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Looking for vampires

by McCann, West 3 months ago in Short Story
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Legendary vampires originated in Romania's Transfinia County. It is said that Count Dracula, the most powerful vampire king in history, was born in this place. There is still an almost completely weathered building in Transfinia. Castle ruins.

The legendary vampire originated in Transfinia County, Romania. It is said that Count Dracula, the most powerful vampire king in history, was born in this place. There is still an almost completely weathered building in Transfinia. Castle ruins. For tourists who come to Romania, the ruins of Count Dracula in Transfinia are a must, but to get there from the capital Bucharest, you must drive through a vast black forest.

  Bacon whistled and drove the rented sedan. The dense black forest swept back quickly outside the window. Lucy sat in the passenger seat and was drowsy with her eyes half closed. Bacon glanced at Lucy from time to time, and an undetectable smile appeared on his lips. Bacon had an ulterior motive hidden in his heart. He took Lucy from London to Romania for a trip this time, in fact, to find an opportunity to kill Lucy in a foreign country without knowing it.

  Bacon got along with his secretary Lucy in the company, and accidentally let Lucy conceive a child, but Lucy was unwilling to have an abortion, and even forced Bacon to marry her. This is unimaginable for Bacon. He can now climb to the position of general manager in the company, relying on his father-in-law who is in the high position of chairperson, how can he file for divorce from his wife?

  On this weekend trip, Bacon specially told Lucy not to tell others. He had already thought about it. When the car drove to a more remote place, he would strangle Lucy and then throw Lucy's body into the black forest. deep. The body was thrown in the forest, and it would not be found for months or even years. Even if it was found, it would turn into a pile of dead bones, and it would be impossible to tell who it was.

  The sky was getting dark, and the car had already driven to the middle of the Black Forest. Bacon glanced in the rearview mirror, and then he was surprised to find that a black car was following behind not far away. Bacon's car was driving fast, and the car behind was also driving fast. Bacon drove slowly, and the car behind slowed down with it. Bacon simply stopped the car, trying to let the car pass. Unexpectedly, after overtaking Bacon's car, the car slowed down and finally stopped about ten meters ahead.

  Bacon became angry. He walked to the car and asked angrily, "Why do you keep following my car?" A man in his 30s with sunglasses was sitting in the car. He was chewing gum., while introducing him as Jason, a wandering entertainer who went to Dracula Castle to apply for a job. He couldn't find his way to the castle. He guessed that Bacon was traveling there, so he followed Bacon's car all the way., hoping to reach Transfinia without a hitch.

  Bacon had to admit that he was unlucky, and he continued to drive the car towards Dracula Castle. No way, he decided to find another time to kill Lucy.

  When they arrived at Dracula Castle, it was already night. After walking into a hotel with Lucy, Bacon deliberately glanced back, thank goodness the damn wandering entertainer didn't follow up.

  It was at dinner time that Bacon brought Lucy to the hotel restaurant. There were many people in the restaurant, most of them were tourists who came here with tour groups. A tour guide in gypsy costumes was telling the story of Count Dracula, the Vampire King, vividly. Bacon and Lucy also curiously squeezed into the crowd to listen to the tour guide's speech.

  The tour guide shrugged his shoulders and pretended to be mysterious: "Do you know? Count Dracula, the king of vampires, is not actually dead, his soul has been wandering outside the castle. As long as he takes a fancy to the host that can host his soul, he will bite it in one bite. On the neck of that person, suck all the blood from that person's body. When that person's body is found, it will be found that there are two blood holes in the neck, and all the blood in the body has disappeared mysteriously..."

  The surrounding tourists exclaimed, but Bacon smiled and said to Lucy, "This is all nonsense, just pretending to be mysterious." But Lucy said excitedly: "This tour group is really fun, let's join it too." Before Bacon agreed, Lucy raised her hand and made her request to the tour guide.

  The tour guide dressed as a gypsy immediately agreed to Lucy's request. Just as Lucy was cheering, a low voice came from behind: "I'm going to join this tour group too, it's so interesting." Becken felt this voice A little familiar, looking back, it was actually the wandering artist named Jason.

  After getting the room card provided by the tour group, Bacon and Lucy checked into a guest room. Just 5 minutes after entering the room, the chandelier in the guest room flashed, suddenly dimmed, and the room fell into darkness. Lucy let out a scream, and when Bacon was about to curse, he suddenly heard a terrifying scream from the corridor outside the room. Bacon opened the door to see what was going on, when the lights suddenly turned on inexplicably again, and the hotel was back to light. Bacon walked to the corridor and immediately saw a guest room door not far away open, a person lying on the ground with his legs exposed outside the door.

There were more people on the corridor, and a few people walked to the guest room with Bacon. When they saw the man lying down, they were shocked. The wandering entertainer Jason lay on the ground bloodless, and there were two blood holes in the aorta of his neck. A traveler shouted: "It's Count Dracula! It's his soul back!" His voice was full of fear.

  A terrifying atmosphere spread in the space of the hotel corridor. Seeing this scene, Bacon's heart also began to hair, and sweat oozed from his back.

  At this moment, the chandelier on the corridor flashed again, and in just an instant, the corridor became pitch black. Everyone screamed in panic, and the darkness lasted for 5 minutes before the power failure was eliminated by the hotel staff. When the lights were restored on the corridor, Bacon and other tourists realized that there was a person lying on the floor at the end of the corridor, with his head tilted and motionless.

  Bacon dared to walk up to the man, only to see that the man turned out to be a tour guide dressed as a gypsy. The tour guide's face was pale and he had lost his breath. There were also two blood holes deep into his carotid artery.

  "It's Count Dracula - it's his soul looking for a substitute!" The screaming traveler cried hysterically again. When the hotel manager came over, he told everyone with great regret that the telephone line here had been cut by someone, and the hotel was located in the middle of nowhere, and there was no mobile phone signal, so the police could not notify him for a while. The hotel manager advised all passengers to return to their rooms, close the door, and call for help in the event of an accident.

  Bacon returned to the room and looked at Lucy. He never expected that this trip would encounter such a horrific incident. In the next two hours, the power of the hotel was destroyed twice, and at the same time, two more blood-drained bodies were found, the hysterical traveler and the hotel manager.

  Bacon sat on the sofa and pondered for a moment. He knew that there were no vampires in this world, and vampires were just an ancient legend. There is only one explanation for what happened today - there is a perverted serial killer in the hotel, and he indiscriminately chooses innocent victims in the hotel.

  Bacon is not afraid of the murderer. In fact, he is a kickboxing enthusiast and a master of karate and taekwondo. If the murderer chooses to kill him, he doesn't know who can take advantage of whom. Bacon looked up and saw Lucy who was sleeping soundly. He suddenly had a bold idea - he decided to kill Lucy in the hotel, and then put the blame on Count Dracula, the king of vampires.

  Do what you say! Becken stood up tenaciously, walked to Lucy's side, and stretched out his hand to choke Lucy's neck, the strength of his hand getting stronger and stronger. After strangling Lucy, he was going to drag Lucy's body into the bathroom, then use Lucy's hairpin to gouge out two blood holes in her neck and drain all the blood. When the power goes out next time, he screams loudly again, attracting other travelers. At that time, everyone will think that Lucy was killed by the soul of Count Dracula. And the police who came later would only think that it was the work of some perverted serial murderer.

  A smile appeared on Bacon's face, his facial features twisted together. He saw Lucy struggling helplessly, getting smaller and smaller, and the smile on his face became even more hideous when he saw that his plan was about to come true.

  Just then, he heard his door slammed open, and when he looked back, there were several people standing outside - the wandering entertainer Jason, the gypsy tour guide, the hotel manager, and the hysterical traveler. Before Bacon could react, they had rushed in in a swarm, pressing Bacon firmly under him.

  The police arrived at the scene five minutes later and arrested Bacon on the spot. Bacon, who has not yet figured out what happened, asked loudly: "What the hell is going on? Why are you still alive? How did you know to rush in at that time? Where did I show my feet?"

  The wandering entertainer Jason walked up to Bacon and said with a smile, "Actually, we are the staff of Romanian TV, and we are doing a live-action humor show."

  Jason told Bacon unhurriedly that their TV station had invited a group of tourists who had never been to Dracula Castle, and then deliberately told them the horrific legend of Count Dracula, the king of vampires. The TV crew dressed up as victims of vampires draining their blood and lay in the corridors of the hotel to scare the tourists. And hidden cameras are hidden in various parts of the hotel, the purpose is to capture the funny footage of the tourists panicking. Needless to say, Jason, the gypsy tour guide, the hotel manager and the hysterical traveler are all TV staff.

  As for Jason following Bacon's sedan on the way here, it was a complete coincidence.

  After hearing these words, Bacon's face showed a desperate look, and he shouted at Jason: "Your show is really the dumbest, most absurd, and most boring show in the world!"

  Jason responded with a sneer and said, "I bet you that when this show airs on Transfinia County TV tomorrow night, it will definitely become the highest audience rating in Romanian TV history!"

Short Story

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