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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 17 The Patriarch's Decision

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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Outside the sky is dim, the temple of life and death is still shining, a bright. Half a day passed, and many empty Spaces appeared on the futon, which originally circled the fantasy world.


A huge colorful cocoon exploded, revealing the thin teenager inside, eyes wide open in terror, collapsed and passed out.

Seeing this, a middle-aged man ran past, picked up the young whirlwind rushed into the side door of the hall.

"Another one."

Looking at the empty futon, the nine elders shook their heads and sighed. The seven and eight elders, Nie Xinghai and Nie Longshan, were not satisfied.

Nie Qingsong smiled and said, "Don't be disappointed about the three elders. Sixty-two people came out after half a day. Don't forget that the number of people who entered the fantasy circle of life and death is twice that of five years ago.


Another burst broke Nie Qingsong's voice.


The nine elders thought it was another boy who had died in the magic world of life and death and his soul had returned to his own body. Even another middle-aged man on the side was ready to take him out for treatment. But in a moment the sigh, which had just burst out of their mouths, stopped abruptly, and everyone looked surprised.

The rattling cocoon did not burst, but emitted a burst of colorful light.

"This little guy has made a breakthrough so fast. Good, good!" Looking at the flowered cocoon, the nine elders couldn't help laughing.

Nie Xinghai and Nie Longshan looked at each other with a smile in their eyes. It is not uncommon to see people who have made breakthroughs in the fantasy realm in the past. However, only half a day later, there are not many people who have been upgraded to the realm.

Nie Qingsong stroked his long beard, looked at the middle-aged man next to him, and smiled: "Finally, there is good news, Fenghan, do you still remember who that little guy is?"

Nie Fenghan busy way: "SHOULD be our family recently out that small genius, Nie Kong!"

"Nie Kong?"

Nie Qingsong and the nine elders looked at each other and were shocked. Before Nie Kong entered, he was still gathering spirit nine products. If he went up, he would be a psychic one product.

He entered poly spirit nine products also just but half a month or so time, now into channeling, rather too fast point? The grade of the small realm can be enhanced through magic medicine, but there is no way to cross the big realm, only by penance or insight!

"Genius of geniuses! A genius of geniuses!" Nine elder Nie Xingdong not by praise.


"HMM." Nie LONGSHAN SMILING WAY, "OLD NINE, heard that you once gave him treatment, to his physical condition should be more clear?"

"Well, you don't know that the more he practiced, the worse his permeability became. In the end, even ordinary people could not compare with him. It was also because he was able to practice the 'spirit and God Three apertures'. I haven't examined him lately, but perhaps he's more permeable now that he's recovered? I'll have a good look at him when he comes out." Nie pinched his chin and his eyes suddenly became eager.


Listening to the conversation of the three elders, Nie Qingsong suddenly awe-awe way: "Feng Han, you will go to inform the green Peng, let him arrange, let us Nie home in all parts of the staff do their best to search for wood system spirit formula and spirit, once some harvest, immediately with the fastest speed back to the family."


Nie Fenghan hurriedly retreated...


Magic world.

Inside the cave, Nie Kong smiled with satisfaction. After reaching the first pass, the three orificesof spirit and God alone had nearly doubled. At this moment, the spiritual power in the body has not calmed down, like the surging tide, let Nie Kong feel all over the body is full of infinite power.

There is a world of difference between channeling and gathering. Nie Kong's appearance has not changed, but he has the feeling of being completely transformed.

Enter THE CHANNELING, IT MEANS THAT IN THE WORLD OF CHANNELING PSYCHIC LIFE AND DEATH MAGIC HAS a PRELIMINARY SELF-PROTECTION force, means that after encountering a guy like NIE STORM even if the enemy is not like the previous panic to escape! The feeling of having power is really wonderful.

Power in this world, like power in past lives, is addictive.

Just like Nie Kong, if he suddenly became an ordinary doctor of traditional Chinese medicine like in his previous life, it would be more difficult for him to accept than killing him.

After a long time, Nie Kong's mood calmed down slightly. The smile on Nie Kong's face was hard to suppress when he sensed the violet magic fragrance that was sleeping in the Yaochi cave. For him, it was a double happiness. Not only did he break through to channelling, but the little fellow was also likely to be promoted to the next rank.

Now Nie Kong was very grateful for the white stone wall behind him. If it had not been for the huge amount of medicine pouring out from its interior, he and his little fellow would not have had this chance.


Nie Kong, who was feeling some emotion, suddenly had small pupils, and his body was low and hidden behind a stone. Unexpectedly, someone came outside.

After a moment, Nie Kong found that the crack in the depression began to shake, and then split into two parts like a curtain. In the dark night, a familiar figure rushed in.

Bai Yuqing!

What is she doing here?

Nie Kong was surprised to find the entrance so accurately. She must have known about this hidden cave before she left the valley this afternoon! When the fissure was closed again, Bai Yu Qing ran forward unsteadily, her steps heavy, as if she had been badly hurt.

She stopped in the middle of the cave and gasped a few breaths. Bai Yuqing suddenly pulled the buckle of her belt, and then pulled her right hand gently back. The clothes that had lost their shackles suddenly slipped down to the ground along her arms, and a gentle and sexy white and tender body was suddenly exposed and came into Nie Kong's sight.

When the white robes were gone, she was left with nothing but thickly matted strapless and coiffed trousers, exposing her skin as thick as fat. In the stone cave filled with white awn reflection, translucent luster.

But even more striking was her figure. Plump is QUITE BRIGHT CRISP CHEST DOWNWARD, SOFT AND GRACEFUL curve TIGHTLY BUNched into Yingying a grip of the fiber waist, followed by extremely exaggerated ground convex and rise, forming two lobes full and round hips. Under BEAUTIFUL BUTTOck, THAT CURVE CONTRACTS GRADUALLY AGAIN, THE JADE LEG OF A PAIR OF SLENDER ROUND IS CLOSED STAND, CLOSE ALMOST CAN'T SEE a BIT gap.

At this moment, Bai Yuqing untied the bosom again.

Soon, Nie Kong saw that there were blood marks on the cloth, and as the cloth left the chest in circles, the blood marks became more and more vivid.


It seemed that Bai Yuqing was involved in the wound, and she groan in a dull way. Only then did Nie Kong confirm that the wound was on her back, and the red blood had flowed down the slightly concave back to the bottom of the buttocks, staining the back half of the white obscene pants red.

Bai Yuqing right hand around, the last circle wipe chest spread out, two groups of white jade like round Shuo full time jump and out of the ground.

Looking from the side, the moment the two jade peaks came out of the cage, they gave off more thrilling beauty... All kinds of adjectives poured out, Nie Kong could not help but sigh darkly, as expected really he, mother of material!

Bai Yuqing raises the left arm like tender lotus root, under the bright and clean armpit, having a touch of shocking red blood, scar was extended to the left rib from the back unexpectedly. Looking at the wound that still overflow the blood, Bai Yuqing show eyebrow frowning, suddenly, her corner of the eye glimpsed the body side of a shallow footprint......


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