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By Ford KiddPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

I want a house by the sea.

To listen to the quiet hum of the waves at night, bringing with them fairy tales and songs from distant countries. And in the evenings, when the sun floods the blue surface with red reflections, I will walk with you on the warm sand and feel the salt on your lips.

I want to meet with you the edge of the rising sun above the horizon when the air is full of the ringing foreboding of a new day. And watch the warm wind ruffle your hair. Maybe we will get a cat, and the three of us will admire the endless blue world.

On Sundays, we will go to the coastal town, order cocktails, and dance rumba until the early morning. And the day will seem like an eternity.

I want a house in the forest.

To wake up to the singing of birds, watch you make coffee for us and bake starry cookies for you. I want to sit with you wrapped in a blanket on the porch, drink tea with rose petals and listen to the twilight descend. We will catch shooting stars, make a wish and meet colorful autumn. We will wear warm sweaters that smell of each other, read books by the fireplace in the evenings, and enjoy the sincere silence away from the silence of the crowd. Sometimes you will play the guitar, singing about love from the distant 70s, and I will imagine myself as the happiest person on earth.

I want a house at the foot of the mountains.

So that they protect us from cold winds and adversity. We'll have an old pickup truck and a friendly Rottweiler named Zeus. You will drive the cattle into the pasture, and I will bake apple pies and make a chocolate soufflé. In the spring we will walk among blooming tulips and kiss, lying on the fresh grass. You will smell like snow and Alpine wind.

For breakfast, we will have hot cocoa and crispy toast with strawberry jam.

I want to live with you in New York.

To share with you the city that never sleeps. Waiting for you from work, feeding the goldfish, and walking our dog. I want to go with you to noisy family holidays, buy presents for Christmas and fill your closet with warm socks and unnecessary ties. I want to pay our bills, plan a rare vacation in Bali and look after you if you catch a cold. I want to watch you shave in the morning, cook your breakfast, and call. Call just like that, for no reason. Just to hear your voice. We will go to the movies. Sure, we will. And order pizza, watching old films, decorate the Christmas tree and share this huge bustling city just for two of us.

I want our children to be like you. So that they have your smile, your eyes, your laugh. We will go to school holidays and take pictures of them, pasting pictures into a thick family album. You will be there when our daughter breaks her knee for the first time. You will be there when her heart is first broken. And when she meets true love. You will lead her down the aisle, realizing that your girl is the most beautiful woman in the world. And I will hold our son's hand. He is so strong, so brave but this boy knows I'm his mother and I'll give all my heart and blood for him.

We will be there. Watch how our children grow up, how they turn into good and worthy people.

I want to see the first lines on your face. I want to massage your back and grumble that you are again too careless to yourself. I want to see your head turn gray.

On Sundays we will go to the park, remembering the past. We have nothing to regret. In millions of people on the planet, we found each other and kept our fragile happiness.

We will not be afraid of old age, death will not be terrible. We have already gone through the hardest part, together. And looking into your eyes, I will only see the light. The light that illuminated my path all my life. The warmth that kept me warm on the coldest nights. The love that kept me from sinking to the bottom of despair. You, who dedicated everything that could be dedicated to me. Tell me, can I be afraid of death?

And when our children continue on their way, without us, but with strong wings, we will sit on a park bench. We will breathe the spring aromas of blossoming trees and greet the new day. Our old dog lies next to us, and we feel as if we have returned twenty years ago. As if they had never left this bench. The world will continue to live, and we forever remain what we are. Happy. Lovers.

We will be.

Someday, somewhere. In some other world, in a parallel universe, and in a neighboring galaxy. We will be together if you just wait for me. If you find me as you promised. In this world, we are not destined to see the sea, buy a house in the forest and raise our children, we cannot take a dog from a kennel and give each other ridiculous sweaters and postcards. But I believe in you. I know that somewhere beyond the clouds you are waiting for me. To create our reality and live as many lives as we want. And one day...

We will write our story. The story we are in.


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    Ford KiddWritten by Ford Kidd

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