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Little Swan's Magic Dress

It's been three strokes in the sun, the little swan is still sleeping in the nest, and the chick comes to her: Little swan, why don't you get up and practice flying? Everyone will fly by then, but you won't, you will be left behind!

By KianaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

It's already three strokes in the sun, and the little swan is still sleeping in the nest, and the chick came to her: "Little swan, why don't you get up and practice flying? Everyone will be able to fly by then, but you won't, you will be left behind!" The chick is in a hurry to push the little swan who is still sleeping. "It doesn't matter, I have a magic dress, and anyone who wears it can fly. With it, I don't have to practice flying." The little swan rolled over and said in a daze. Are you talking in your sleep? How can there be such a dress, let me see! "The chick cried excitedly. The little swan was so noisy that she couldn't sleep, so she had to get up and show her magic dress: "Well, this is the white puffy dress." The little swan put the skirt on her body, and sure enough, the little swan slowly flew up, she flew higher and higher, higher and higher than the big trees, higher than the white clouds, and gradually, she became a little black spot in the eyes of the chick. "Wow! Awesome! Little swan, where did you buy your dress from? I want to buy one too!" The chick clapped her hands and cried. "This is from a distant place, my grandfather sent it, we can't sell it here!" Said the little swan proudly.

  "Then let me try it on, okay?" The chick begged. "Yes!" The little swan generously handed the skirt to the chick. The chick put on the skirt and slowly rose into the sky like a hydrogen balloon. She also flew over the big tree, over the white clouds, and towards the dazzling sun.

  "It's so wonderful!" The chick tut tut praised. The chick called the other siblings to come and see the little swan's magical dress. The little swan was so happy that she put on the dress again and started her effortless flight again. However, this time, the wind suddenly picked up, and the strong wind blew the little swan all over the place. On landing, the skirt was hung on the rabbit's fence post. The fence was full of thorny roses, and only to hear the sound of "Blah", the beautiful magic dress was torn, and the magic disappeared in an instant. The little swan also fell off the fence, and the pain brought tears to her eyes. " You pay, you pay! "The little swan cried at the rabbit.

  Rabbit panicked, hurriedly took the skirt, ran to the lynx tailor's shop, and asked him to mend the little swan's skirt that had lost its magic. "There's nothing wrong with mending the skirt, but the magic can't be restored." Cat Boss twirled his silver needle-like beard and said slowly. "Ah? What can I do?!" Rabbit stomped his feet in a hurry. "You can go to the bookstore and try looking for a magic book." Cat Boss suggested.

  Rabbit nodded gratefully and quickly ran to the bookstore. He bought a thick stack of books on magic and began to study them seriously. "First use half the seawater and half the fresh water, boil it, and put in three skinned frogs..." "Ah? This can't be done, frogs are my good brothers, and I can't hurt them a little bit!"

  These strange recipes made the rabbit shiver. Suddenly, the rabbit saw a bird learning to fly outside the window. He looked closely and saw that it was a little swan!

  It turned out that since the skirt lost its magic, the little swan had to start learning to fly. Now she can fly over the roof. "Uncle Rabbit, I can fly, you don't have to worry about my skirt!" The little swan said proudly to the rabbit.

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