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Lazy cow climbing the blade of grass

Not all people are smart, everyone knows this truth. Not all cows are industrious, which everyone may not know.

By sallyPublished 4 months ago 8 min read

Not all people are smart, everyone knows this.

  Not all cows are industrious, which everyone may not know.

  It is said that a long time ago, there was a cow, which was a very beautiful calf. The calf is very loved by its parents. It eats and plays for fun and never works.

  The calf grew bigger and bigger and became a big cow.

  Daniel became very lazy, sat and lay down all day, looking for something to eat, and didn't want to do anything.

  Seeing many cows busy plowing and working, Daniel felt that it was too tiring; seeing many cows pulling carts to transport things, whether in the scorching sun or in the wind and rain, Daniel felt that it was too stupid.

  Daniel became more and more lazy. Many cows came to persuade him that as a cow, he should work hard. Tell him that it is the nature of a cow to bear hardships and stand hard work. You eat and sleep all day long, and others think you are a pig.

  "No!" Daniel heard these words and said, "I have a pair of horns on my head, and no one will treat me like a pig. I just don't want to work, I just want to be a cow that doesn't work."

  But, to be honest, Daniel's life was not pleasant. Because there are always people accusing him face to face or behind his back that he should not be so lazy, and they all say that they have never seen such a lazy cow.

  No matter where Daniel goes, there are always people talking about him little by little.

  In this way, Daniel no longer wanted to live with everyone. He fled into the forest alone, wanting to be a free cow that didn't need to work.

  Besides, after Daniel escaped into the forest, his life was not happy. The forest is very large, but there is no shelter from the wind and rain. Unlike him in the field, there is a cowshed, although it is a little rudimentary, it can shelter from the wind and rain. Usually when he is with his family, he often has a care, and there is no home here, so it is very lonely. Besides, not every grass in the forest can be eaten, and some grass roots cannot be eaten at all. In those delicious grass, there are often venomous snakes and giant pythons hidden, as well as terrifying wolves, tigers and leopards.

  The most unbearable thing for Daniel is that there is a kind of bird in the forest that often sings on the branches: "The cow goes to the field, the cow goes to the field..." On the edge of the forest is the home of the confused witch.

  At that time, the Confused Witch was studying a book called "How to Make Your Magic Not Confused" at home. In fact, she had read this book several times, but every time she read it, she became more and more confused. Looking at it, the eyelids of the Confused Witch began to fight, and she had never dozed off like this before. The words on the magic book seemed to be connected into pieces, and a hypnotic dance was performed; the spells that turned into hypnotic songs turned into hypnotic songs, making her eyelids stick together as she read.

  "Boom!" She didn't even know the magic book fell to the ground. The confused witch's snoring was very loud, very loud...

  The confused witch slept so deeply that it took three days and three nights to wake up.

  When the confused witch stretched and yawned and walked out of her hut, she found that the weeds in front of the house had grown a lot taller, so high that they could cover her knees. The confused witch said unhappily, "Look at these weeds, except for a few days, they have grown so tall again, it's really annoying."

  The confused witch kept muttering, and when she looked up, a cow was grazing with its head down in the distance.

  "Yes." The confused witch slapped and said, "I have a way to get rid of these grasses without effort."

  The confused witch walked to the big cow who was eating grass with her head down and said, "Awesome, I see your appetite is so good, can you help me eat all the weeds in front of the house?"

  Daniel looked up at the confused witch and said, "According to my usual appetite, eating this bit of grass is nothing, but not now, I'm half full. Besides, the grass in front of your house doesn't taste good. Besides, I'm not in a good mood these days. Besides..."

  "How can there be so many!" said the confused witch, "I never let others work for nothing. You are in a bad mood, I can make it better, and I, the confused witch, have this ability."

  "Ah, you are the famous confused witch!" Daniel said happily, "Of course I am willing to eat the grass in front of your house, I can eat more. However, you have to do me a favor."

  "Say it, although I can't help with everything, at least there are many things that can't be difficult for me. I have magic." "I need your magic so much!" Daniel said happily, "Then it's settled, I'll eat the grass right away."

  After Daniel finished speaking, he went straight to the confused witch's hut. He ate all the grass in front of the hut in one go, burping.

  "Moo, moo, moo -" said the bull to the confused witch, "I have eaten all the grass in front of your house. Moo, look at me, it's time for you to help me with my errands?"

  The confused witch looked at Daniel and said sympathetically, "Tell me, if you have any requirements, I will definitely help you."

  I want to have a hut to keep out the wind and rain. "

  "This request is not too much, I can do it."

  "If the hut can follow me, wherever I go, the hut will run to wherever I go. This will save me a lot of effort. I can hide in and sleep at any time when I'm tired and there is wind and rain."

  "You're lazy," said the Confused Witch. "Is that all?"

  "No, there's more. I want to be able to find the best grass without any effort, and eat it for many, many days as soon as I find it."

  "You have a big appetite, it's a little difficult."

  "Didn't you say you could do it? It doesn't matter if you reduce my appetite a little bit."

  "Yes, you can try. I can recite several spells at the same time, and change it into a house for you, and a house that runs with you everywhere; I want you to find delicious grass at any time, and you can eat it for many days in a row; I also have to reduce your appetite... To be honest, you are lazy enough, and the magic I want to cast is hard enough!"


  "Nothing but, you helped me with the work, it's hard work, of course I should help you, who made me promise you in advance. But recite a few mantras together, to be honest, sometimes I get a little confused. I have to ask, what if something goes wrong?"

  "As long as there is a house or a house that follows me; as long as there is enough delicious grass for me to eat; as long as I have two horns on my head and people call me a cow, there is nothing to say. What's so great about a little accident?"

  "If you say so, I will have confidence." The confused witch went into the room and flipped through her magic dictionary. After memorizing a few spells, she came to Daniel's side. With her hands in the sky, she chanted words from her mouth, and finally she said in a hoarse voice: "Change!"

  I saw a cloud of smoke rising from Daniel's side. After a while, the smoke dissipated, and Daniel disappeared.

  The Confused Witch was confused, and she knew something was wrong with her magic.

  But the confused witch thought again, no matter how bad the magic was, it wouldn't make the big bull disappear. The confused witch looked carefully where the big bull was standing before, and saw a small animal with a round hard shell on its back on a blade of grass. The little animal was sticking its head out of the round shell and looking around in amazement.

  At this moment, a butterfly flew by, and she said, "Ah, here's a little thing, he can run in the grass with his little house on his back. He has a pair of little horns, like an ox. Ah, I'll call him a snail."

  The confused witch said: "That's right, this little snail has a small house that can shelter from the wind and rain, and this house can be taken with him to run. What's more interesting is that he always lives on the grass he likes to eat, and every piece of tender grass is enough for him to eat for a few days."

  Looking at the snail with a pair of small horns on its head, eating grass with its mouth open, the confused witch sighed and said, "Although I was a little confused, the magic I cast did not leave Big Niu's request. He should be satisfied."

  Is the snail satisfied? Of course not, he has changed from a big cow to a small snail, how can he have the face to see his family and companions again?

  The little snail didn't have to work anymore, and the little snail also had enough food to eat, but he was not happy and often cried while rushing. Where he walked, there would always be a line of bright traces left...

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