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Mom's smile

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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As the ancients used to say, "Filial piety is the scripture of heaven and the righteousness of earth. Parents are always giving us love: a look of approval, a smile of kindness

Mom's smile
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

As the ancients used to say, "Filial piety is the scripture of heaven and the righteousness of earth. Parents are always giving us love: a look of approval, a smile of kindness, a gesture of understanding, and a hand in the air, all full of love. Today, the sun was shining brightly outside my window, warming my whole body, and an unspoken feeling echoed in my chest, and I couldn't help but recall a small incident.

I remember one afternoon, the window lightning and thunder, rain and wind, such weather anyone will not be happy, I can not help but frown. It was raining so hard, how could I go home then?

It was hard to get to the end of school, but the rain was getting heavier and heavier, like a raging beast that was going to swallow my little body, what should I do? I looked at a small snail and wondered what to do. Suddenly, a sharp downpour swallowed the snail in one fell swoop, and I couldn't help but feel my heart tighten and my body tremble.

In front of the school, one parent walked past me, but never saw my mother. One by one, the students around me went into the warm embrace of their parents, but they still didn't wait for their mothers. I was disappointed and helpless again. The fluorescent lights in the classroom went out one after another, and I still didn't see my mom. I was so anxious. There was no way my mom would forget to pick me up!

At that moment, the homeroom teacher came over and asked me uneasily, "Hasn't your mom come yet? You're not hungry, are you?" Like a wooden man, I didn't bother to answer. Gradually, it was getting dark, and the moon looked like foolishness. I got anxious, even scared, and found a thousand excuses for my mother, but in the end, they didn't add up. I couldn't help but get a little angry and was ready to go home on my own in a hurry.

Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in the pouring rain - Mom! Yes, it was a mom! But mom seemed to have aged a lot, because of me. I don't know why, but when I saw my mom, my heart was disappointed, helpless, and angry all at once. I saw the rain beads stick to my mother's hair, her face plate wet, she anxiously waiting for me, a smile soon appeared on my face.

I was finally able to go home when I got in my mom's electric car. The sky, and the rain, is still constant; the wind, is still trying to scrape. I can't feel a trace of coldness, but I feel a warm stream flowing into my heart, warm, as if the clouds, wind, and rain in the sky have been dispersed, the bright sunshine quietly brushed on my body and my mother.

I can't help but look at my mother carefully, the years have left traces on her face, and her hair shines a silvery light, reflecting on my face, lining my image with extra clarity. But a trail of rainwater slid down her face as if to say something. I immediately opened my umbrella and held it over my mother's head, sheltering her from the wind and rain of the moment. I think I saw the rain disappear from my mother's face amid the rain, and her face was covered with bright sunshine and a warm smile.

I know that I have long treasured this smile. And this smile will always give me warmth on cloudy days, helping me to dispel the gloom so that I am bathed in the brightness and warmth of the sun. And this sunny smile will always infect me, so that I live in the sunshine, blooming the most beautiful smile, blooming sunshine like a bright smile. I understand that such an attitude towards life is the best reward for my parents. I thought about it and smiled like a flower long ago ......

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