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Lilith of Lake Huron

by Michelle Mathis 3 months ago in Horror

A Short horror story by Michelle Mathis

Rumor has it by tourists, that Mackinac Island off of Lake Huron is the place to go for a good time and discovery. Mackinac Island off of Lake Huron has stunning sunrises, which is how it became known as the Sunrise Coast. Visitors can take a scenic drive along the Lake Huron coast on the Huron Shores Heritage Route, which runs for 200 miles along US-23, or you can pick up the Huron Shores Coastal Water Trail in Standish and paddle your way along the coastline. Another option is guests can take a ferry across Lake Huron to Mackinac Island or plan a sunset cruise. Recreational diving is a popular activity on Lake Huron because of the hundreds of shipwrecks that are stationed at the depths of Lake Huron.

shipwrecks of Lake Huron

With many of the shipwrecks upon Lake Huron came stories of a legendary she-demon of the Lake Huron. The locals on the Lake Huron called her Lilith. It was like a curse on the Lake Huron that the she-demon named Lilith would make her appearance one day.

Reading the brochure, I thought to myself, "this is going to be an exciting time to explore new territory as I settled in the Mackinac Island hotel." Every two years, Republicans from across the state of Michigan head to scenic Mackinac Island upon Lake Huron to chart the party's path forward. With it being a popular destination, getting visits by leaders of the American country, I thought nothing of the silly legend of Lilith of the Lake. Once in the hotel room, I quickly threw off my clothes and placed on my scuba diving gear to the nearest hunt for a shipwreck. As usual, I was the one late to the diving boat and screamed, "Hold the boat here I come," Frantically waving my arms until I flagged down the scuba diving boat to not leave without me. I was the last person to be confirmed to enter the scuba diving boat as a rush of blood flooded my cheeks out of embarrassment. We all were gathered on board the diving boat and headed out on Lake Huron with our diving instructor named Ben. The gang of five around me that came along with me for adventure were just as obnoxious to start diving into Lake Huron. It was a high afternoon with the sun barrelling down on our heads. The heat of the day was all too consuming as the chill of the water called out to us. Lake Huron water splashed upon us as the boat zipped out from shore. The boat speeding out to our diving destination made us all feel relaxed by the water as the sun shone on to cast a beautiful picturesque reflection.

Ben, our scuba diving instructor introduced himself over the loud boat speaker. "Hello, everyone this is your friendly scuba diving instructor Ben and I will be your guide to the SeaWorld of wonder that awaits," Ben exclaimed with glee. Everyone on the boat gave a nod of acknowledgment to Ben and continued to relax. Time seem to pass like sand through the hourglass as the scuba diving boat continued on its way to the diving destination. Just then everyone on the scuba diving boat heard a load motor circling the scuba diving boat. A man on a jetski with a mad expression on his face kept circling the scuba diving boat. It was like he was possessed to encircle the scuba diving boat with a forewarning of an impending threat. Finally, the man on the jetski speeds off in another direction after disturbing everyone on the scuba diving boat. There was a whirl of murmur from everyone then it settled down to enjoy the boat cruise. Time had passed unto the sun looked sunken on the horizon.

After hours of travel on the lake, the boat became settled enough to stop completely. "At last ahoy Oh ship matey we have reached our destination," Ben yelled. Just then a loud strange noise came from the lake as if a woman was wailing. Each person on board the boat looked to each other to confirm it was none of them and just shrugged it off as maybe a far away whale. Eager to get in the water to dive the people on the boat and I went into the water with ease. Submerging under the water with the eagerness of a child everyone went and explored the first shipwreck that came in sight. Our water quality was quite foggy in the water where you can barely see our hand in front of your face. We all swam far out in the water to reach the shipwreck and explore. As the diving crew went to the location of the shipwreck they could not help but notice a faint glow. A glow like a mirage figured appeared under the water of a woman with ghoul of an appearance. Beguiling and beckoning to our eyes we all seem to be under her enchanting spell. No one could say a word underneath the water only waddle silently to this ghastly and ghoulish woman under the lake. Taunting and teasing the woman ghoul in the lake softly mouthed "come to me" "come to me" to all the scuba divers as they slowly made their approach closer to the ghostly woman under the lake.

Night had fallen and it was as if time had stood still. Bringing all the divers into a shipwreck territory under the lake they thought they were going to explore only to fall into a deep sleep to never awaken from the watery grave that became their permanent bed. After taking ahold of her scuba diver victims the woman ghost of the lake tore into them like the hunger of a starving world.

Now Lilith of the lake became stronger than before because of her scuba diver victims. The Lilith of the Lake was able to ascend from the depths of the water onto the surface with a growl to be heard all over Michigan. Ever so lightly did she begin to float on the water as if to walk towards the land shore? Moving closer to shore she could feel the presence of more lives. Feeling ever so powerful after devouring her diver victims she moved with ease to the shore hotel. One of the locals squinting to see into the hazy fogged night could make out a womanly figure appearing from the water. As the woman approached the local person of Lake Huron the local man could feel the influence to do whatever the woman of lake wanted of him. Although, the local man tried to resist her overpowering influences, he could not help but notice that the night on Lake Huron belonged to the legend which was true all along as he fearfully mouthed "Lilith of the Lake Huron," and slumped to the ground.


Michelle Mathis

I lived before I lived and lived even after I have lived.

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