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Love Loneliness - Solo Elegy

by Pete  Lara 10 days ago in Short Story
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I don't know when I started to like the taste of loneliness. That is a feeling that will not be sweet, will not be surprised ......

Love Loneliness - Solo Elegy
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

I don't know when I started to like the taste of loneliness. That is a feeling that will not be sweet, will not be surprised ...... perhaps hundreds of years ago, I was destined to fall out of life, only now just beginning, just found the stranger's estrangement.   The fact is that you will be able to get rid of the pain of the loss of life in a moment, and it turns out that you are still accustomed to the taste of loneliness. The tea is cold, still drink the bitter juice, the body's not adapted, hesitant to resist the invasion of cold. What is dedicated, I can not explain, because they have lost the ability to distinguish by the experience of the blow.

  Undoubtedly, the mood is like an exploding balloon, completely lost self-control. Only the wind passed, no trace.

  Don't say I don't understand loneliness, but no one can know where loneliness resides. The mouth says happy, but at the same time, the heart is at a loss. I stood ignorantly on the cliff, watching the fading backs sneak away with the fruits of my unharvested love. Thus conquered by solitude, unconditionally waiting for the next sad memory to fill the nerves.

  I am sick and tired of the perfunctory face, preferring to suffer loneliness, rather than indulge in holding the fading love in my hand. I seem to be content with the mess left by others who are operating miserably, but turn back and embrace infinite fantasies, fantasizing that tomorrow will no longer be lonely ......

  The distant let me fear, long journey to the strange corner of the seaside, bitterly far look at the rising tide of the sea free birds, with a false smile to hide the fallen true feelings, no one knows how deep the painful thorns are rooted in my heart. I tilted my head, the sun is just warm at the moment, unconcerned in the tasteless evaporation of muddy air on the thin words. The blossoms stay fragrant, but people go silent. Just like that, everything is just so rambling on, lingering life.

  A crystal, after the twists and turns, if she falls in love with loneliness, then I can't imagine what kind of miserable situation it will be. No longer have a beautiful light, no longer have many envious eyes, more lost love watering ....... It becomes a scrapped machine, with no one to pity, no one to ask for.

  In the earthly world, where there are still lively streets, looking for a reason to be able to comfort yourself is the greatest satisfaction. The special request, without saying anything, is frozen, because of the inability to break free from the reins of melancholy, I ran wildly in the midnight city, and found the world's tiresome gaze on my emaciated body. I've said it a thousand times, but it still doesn't change the fact that I can't get rid of loneliness after all. On the coastline without borders, loneliness follows me like a shadow, so I have adapted to this feeling that everyone wants to stay away from.

  The bloodstains, soaked through all the patience of the years. What was cut off, what was given up, it was too late to think about it before it ended. I was the last person to know the outcome, just me. A joke, let me pour all my energy, the original no meaning, the original no happiness.

  Looking for love, waiting for love ...... cold to enjoy the simplicity of black coffee. Sleepless, at this moment.

  Love loneliness, not my will, long silted heart, melted in the subconscious worries. In the room, I was not prepared to turn on any of the lights, burning candles, or drops of hot tears raging across the test of love. Reaching out, touching the tenderness that is no longer there, browbeaten like sublimation in the dense step when. What is going on is a cruel struggle, I no longer have the patience to give myself the time to solve it, and the romance of flight does not belong to me as a person who likes to be alone.

  Taking turns to find the direction of happiness turns out to be difficult.

  Wait for the beginning, or wait until the break. The mood of wiping wounds in silence, always difficult to express the unveiling of a foolish face under the unforgiving lies.

  The window, residual breath over the smell, pick up a glass of wine, ambiguous a drink, no one noticed, there are drops of tears lightly down the face, cold, strong will be alone again diffuse in my world ......

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