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More-than-weird train

by Luna Lee Bear 2 months ago in Adventure · updated 2 months ago
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Everything happens for a reason

More-than-weird train
Photo by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau on Unsplash

"Man, these clouds are really in-your-face pink", Leila thought while stretching her back. She always nodded off during the train ride from the therapist's office to home. All that processing. All that repeating things that she had been trying to forget.

She looked at the time on her phone. Mindnight! The train was supposed to stop in Newport for the night, at 8.30 PM. Maybe she had taken the wrong one?

Before getting up to ask for help, she rubbed her face with her hands. That therapy session had been brutal, and she was not looking forward to the dreams she would've had. But she promised...

That thought was cut short because someone sat next to her, but it wasn't really a "someone". It was as if a huge, muscular man with a dark red skin tone had hunted a luna moth as big as a bear and had worn its skin and wings.

The brown fuzz that would have formed the body of the moth was wrapped around him in a simple way that reminded Leila of the cavemen in her old history book. The light green wings were there like a cape, with large eye-like patterns at the bottom. Looking at his face, she noticed a kindness in his expression, behind the huge skull that he was wearing in the lower half of his face like a surgeon mask.

She couldn't help a little whimper, but the creature didn't notice and sat down. He smelled of sweat and honey, which was a weird combination but not entirely unpleasant.

It took Leila a few minutes to come back from the shock, and then she started looking around. Was it possible that everyone else could be so calm about this?

What she saw left her even more speechless.

Where there had been an old lady knitting and chatting to an uninterested student when she got on the train, sat a jelly-like blob, oscillating like crazy with the movement of the train. It could've 100% been just Jell-O, except that it was eating some sort of purple chips with a long tentacle. She could see the chips floating where the stomach could have been.

A few spaces ahead, a beautiful creature that resembled a cat with a siren tail was splashing in what looked like a portable swimming pool on wheels.

The creature locked eyes with Leila and she felt really good. Better than she ever had in therapy, in fact.

Suddenly, all she had in mind was to serve the cat siren and if she could do that she would've been the happiest woman in the world. She saw places that she had never been to. Large pools of water were opening seamlessly into the sea, and there were castles made entirely of mother of pearl and topaz. Bushes of catnip, with their tiny purple flowers, extending in every area that wasn't covered in precious stones. She saw herself wearing a sensual red vest and bowing down, before being allowed to...

"Ugh!" said the Luna Moth Man, giving her the elbow.

She came back to reality. The scent of the sea was replaced by the dusty stink of the train seat.

"What the actual f..." - she started saying angrily.

That was a lot. Plus, she had noticed that the sun was coming up on the horizon. For how long had she been entranced?

The Moth Man looked at her with his kindly eyes again, and he said: "You looked at the Paradox. Another few minutes, and you would have gone insane. Did you want to go insane?"

" I not insane already? I was on a train for Newport, and I don't know what this is...".

She was starting to feel teary, and not only from fear. The care and the warmth in the Moth Man's voice were making her feel more at home than she had ever felt in 28 years of life, and more than anything she just wanted to cry and tell him everything about herself, her hopes, her dreams.

But that wasn't the time to unleash her father's issues on a stranger.

The man had looked at her for a while, trying to understand if she was making fun of him. Once determined that she was seriously scared, he said: "If you are here, there is a reason. Once you find the reason, you can go to Newport again. If you don't, you'll stay on the train".

"WHAT?! For how long have YOU been here??"

"A couple of years" he shrugged off.

"The Paradox said that she has been here for three centuries, and see that dude over there?" - he pointed to a guy that looked like a human cowboy - "he's been on and off many times since I've been here. He manages to escape, but he always comes back. We all tried talking to him but he gets...weird".

Leila thought that "weird" didn't even begin to cover the whole situation. The sun was bright already and the train passed something that looked like a group of hedges cut in the shape of Victorian buildings.

She sat back hugging her backpack. A bit further away, where the train’s map would have been displayed, she saw a poster with an iridescent eye and some elaborate words under it.

They said: "everything happens for a reason".

Yes, that was definitely past weird.


About the author

Luna Lee Bear

Eclectic healer and all-around weird person, guiding people through big life changes, dark nights of the Soul and spiritual awakenings. I draw connections, highlight patterns, and write about life from unusual points of view.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    I found Leila very relatable because I too feel super exhausted after my session with my therapist. Anyway, this was an awesome story and I enjoyed it so much!

  • Scott Wade2 months ago

    Oh the power of the mind. I know that train. It’s faint in my mind but I’ve been on it. Excellent story.

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