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Little Trak

In a small town in Languedoc, France, there was a young businessperson named Michel.

By ElsaPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

In a small town in Languedoc, France, there was a young businessman named Michel. He was not too young, and he wanted to find a girl from a good family who was gentle, beautiful, smart, and rich to be his wife. Unfortunately, he searched all over the city, but he could not find such a girl. Later he heard that there was a girl who met his requirements in the nearby city of Laval, and the girl's parents decided to hold a banquet one night, invite all the suitors to go, and choose a son-in-law from them. Michel felt that by virtue of his appearance, intelligence, and family property, he would be selected. So, he decided to go to the banquet too.

On that day, Michelle put an apple green dress, a gold top, and a tuxedo in the travel suitcase, a pair of black velvet overalls, silver stockings, and a pair of shiny leather shoes; dressed up the horse beautifully, and put a leather saddle on the horse's back; because there was no gun, he put a bottle of shochu and some peanut candies in the holster of the horse. When all this was done, Michelle got on his horse and set off excitedly towards Laval.

It was already evening when Laval was approaching. Michelle suddenly remembered that she was not ready for what she should say tonight. If she said it well, she could win the favor of the girl and her parents. This should not be neglected.

So he dismounted, took the pistol holster, walked into the grove by the road, sat down on the grass, drank with peanut candy, and thought. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became because of the soju, and when he woke up from his wonderful fantasy, the sun had already set. Michelle stood up, stretched, and was just about to leave. Suddenly, there was a slight sound of footsteps in the bushes behind him. Michelle looked back and saw, oh, a group of villains were running towards him. And from their faces, you can vaguely see that these villains are staring at their peanut candies.

Michel gave them sugar to eat, but when he got to Trak, the leader of the villain, he couldn't take out a single candy. The little people turned their eyes to his shochu again. So the shochu bottles passed from hand to hand, and who knew that when they reached Trak, not a drop of wine could be poured out of the bottle.

Michelle couldn't help laughing when she saw Trak throw the empty wine bottle on the ground angrily, and joked, "Yo, it's not your turn twice, it seems that you have to eat farts!" Trak was not happy when he didn't eat anything. Hearing Michelle say this, he felt insulted, so he shouted: "I want you to remember what you said!"

"What's the matter? With a little guy like you, do you still want revenge?" Michelle said contemptuously.

Trak didn't answer with a sullen face. In a blink of an eye, the little people suddenly disappeared.

Michelle triumphantly rolled over to his horse and started on the road again. But after less than a hundred steps, he was suddenly knocked to the ground by the saddle. Oh, it was because of drinking. He touched the sore part of the fall and got back on the horse. Not far away, the saddle was inexplicably lifted off again. This time it hit him so hard that he almost couldn't get up. "This damn saddle!" Michelle scolded. Afraid that it would do something wrong again, he simply took it off and carried it on his shoulders, and rode a light horse to Laval City. When passers-by saw his embarrassment, they all laughed and lifted their stomachs.

Michelle finally found an inn and rented a room. As soon as he entered the room, he hurriedly opened the suitcase. Oops, the dress seemed to have feet, jumping out of the box, and he couldn't catch it. No, I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to the dinner party at the girl's house, so don't change your clothes, just change your shoes.

Michelle took out his shoes, put on his right foot first, buttoned it, then put on his left foot, and buttoned it. Hey, why did the buckle of the right shoe just buckle come loose? He hurriedly buckled it again, and the button on his left foot came loose again. Just like this, it's been more than an hour, and he still hasn't put on his shoes.

Michelle couldn't help but get angry, so she threw off her new shoes and still put on the original pair of travel shoes. At this time, the hats, clothes, shoes and socks in the box were all automatically put on, forming a human shape, and imitating his posture. Walking around the room.

Ghost! Michelle was startled, and stepped back step by step, all the way to the window. Who knew that the suit turned around and walked towards him. Finally, under the three-cornered hat, he saw Trak's face.

Michelle shouted angrily: "So it's you who is at fault! Give me back the clothes, or I'll crush you little guy to death!" He yelled and lunged at Trak. Trak flashed, and Michelle was empty.

Trak rushed out of the door, and Michelle followed him all the way to the top floor. Seeing Trak climb up to the roof through a skylight, Michelle quickly climbed up. Jumped from one roof to another. Finally, Trak climbed to the top of a high chimney, and said to Michelle who was guarding below with a smile: "Look, dear big man, your new clothes are all dirty on me. But it doesn't matter, under this chimney is the laundry sink of the laundry, and it will wash your dirty clothes." After speaking, he took off his hat, clothes, shoes and socks and stuffed them into the smoking chimney.

At this point, what else can Michelle do? It seems that she has no choice but to wear this travel suit to try her luck at the girl's house.

Unexpectedly, misfortunes do not come singly. The bell on the bell tower struck a total of twelve times, and it was clearly past the time for the banquet. Alas, even luck was out of the question. Michelle stayed there in despair, lamenting her misfortune again!

Truck looked at Michelle's pitiful look and said, "Ah, my big friend. It's pretty good to get revenge on the little one, isn't it? I advise you never to make fun of those who are weaker than you in the future." After speaking, he suddenly disappeared.

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