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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 9 The Fantasy World

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 8 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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The fantasy world is a strange space between the real and the unreal.

Throughout the land of Heaven and Spirit, there are many known or unknown fantasy realms with different properties, such as dragon stone fantasy realms with stronger gravity than the outside world, spiritual fantasy realms with higher concentration of spiritual power, and even fantasy realms that excite the human heart with lust and confuse the mind with illusions.

And Nie has, it is life and death illusion.

No matter what fantasy world, the spirit master can pull his soul out of the body and enter it through the special "fantasy stone", forming a kind of life body that seems to be true or false. In the fantasy world, when you die, your soul returns to your body, provided your head isn't blown to pieces.

The NIE FAMILY'S LIFE AND DEATH ILLUSION ALLOWS THE SPIRITUAL MASTER TO EXPERIENCE THE PROCESS between LIFE AND DEATH at the moment of death with nearly ten times more acute senses than usual. It is said that during this process of death, the spiritual master can clearly feel his life slipping away.

In the outside world, death is just a moment, even pain is not felt, but in the world of life and death, death is prolonged tens or hundreds of times. People have to suffer excruciating pain while watching themselves slowly die.

Between life and death, there is great terror.

Feel the horror of death, will understand the precious life, and, after experiencing death, a person's will and heart are likely to have a qualitative change. This IS WHY, EVERY FIVE YEARS, WHEN THE MAGIC WORLD OPENS, NIE SELECTS A PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF 20 WHO IS TRAINED AS A SPIRITUAL MASTER ABOVE THE SIX PRODUCTS OF THE GATHERING SPIRIT.

It can be said that no matter what magic world, to the spiritual teacher's cultivation can play a great auxiliary role. However, THE REASON WHY THE PHANTOMS WORK HAS NOT YET BEEN EXPLORED BY PSYCHICS, ONLY THAT ALL THE PHANtomS THAT HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED ARE LEFT OVER from the TIME OF PHANtomS.

It is said that before the "Tianling Jinian", humans used the "Phantom Jinian". In those days, it was called the Land of Illusions.

Appeared about ten thousand years ago, spectral mainland do not know how to change the sky were to fall, the vast majority of human death, even if is the person who survived also forgotten everything, all can prove that once existed written materials that time almost all disappeared disappeared, but the occasional dig out some pieces of engraved with weird ruins of handwriting, The history of the land of Illusion is largely blank.

The age of illusion, to the human beings in the land of Heaven and Earth, is just a myth and legend. As the legacy of the age of illusion, the illusion world is covered with a mysterious color. Since ancient times, generations of powerful spiritualists have studied the principles of its construction, but without any progress.

The Fantasy realm can actively absorb the powers of heaven and earth to maintain itself, but it also has a fatal flaw, that is, once the spiritual practitioners who enter it exceed the limits of the fantasy realm, cracks will appear, even collapse and ruin. Of course, EVERYONE knows how precious the FANTASY world is, so no matter what sect or family gets the Fantasy world, it will be carefully protected, and there will be no such artificial accidents.

You should know that many families, sects, and even royal families in the Land of Heaven and Spirit thrived on the Illusion. The Nie family is the best example.

Three hundred years ago, the Nie family was only a moderately powerful family in the Dacheng Empire.

At that time, Nie familial long discovers the life and death illusion bound here accidentally and after ice inflammation hole, migrate whole familial come over, keep the secret of illusion bound strictly. Sultou developed for nearly a hundred years, Nie in the ten years of the empire of the "family alliance", among the top five, which has Nie so many years of prestige and prosperity, even, the city of Thistle Yang is also because of Nie has the scale of today.

There is life and death fantasy, there is Nie family, this is true.

"The illusion of life and death? Ah, I have really died once, but also into the illusion of life and death to appreciate the false feeling of death?"

Walking on his way home, Nie Kong smiled as he thought of the rumors about the magical world of life and death in Nie's family. After hearing from Nie Qingfeng that he was expected to enter the fantasy world, Nie Kong asked someone to make some inquiries during his training these days. By comparing the memories in his head, Nie Kong had some understanding of the fantasy world of life and death. In recent days, people have been talking about the choice of the Life and death fantasy.

This is what the nine elders have just talked to him about.

If any other young people had heard that the Nine elders had summoned them personally, they would have been flattered and worried. However, Nie Kong did not feel anything. He knew very well that the reason why the Nine elders would talk to him specifically was because he had recently demonstrated his potential and value.

Six, seven days from the rapid promotion of POLY Ling 1 product to POLY Ling 9 products, such a speed is naturally worth the family attention. If Nie Kong were still half-dead, no one would even look at him. Even the nine elders would not remember that they had been treated for this sick young woman.


The strangest thing about the fantasy world is this. Let's say it's real. With a little attention, the psychic can't really die in it. But it is false, but there are mountains and water, flowers and trees, and even a large number of ordinary animals and spirit beasts.

"Today is thirteen, tomorrow is fourteen, and the day after tomorrow is the opening day of the illusion of life and death."

Nie Kong secretly whisper, some worry in the heart, heard that the longest can stay seven days in the magic world, during the period only Hua mei at home, that Nie faddish and Wu Tong and other people hate their bones, if they come to harass, with Hua Mei an ordinary woman, I am afraid it is difficult to deal with.

"Radish apprentice."

Suddenly, a crisp voice came to my ears.

Know this nickname, also can use this nickname to call oneself only Muhong Damask that little girl film! Nie Kong quickly followed the sound of the sound, and as expected found in the side not far from the fork in the road, a red and beautiful girl was smiling and waving to him.

Haven't seen her in days... An idea suddenly occurred to Nie Kong. It was a waste not to make use of such a good resource. Then, Nie Kong face hung full of smile to meet up, warm greeting way: "It is the little master you."

"I said no 'small'."

Muhong Damask put out the style of a master, tight round face, commanding lesson way, "Bad apprentice, so many days have not seen, how is the cultivation?"

Nie Kong shook his head and said, "The low speed is OK, but the medium speed is not so good. After practicing the gyro at the medium speed for several days, it can only hold it for about 20 times at most before it gets caught."

"Progress so fast?" Muhong Damask silk some surprise.

It was only after she entered the realm of channeling that she began to practice medium-speed gyros, and it took her nearly half a month to get to the point where Nie Kong was. Can listen to the tone of Nie Kong talk, it seems that there is still a little dissatisfaction, Mu Hong Damask immediately some crazy.

Hum twice, the little girl peevishly angry way: "Bad apprentice, began not to be good again. Pretending to be modest in front of me? I'm your teacher! When you treat your master as an outsider, it seems that your skin is itchy again." Muhong Damask rolled up her sleeves, two beautiful jade arms dancing in front of Nie Kong, like a lesson.

Nie Kong laughed and said, "Master, my apprentice, I don't regard you as an outsider. Well, there's something I want to ask you for right now."

"Say it, say it."

Muhong Damask thought Nie Kong's help was about cultivation. She suddenly dimpled and dimpled her mouth. She was not addicted to being a teacher, and she no longer cared about the small words in front of the teacher.

Nie said, "A small favor, for a young master, is just a hand lift. But before I do, how many more days will you be staying in Thistle Sun?"

"At least a month. Why do you ask?" Muhong Damask askance at Nie Kong.

"Be SO, I THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW WANT TO ENTER UNREAL BOUND, THE HOME IS LEFT ONLY SISTER-IN-LAW'S WIFE ONE PERSON, I WORRY SHE CAN BE NIE FADDY HARASS. Oh, that Nie faddish is the three sons of the patriarch, has been to my sister-in-law harbouring evil intentions. Since you're in no hurry to leave, I'd like you to take care of me for a few days." "Nie Kong explained.

"Is that man called Nie Faddish?" Muhong Damask Damask eyebrow frowns, showing a trace of disgust in the eyes.

"That's right."

"Hum, BIG RADISH APPRENTICE, YOU REST ASSURED GO UNREAL BOUND, THIS BUSY MASTER HELPED SETTLE." Muhong Damask Damask gently clap chest, happily agreed to come down.

"Thank you, Master. Let me show you my house first." Nie Kong was surprised, he thought it would take a lot of lip and tongue, even run Muhong Damask's words are ready, did not expect her to agree, without the slightest reluctance to hesitate.


Follow Nie Kong to walk a few steps, Mu Hong Damask before returning to taste.

Pinch fist knock back HEAD, little wench bitter round face mumble WAY: "DEBT, debt, with what HE let me do what, I do what? I am the master, and he is the apprentice. Now I am acting like his apprentice. If I had known, I would not have agreed so quickly..."



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