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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 12 Into Illusion

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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"Nie Qingyan, 19 years old, psychic nine."

"Nie Qing 'an, 19 years old, psychic eight."


"Bai Yuqing, sixteen years old, psychic eight products."

"Nie Fengtao, 19 years old, psychic five goods."


"Nie such as frost, 16 years old, channeling two products."


"Nie Kong, 18 years old, Poly Ling Jiu pin."

"Nie Xiuzhu, 15 years old, Juling Jiupin."


A young boy and girl to give their name, age and repair, in turn go to the white jade, futon sit down, both palms together hold the magic stone, put it in the lower abdomen "spirit God three Qiao", and then secretly observe other peers around. As LONG AS YOU ENTER THE MAGIC REALM OF LIFE and death, everyone here will become rivals and enemies. Sign up before you sit down, which is also to increase your understanding of each other.

Among the hundreds of people, 60% are NIE family members, and the rest are from the various families in the city of Jiliyang. Among them, the NIE family is the most complex generation, the youth word generation, wind word generation and repair word generation have, and even more than a dozen 14, 15 years old spirit word generation little guy.

After Nie Kong sat down, it was found that many people are looking at themselves intentionally or unintentionally, there are such acquaintances as Nie Xiuzhu and Nie Xiuge, there are just heard of the name of the guy, there is a person Nie Kong's impression is deeper, is a psychic five goods repair for Nie Fengtao.

The men glanced at Nie Kong playfully, as if he were a dead fish on a chopping block. Nie Kong frowned slightly. It seemed that the danger of entering the fantasy world of life and death was far beyond his expectation. If there was really an irreversible situation, he could not be caught even if he committed suicide.

With such an idea, Nie Kong was relieved and his eyes swept around, finally falling on the girl named Bai Yuqing.

The Bai family of her birth is a medium family in the city of Jiliyang, also a vassal of Nie.

Among the hundreds of people, she is a very outstanding member, only 16 years old has channeling eight products practice for. The most striking thing about her is that her face is young, but her figure is extremely hot, convex front and back, enchanting figure, body development is no less mature than those of the adult women. From the drill field to the temple of life and death, there has been or amazing or greedy vision in her plump Jiao body wandering baldness.

Unfortunately, the woman was very cold and proud, and she was not false to anyone who tried to talk to her, and her white and pretty face never showed the slightest smile. After sitting cross-legged on the white jade and futon, Bai Yuqing closed her eyes as quietly as an ice sculpture that has not changed for thousands of years.

Baby face giant R! Nie Kong could not help but think of this very alluring word in the past life, "Ami tofu, ami tofu" in his heart secretly confessed several times, then eyes and nose, nose and heart, patiently waiting up, there was still a long time.

I hear this world of life and death doesn't open until noon. After they go in, they will immediately launch a seven-day hunting and hunting game, the implementation of hunting may be present at the youth, it is possible to be a variety of spirit beast in the magic boundary of life and death, support time ranked in the top ten can be rewarded.

"Sasha vujacic......"

Time passed slowly. When all the young people are seated, there is silence in the temple of death, in addition to the sound of everyone's breathing and heart beating, only the corner of the hall that just inverted shortly before the hourglass in the continuous sound, the atmosphere in the temple has become depressed.


When the hourglass was over, a sudden burst of sound thundered in the hall, and the cone-shaped fantasy world suddenly floated up, suspended in the air, and spun violently. The surface grain burst out more and more incandescent white mants, and the eyes of the young people were stinging and almost closed at the same time.

Nie Qingsong and nine elders Nie Xingdong and other people repair for the high, but did not be affected by this white light, still calmly staring at the magic circle.

In mid-air, the chassis of the illusion sphere suddenly extended out into an inverted tapered cone, and expanded rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it became perfectly symmetrical with the upper half. The conical tip touched the slightly raised ball of colorful stone directly below. The stone ball was similar to a phantom stone, but several times larger than a normal phantom stone.


The dazzling colorful rays burst out of the stone sphere, spreading like water through the tip of the cone to the whole fantasy world. The phantom stone held in the hands of the people inside the hall is like driven, buzzing with vibration, revealing a piece of Xiaguang, and the magic world.

Before! Before! Before......

After a moment, a colorful streamer out of the illusion, accurately on each young body. Almost immediately, hundreds of people were completely covered in colored light. With the rapid passage of time, the light is gradually strong, and finally people tightly wrapped up, like colorful cocoon.

At the moment, the temple of life and death in the glow lingering circulation, bright and magnificent, like a dream. Seeing this, Nie Qingsong and others have a slight smile on their faces...


When the colorful streamer hood fell down, Nie Kong seemed to be wandering in a hot spring, warm and comfortable. In a trance, Nie Kong felt as if his spiritual consciousness had been removed from his body and injected into the phantom stone in his hand. Then, it seems to have a strong pull force of sound absorption, NieKong along between the body and unreal world that arc shape glow, a meteor.


His eyes were as black as ink. Nie Kong could not help crying softly. As soon as the voice was exited, the bright light came into his eyes. Looking at it in an instant, Nie Kong found himself in a completely unfamiliar world, surrounded by lush grass, towering mountains and lush trees in the distance.

There is no sun, moon and stars in the sky, but a transparent. There was not a soul about, and where were the hundreds of people?

"This is the illusion of life and death?"

Recalling the information about the fantasy world of life and death, Nie Kong quickly pinched his leg. The pain hit him so hard that he winced and gasped hissing, and the hair all over his body stood on end.

This ghost place really he, mother's weird, in the outside of the pinch so, estimated with the mosquito bite about the same, can be here almost to the pain fainted.

Nie Kong cursed in secret. Now he began to understand why the family chose so many people to go through the experience. In this hellhole to die once, especially in a more painful way to die after the resurrection of the outside world, if there is no collapse, the mind not to metamorphosis is impossible.

Of course, this metamorphosis has its pluses and minuses.

Some teenagers may never recover, while others will become more Stoic. Most of the latter will become the backbone of Nie family in the future, or even the mainstay. Such as the patriarch Nie Qingsong, nine elders, and even Nie Qingfeng, Nie Qinghong and others are so over.

The pain eased a little, and Nie Kong concentrated on the "three orifice of spirit and God". Soon he was surprised to find that Xiang Xiang had also entered the magic realm. Nie Kong had feared that after he entered the magic realm of life and death, the little fellow would starve to death without herbs.

A few seconds later, Nie Kong got another piece of good news, that is, the pet backpack is also here, it is full of gold needles, spring dew, herbs and clothes. The fantasy world of life and death is both true and false, and it is true and false. Nie Kong was both surprised and amazed.

After a long time, Nie Kong calmed down. There was no road in this place, so Nie Kong walked in a random direction. Soon he was in the thick woods.


The sharp, heart-wrenching scream was transmitted far away. As a doctor, Nie Kong had seen many dead people and was used to hearing the screams of patients. However, this time, he suddenly had a creepy feeling, as if all the miserable screams in the 18 layers of hell were gathered in his ears.

What wretched creature, dead as he came in, cried so shamefully?

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