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Look up to the sky

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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 Dad lifted me high in his big, thick palm and sent me skyward, not too high, but enough to make me scream, enough to make me laugh

Look up to the sky
Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

 Dad lifted me high in his big, thick palm and sent me skyward, not too high, but enough to make me scream, enough to make me laugh, I could see the sky, soaring in the sky, floating in the clouds, staying for a moment, so long. The first time I saw it, I was able to look up at the sky, up and down, back and forth.

Look up to the sky 1200 words essay

  This yesterday, is me, and today, the daughter in the palm of my hand. The genes of my fathers continue in my body, my daughter's laughter should be the same as mine as a child, as innocent, as natural, and her eyes looking at the sky should also be the same as mine that day.

  But how long has it been since I looked up at the sky?

  The light wind, gently brushed, messed up everything; the quiet, fragrant, slowly attacked, disturbed the mind.

  I'm used to walking with my chest down, too concerned about what's going on around me, sometimes even with my tail between my legs, tired, not to mention vulgar, extravagant talk about what freedom of the mind, the remaining filth. Look at the sky, a smattering of clouds, scattered together, gathered and scattered, look at the blue of the sky, suddenly deep and shallow and dull, the occasional survey is often blindfolded, the more you want to identify the more sleepy, this is the price of walking with your head down, forget that there are flowers, grass, bees, forget the daughter's eyes, forget the sweetness of memory, warm and gentle together, the sky becomes tranquil and vast, long exhale dirty air, stretching limbs, in the street would like to The first thing that I want to do is to jump on a few jumps, leap on a few leaps, shake off the water, rain, tears hidden in the eyes, but also shake off a lot of dust many helplessness much sorrow, then, the heart is wide, the gas is smooth, the eyes are open, look where, where is the beauty, even the winter cold than the spring breeze charming, even the dark clouds of the sky than the pure flowers.

  I care too much or forget 'too much, no time to watch the starry night sky, the moon's shyness also disdain, rain, snow, hail, hold an umbrella and refuse to soak through; wind, thunder, lightning, close your eyes on the burial sacrifice off, but cover your ears steal a hole square inch, not the loose mouth, gripping, not let go, tug, let the sky drought into disaster, let the rain big ocean, only focus on the franchise, regardless of the difference between humans and animals, follow the natural selection, the weakest, the strongest. The competition regulations of the weak and the strong. The sky is too far away, what is the benefit of hope, the ground is into, human desire, self-trampling is the cornerstone, slave face is a shortcut, bustling all for profit, have been disturbed are seeking power, the ideal of life is the after-dinner talk, cultivation of morality is the gossip of a full meal, moral appearance condensed like frank, demons and monsters mistaken for the long Chi Chi since the self is that self, self is that self, are acting, the import is found, the export is often mistaken over the wrong The role of the person is changed one after another, sometimes pretending to be very nourishing, want to continue; sometimes pretending to be very impatient, looking forward to stopping, the body can not help themselves and difficult to move, crowded in the crowd of people lost at a loss, do not know where to go.

  The more you try, the more lost you find yourself. You can't find your way, you can't find your heart, you can't send it, you're struggling with the same face, you're pale, you're tired, you can't do anything.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

  The afterglow of the overlook, the head pressed no spine, the nose big pressed mouth conversation, the tongue stroked to the presentation of strong contention light, thought it would be ten thousand zhang haze, the actual is a mud bank, flooded to the neck of the dirty, blocked the normal thinking, when the head even fell to the ground, black hole, horizontal can not knife, can not stand a horse, a whistling mouth full of mud, liver, and guts are broken, not worthy of seven feet tall, not worthy of the sage book Xingtao, can not wait for The tang has fallen into the abyss, and I am afraid that I will enter hell before I can raise my waist.

  What kind of melancholy is this.

  Look up at the sky, it is in the occasional day, tired leaves have begun to defeat, lazy wind hid behind the house, head, subconscious movements, left and right to look at the freedom of the clouds, the sky-high clouds in the thorny sky unrestrained.

  Tears flow, unknowingly, cursing the sin of my vision, see through the world will make themselves vulgar, the pursuit of erroneous life will have to bow down, get rid of, is what I want to escape, no desire is the return.

  My daughter is still in the palm of my hand joy, my hands when dry and clean, touching the darkness there is no need to penetrate, fold back and see the sky reveal a smile, send a green cloud of care, can return to my daughter's happiness, with head held high, nothing more.

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