unlucky look, so he said impatiently, "Okay, okay, it's really unpleasant. I haven't done good deeds for a long time, so get the money quickly." Jack said, "I'll sell that racing motorcycle tomorrow and give me the money." After saying that, he left. Peter drank him: "Wait, take off the watch and go." Jack threw the watch over: "It's a fake from them anyway."

  After Jack left, Peter took the watch to the market to sell, and only got a few hundred dollars. He couldn't help but feel sorry for Jack, thinking to himself, poor Jack, instead of being humble in the rich family, you might as well join the team and just do it with me. This operation is a fucking failure!

  Three days later, Jack brought the money over, threw it in front of Peter, and said, "Vampire, you have to keep your word. If my father-in-law dares to know about this, I won't let you go!" After speaking, he left angrily.

  Peter quickly forgot about Jack. He found a new prey again, and it was an extra-large prey, and this time he had to make a fortune. Today, he was just about to go out to negotiate with the prey, but Jack broke in. In fact, Jack looked sullen at this time, but the excited Peter didn't notice. He said in a teasing tone, "Poor Jack, did he get rich and bring me money?" Jack grabbed him and pushed him into the chair, staring at him with blood-red eyes: "You rascal, disgusting vampire, why won't you let me go?" Peter was a little panicked: "Mr. Jack, let me go and have something to say. I have forgotten you." Jack sneered: "Forget me? What is this?" As he said that, he took out a Peter's business card. Jack said: "You scum, you don't count blackmailing me, and you want to ruin my future. I won't let you succeed!" Said, took out the dagger he carried with him, and stabbed Peter frantically, while crying hysterically: "Why does my father-in-law have your business card? You must have tipped off my father-in-law to destroy everything for me! I won't let you go!" Immediately, more than a dozen holes appeared in Peter's body, and blood poured out. Peter gradually lost consciousness, but he understood what was going on in his heart: it turned out that he secretly took a photo of Jack's father-in-law cheating and was blackmailing him. Unexpectedly, Jack had a misunderstanding, came to the door looking for revenge, and lost his mind., did not listen to the explanation at all, and actually made a poisonous hand.

  When he lost the last trace of consciousness, Peter couldn't help but whine: "My God, what a failed blackmail!"

Short Story

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McCann, West

Love life, love writing.

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