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Messages From Other Worlds

by Gulla Balla 8 months ago in Horror
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Scary Horror Story

On a cold winter's night, I went from the house of my friend with whom I used to stay up late... to my house, and all my thoughts were about my bed, so that night had been long with him... So I was getting very sleepy... But as I approached my house, I almost fell. Contain me is a very strange failure.. a movie

I managed to reach the door of the house, so I lay on the wall and sat down, hoping to regain my strength, but as soon as I sat down, I fell into a deep sleep, and the strangest thing was that I heard screaming mixed with words saying... the truth is don't leave him, he will commit suicide.... and the screaming ended with a strong shout... So I was surprised

And the panic increased, so I looked around me and nothing was dark.. So I hurried to the door of the house, and from the intensity of fear I could not know how to open the door, and even the key did not work in opening the door, and what increased my fear was the sudden ringing of my phone ... I looked at the speaker and my friend heard him Farouk.. I replied quickly..

Hi Farouk...

Person...hello...where are you?

I said I'm at home...just a small problem

He laughed and said...I know your problem is the key to the door...I found it in my room, apparently you forgot it....

I was surprised... well then I have to come back to get it...

So I went back to my friend's house to take my key... and I was heading towards him. I saw a man looking at me, so I ignored him, but he called me by my name, so he turned to him and said... Hello, is there anything... But he didn't speak? He looked at me and went, so I continued the way to My friend’s house and when I approached him I called him on my phone .... but he did not answer ... and I repeated the call, but to no avail ... I thought to knock on the door, but it is one and thirty-six minutes ... at night ... I tried to call again, but the charging I wondered...what should I do? Should I knock on the door, maybe he's waiting for me? But he is my friend and I know him ... I wanted to knock on the door, but a hand was on my shoulder, which made me more frightened, so I turned quickly, as the same man was in it ... and

He says don't tire yourself..your friend Farouk is sleeping....I told him and fear of him runs in...who are you....what do you want...???? He a calm have to calm down...and understand the true message before he commits suicide....My fear increased and I said what do you mean? I don't mean anything.... what is meant is you...go to the abandoned barracks, he is there in prison and you have to help him.... she repeated my question strangely and with fear...

and why

I ......!!!!? He said...if you don't do that, you will be after him...I said....what are you saying.....what's there.....and he vanished into the darkness as if he wasn't there....I wanted to go home. And this time I have to endure the night next to the house when I return and the chaos of the unanswered questions do not leave my mind. I stood next to the house in that darkness..... And as I screamed for help... They followed me.... So I realized from my sleep And I'm still the same as I was the first if I was in a dream...and when the phone rang from my friend....I replied...hello...

He said don't you want to take your key come I want to sleep

So I said, OK...I'll come...and I looked at the's one thirty-six minutes...

I went to his house and found him waiting for me.... He smiled and said, "Take your key... I wanted to tell him what happened to me strangely, but I hesitated.... But he noticed that... and said... Have you seen the news?" ?

I is it?

He said...the police found a young man who committed suicide in the deserted barracks!!!!

And I wondered more....and I said, How did they know that he was there...and how did they know him as a suicide...??.

The truth has been around for a while and they have been searching for him and the method of suicide by hanging.... Then my friend turned quickly to talk...

Good night... I just had to go but thinking about it didn't

He leaves me... As soon as I got to my bed, there was a military court trial against a young man on death row I panicked....


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Gulla Balla

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