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by Blake Lockhart 4 months ago in Short Story
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A wealthy woman with a rich soul

Photo by Kin Wai Cheung on Unsplash

The Lobby was grand and shining from the high ceilings down to the marble floors.

It was empty, apart from the young receptionist in a uniform Red blazer. His hair was ashy Brown and coarse, it looked as though he had just gotten a fresh cut. He was very tall and thin, with full lips and a wide nose. He looked occupied by a book of some sort in front of him. The desk was made of Mahogany wood about four feet tall. My feet were uncomfortable from the Black leather heels I had been wearing all night long, so I was walking a bit slower than normal. My steps echoed one after another in the empty building. "Click,clack,click,clack," they went. The wheels of my luggage rolled along behind me, causing a slight vibration in the floor. When I was about two feet away from the reception desk, the young man looked up and met my eyes with a grand smile stating, "Welcome to Warner's Hotel, how can I help you this evening ma'am?" His voice was warm, with a higher pitch for a young man. "A room for one please," I replied, while handing him the cash. I had been here a few times. "How many nights will you be staying?" he asked. "Just one." I replied. He gave me a paper and pen to fill out a few things while he counted the money I had given him. The pen was heavy and the ink a Navy Blue. I finished and handed it back to him. "Thank you ma'am, you will be at room twenty four." He handed me a Golden key and a few towels. " Thank you," I replied and began to struggle trying to gather my luggage and the towels. "Would you like some help ma'am?" "Yes please." He quickly came from around the desk and picked up my luggage and key. "I'll lead the way," he exclaimed with a kind smile. I nodded thankfully and followed behind him down the long hallway. The hallway was a dark Red color with hints of Golden décor. It was cool and very quiet. My room was on the bottom floor this time, so I wasnt able to see one of my favorite paintings on the second floor. We took a few turns down the hall, "If I might ask ma'am, from where are you coming?" He asked as he stopped in front of a door labeled " Room 24." "I was invited to a ball here in Palas, but I'm originally from Grant." I replied. "Ive heard a lot of good things about that place," he replied as he opened the door and sat my things down inside.He handed me my key again. "My name is Erin, it was nice meeting you…" "Pearl. Pearl Laramey," I said shaking his hand. His hand shake was a warm and firm."Is there anything else I can do for you Pearl?" "Actually, there is." I said, reaching into my purse. "Take this off of my hands will ya?" I handed him a tip. His eyes became as wide as a bridge. "Ma'am, this is-" I interrupted him, "Not enough?" I gave him double the amount and he became more stunned. "No ma'am, this is more-" "I smiled and gently tapped his shoulder. "Thank you son." He nodded and then got himself together. "Thank you ma'am." He briskly walked from where we came, looking down at the fortune in his hand and back at me with the cutest smile of gratitude. I loved doing that. I entered my clean hotel room and began to unpack for the night.

Short Story

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