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Kitten fishing

The mother cat has two children, the eldest is Miaomiao, who is the elder sister, and the younger is Mimi, who is the younger brother.

By KianaPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

The mother cat has two children, the eldest is Miaomiao, who is the elder sister, and the younger is Mimi, who is the younger brother.

The cat brother Mimi likes to sleep late. The mother cat and the cat sister Miaomiao have already woken up, and he is still sleeping under the covers and refuses to get up. The mother cat opened the window, and the sun came in with a smile, illuminating the house with golden light. The mother cat turned around and called to the cat brother's cot:

"Mimi, it's getting late, get up quickly."

The cat brother stretched and sat up. He quickly washed his face and had breakfast with his mother and sister.

It was a beautiful spring morning, and the weather was fine, and the scent of all kinds of flowers drifted into the house from the fields, from the hillside, and it was so fragrant. Mother Cat said:

"Let's go fishing by the small river. Quickly bring the fishing rod." They all carried a fishing rod and went to the small river to fish.

The water in the creek was clear, and a few ducks were swimming around looking for something to eat. When they saw the mother cat coming fishing with her two children, they gave up and swam elsewhere.

The mother cat helped the cat sister and the cat brother load the fish food, put the fishing rod into the small river, and told them to wait quietly, not to talk or run away. The cat sister followed the mother and stood still in the old place, while the cat brother stood with the fishing rod for a while. Seeing that no fish swam over, he changed places. After waiting for a while, he changed places again. At this time, the mother cat caught a small fish, and the cat sister also caught a small fish, but the cat brother did not catch any fish.

The cat brother waited for the fish to swim over, and he decided not to change the place. He watched and saw that a red dragonfly came and happened to stop on the head of his fishing rod. He gently pulled the fishing rod back and wanted to catch the red dragonfly. There happened to be a small fish eating fish food. When his fishing rod moved, the small fish was scared away, and the red dragonfly flew away. It's a pity when the cat brother thought about it. If he didn't catch the red dragonfly, the small fish would have caught it. This time he sat on the grass and wanted to fish well.

A pair of butterflies flew over from the hillside, flying in circles beside a clump of purple cloud flowers. Brother Cat, look at this pair of butterflies. They are so beautiful, the golden color, how beautiful! Brother Cat put down his fishing rod and ran quietly to catch the butterflies. Where did the butterflies fly, he chased after them, and ran farther and farther, until he ran to the other side of the hillside.

There was a big frog by the small river. He could see it clearly and was very angry when he saw that the cat brother did not fish well. He thought, "Let me think of a way, and I will be ashamed to ask the cat brother to think about it." The big frog jumped into the small river with a plop, found a rotten straw shoe at the bottom of the river, and hung it gently on the cat brother's fishing hook.

The mother cat saw that the cat brother ran far away, so she called him: "Mimi, where have you been? Come and fish."

The cat brother ran back and saw that his mother and sister had caught a lot of fish. At this time, Sister Cat caught another big fish. The mother cat said:

"Look, Miaomiao caught another big fish, how about you?"

"I can catch a big fish too," said the cat brother, looking at his fishing rod. Ha! The line on the fishing rod is sinking to the bottom. He quickly picked up the fishing rod, felt it was quite heavy, and shouted:

"A big fish! A big fish!"

But when he lifted the fishing rod, it turned out to be a rotten straw shoe. Brother Cat threw the rotten straw shoe into the creek again, lowered his head and stopped talking. How ashamed he was.

The big frog giggled on the other side of the river and said:

"Kitten, kitten, you are so bad, you can't catch fish, think about it and be ashamed..." The big frog wanted to say something else, the cat brother was so angry that he picked up a small stone and threw it over, and the big frog jumped into the creek again with a plop.

It's getting late, it's time to go home for lunch. The mother cat told them to put away their fishing rods and go home. The cat sister was carrying a bunch of fish, and the cat brother couldn't even catch a small fish. He laughed at the big frog again, and he was really unhappy.

When eating, the cat brother wanted to eat more fish, and the cat sister said:

"If you don't fish well, you want to eat more fish."

The cat brother pursed his mouth and was about to cry. The mother cat said:

"Mimi, eat it. In the future, you should fish well, not just play."

This meal was really delicious, the taste of the fish was very fresh. The big fish that Sister Cat caught was dried in the sun, and the dried fish was also very fragrant and delicious. But where is the fish that Brother Cat caught? Ah, not a single small fish. The mother cat and Sister Cat both went to take a nap, and the younger cat didn't want to sleep. He ran to the yard to see the big dried fish. He thought to himself, "Mom and Sister have caught fish, I didn't catch any fish, how can I eat fish if I don't fish? I want to catch such a big fish."

The cat brother picked up the fishing rod and ran to the small river alone to fish.

The cat brother fished, but the small fish and the big fish didn't come to eat the fish food, so he still didn't catch any fish. He wanted to go home, but it was not good to think about it. He didn't catch any fish, so how could he go back?

A big white goose swam over and said to the cat brother:

"Kitten, kitten, you are really a good kitten, and you are still going fishing now. Did you catch any fish?"

The cat brother shook his head and didn't speak.

"Then you can definitely catch a fish, maybe a big one." The big white goose said and swam forward.

The cat brother stood in the same place, watching the fishing rod, and did not go away a step. It didn't take long, hi! All the lines on the fishing rod are sinking, and the fishing rod is moving. The cat brother quickly lifted the fishing rod and swung it up, but he couldn't swing it. The fishing rod was bent, it must be a big fish. He was too weak to drag it up alone, and he was in a hurry. Suddenly someone was calling him from behind:

"Brother, stop fishing. Mom told you to go back."

Brother Cat gasped and said, "Sister, come and help, I caught a big fish!"

Sister Cat helped Brother Cat drag up a big fish. The big fish slapped its tail and lay on the ground, jumping up a few feet at once. Brother Cat quickly ran to catch it. He didn't move his hands, so Sister Cat helped him lift it up, and they carried the big fish and ran home.

The cat brother really caught a big fish.

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