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Last House On The Left, Path Of The Dead; Ubratrap

by Lawrence Finlayson 8 months ago in Short Story
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Last House on the Left, Path of the Dead

Jade made his way back to the Temple of the Serpent, or as he called it, home. The walls here glowed ominously with multi-colored writing, the multi-linguistic codes of his super-computer were his pride in life and death. Long gone were the days of glyphs, but the artwork in his living spaces still reflected his earliest creations.

For three thousand years he had yearned for council with the Tuk… what had stirred his interests outside of the Egyptian afterlife after so many years. Tuk had slept amidst the living for many centuries observing entropy and self-destruction… serious little guy.

To Jade, the pyramids were not stone erected to the Gods; they were, nowadays, spiritual computers that spoke to him and him alone. The long-standing seal of blood had sealed the voices of the afterlife knowledge from the living… a secret he had changed to his intervention. Jade could talk to The Mother Mountain from here, or see the projected paths of stars in the night sky. From home Jade could solve most any problem…but for five thousand years he had lived under the laws of Xibalba and he grew weary of the limitations… he could give in to innocence and be reborn after the first thousand years, but had chosen the Interface…could have after the next thousand but chose to see the spirits. After three thousand, he could have chosen rebirth, but chose a Lavaleer…his astral car…After four could have, but chose influence. After five could have but chose the astral pen.

Why was there always something better? But, any way back to business, Quetzalpapalotl had left a note to the effect of the 2012 publication, and Ast already had that well underway. But how could he explain the afterlife to Asterick in terms and knowledge he could understand? He would have to be easy on his newest writer.

Writer was such an unsavory word…one must be changed to understand…and have integrity at the same time …the true prowess of a transmorph. Mindsets followed each category of knowledge; assumptions likened each distinction from their babble to their science.

Through all this time he was patient and grateful, non-expectant and appreciative of what the Decapitator God bestowed upon him, but every time he was with Tuk, Ast and now Justin, he was eager and unappeased, expectant and exuberant…he felt youthful again and it felt great…maybe that was why he avoided them so. Because after six thousand years his art came to life, and after seven he received a UFO. What was eight thousand… friendship?


It was Epsiton who was trapped in the negative levels, falling prey to the Ubratrap – a spiritual training device of unknown origins. Each day he woke in a panic for seven years, other days in an unnamable anger, and other days in unprovocable sadness.

The very atmosphere around Epsiton seemed dense and full of tension. He wandered the darkness of level Negative One writing notes in his book. While two very malicious and seasoned spirits from the depths below tried to scare him to the surface.

“Why have you entered my domain?” The nameless one questioned…formless.

“He doesn’t like to be bothered.” A beautiful woman hologram alerted.

“I’m looking for a way out.” Epsiton stated stressed.

The walls before him were illuminated by his presence. Each word he spoke aloud became written on the wall, this time in yellow…

“For fear…” The nameless one spoke seductively.

Every time he spoke other people’s words became visible on the walls in a yellow texts in the darkness. It was fear provoking to say the least, as the very shadows seemed to darken a moment.

Then, the hologram sounding: “You are entering level Negative Two!”

Knowledge became splayed upon the walls in themes but in no discernible order. He felt frustrated by the mixture of words, pictures, screens, buttons, levers…but, what concerned him were the larger of the room’s doors.

Epsiton yelled out suddenly and a red text came apparent on the locked door:

“That which revealed this text.”

To that there were several answers he realized suddenly, interaction, yelling, but most apparently and which he spoke was:


The glow which came from him turned red a moment and the door opened revealing another yellow two room, and luckily for him it an elevator room that must be good. He was proud suddenly that had learned so fast. The elevator was adorned with two symbols one an asterisk and the other an inverted omega symbol.

“Welcome to the Asterick Epsiton Elevator.” The Interface sounded suddenly. The elevator opened and revealed a luxurious interior compared to the chaotic atmosphere of Negative Two. The doors closed behind him and he sighed in relief. The elevator transported him, though only to Level Negative One out of twenty. He tried to press other buttons but there was no response.

Epsiton continued to map Level Negative One on a fresh page, with the recognizable symbol in the middle.

Asterick always enjoyed listening to the Interface stories of his father as he was studying, as they taught valuable lessons about the twenty levels of the planet and one’s place in it, but Jade was a good manager and had his best business interests at heart, he was certainly guiding his use of the Interface and the Ubratrap well.

According to the Interface and Epsiton’s discoveries, “The Ubratrap” used electromagnetic energy to quarantine spirits on three natural levels, the heavens free from force, and the hells at the mercy of force, and the third level the living, at the mercy of heaven and the absence of hell.

However, the afterlife was quite a different existence as Epsiton unfortunately found out. The three levels of the material plane of existence were forged into the astral plane first and foremost, though its vacancy often leads people to think there is nothing there, but there are places where people meet.

The Astral Plane itself consists of everything between level Negative One to level One, empty in and of itself other than the few ghosts, spirits and other entities, but to the innocent, those who shone with a white glow went unnoticed in such astral areas.

Further, one could not perceive a ghost, spirit, entity or specter from just any place, indeed a level Negative Two area or lower was required, and these tended to be in places with concentrations of magnetic energy.

Society seemed drawn to such focal energy points that were strewn across the planet. The ancient priests once took up divination in such areas and stone monuments erected in their physical placement. It was these areas that became strongholds in the afterlife, for even after the people had died, the civilization lived on with its accomplishments.

Short Story

About the author

Lawrence Finlayson

I started writing at 11. Finished Highschool at 20, still an undergrad at 40, Major Indigenous Studies, Minor Indian Art History; spent much time in the Mining Trade Sector and Community Recreation Sector.

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