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Legend of Dragon Palace

A long time ago, there was a young man named Taro Urajima. He was a kind-hearted fisherman. He lived with his old mother, and the two lived happily ever after.

By EmilyPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

A long time ago, there was a young man named Taro Urajima. He was a kind-hearted fisherman. He lived with his old mother, and the two lived happily ever after.

One day, Taro Ushima went to the beach to fish as usual; when he went to the beach, he found a group of naughty children bullying a big turtle.

They kept hitting the poor big turtle with sticks and stones.

"Children, don't bully it anymore, you and it are so pitiful, just let it go!"

"No, this is our turtle!"

"Otherwise, you can sell it to me! Ushima Taro said again.

"Hmm! All right!"

So Taro Ushima bought the poor turtle from them with money; took it to the beach, and said to it, "Go back to the sea quickly! Be careful not to be caught by others!"

A few days later, Taro Ushima was fishing on the boat when he met the big turtle again.

The big turtle said, "Taro Urajima, thank you very much for your rescue last time. Therefore, I want to take you to the Dragon Palace to repay your kindness.

"But... my mother is still waiting for me at home," Taro Ushima replied.

"Don't worry, I'll send you back."

So, the turtle carried Urajima Taro on his back and dived into the deep sea.

"Wow... it's so beautiful... it's so beautiful..." Taro Ushima cried out when he saw the scenery at the bottom of the sea.

The sun shines into the sea like gold chains.

The fish also swam around the coral like dancing.

Before long, Taro Urajima noticed something shining in the sea.

"Urajima Taro, that's the Dragon Palace," said the turtle.

When Taro Urajima saw this Dragon Palace decorated with precious balls, corals, etc., he was even more surprised.

"Taro Urajima, welcome to Dragon Palace."

The beautiful Dragon King Princess personally came to the gate of the Dragon Palace to greet Taro Ushima.

The princess said, "Taro Urajima, I am very grateful to you for saving our turtles last time. I hope you can stay in the Dragon Palace for a few more days and accept our hospitality."

So, the Dragon King Princess held a table of the best banquets, and they were all sumptuous dishes that Taro Urajima had never eaten or even seen.

"You are welcome, please use more dishes." The Dragon King Princess also accompanied him to eat happily.

The beautiful maid standing next to her began to sing a sweet song, and the snapper and flounder also danced with the song, which was really beautiful.

At this time, Taro Ushima felt as if he had come to heaven, everything was so beautiful.

After dinner, the Dragon King Princess took Taro Urajima to visit the gorgeous Dragon Palace, and they came to the four magical gates.

"This is the Gate of Spring." The Dragon King Princess opened the first blue door.

Inside the house, full of cherry blossoms and other kinds of rare flowers and plants, butterflies flying in the bushes, and birds singing briskly on the branches, all the scenes are like the earth in spring, full of vigor.

The Dragon Princess then opened the second red "Summer Gate"; the midsummer sun shot dazzling light from the house.

The house is full of green scenery, and the cicadas are singing happily on the trees.

"This is the Gate of Autumn" The Dragon King Princess opened the third golden door.

In the house, the golden ears of rice were swaying in the wind, and the crickets were singing leisurely.

When the Dragon Princess opened the last white door, there was a beautiful snow scene in the house.

After visiting these four bizarre doors, Taro Ushima felt as if he was in a dream.

Since then, Taro Urajima has been eating delicacies from mountains and seas every day, wearing gorgeous clothes, and living comfortably in the palace.

Day after day, I don't think it's been three years, and Taro Ushima is starting to feel homesick.

"Mom doesn't know what to do now, she must be very worried for me." Thinking of this, Taro Ushima couldn't wait to go home quickly.

Taro Ushima said to the Dragon King Princess, "Princess, I think: I should go home. My mother is still waiting for me at home!"

"Do you really want to go home...? All right! I'll give you a jade box before you go, but remember, you must never open it until you are old." After speaking, the Dragon King Princess gave him a beautiful box.

So, Taro Urajima sat on the back of the turtle again and returned to his long-missed hometown.

But what exactly happened? The scene of the village is completely different from before.

There are strangers everywhere, not a single real-world friend; and, no matter how hard Taro Ushima looks, he can't find his home, and his old mother. "

"My home..., my home has gone there..."

Taro Ushima asked an old man sitting by the road, Excuse me, do you know where Taro Ushima's house is? "

"Ah! I once heard the legend about Taro Ushima, but since he went to the Dragon Palace three hundred years ago, he has never returned to the village." The old man replied.

"Three hundred years have passed, so my mother has long since passed away..." Taro Ushima sat down on the stone by the roadside in frustration.

At this time, he suddenly thought of the king's box that the Dragon King Princess gave him.

"What's in it?"

Taro Ushima forgot the advice of the Dragon King Princess and opened the lid of the jade box.

Suddenly, a white smokescreen came out of it.

What's even more strange is that when Bai Yan met Taro Ushima, he suddenly turned into an old man with a white beard and white hair.

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