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King's hobby

by sally 2 months ago in Short Story
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The king of Gula likes to collect, and in his palace, there is a very large exhibition hall, which displays the most precious collections.

The king of Gula likes to collect, and in his palace, there is a very large exhibition hall, which displays the most precious collections.

  In the middle of the glass cabinet are the horns of the green deer, which are green and look like a tree from a distance. The green deer and the people who saw the green deer have passed away, and now, I am lucky to see this pair of antlers.

  There was a bunch of three-legged horse's mane hanging on the wall. It is said that the three-legged horse ran as fast as it flew, and the king and his ministers tried their best to get the three-legged horse's mane. Once, a group of children sprinkled a lot of soybeans on the road, and when the three-legged horse passed by, he accidentally slipped and the children got the mane easily. The king was so happy that he replaced the mane from the children's hands with the most advanced "Crocodile Brand" bubble gum in the country.

  There are also the teeth of the nine-toothed tiger. The nine-toothed tiger has five teeth on the left and four teeth on the right. The king pulled out the fifth tooth on the left, turning the nine-toothed tiger into an eight-toothed tiger. It was really a "tiger's mouth pulling its teeth". Looking at this tooth, the king felt very heroic.

  These things are unique, the king has only heard of such animals, and he has long since lost sight of them.

  Although the king has a large collection, he will never be satisfied. I heard that there is a very old animal called the platypus that the king has never seen.

  "What does it look like?" the king asked the fat and thin ministers around him.

  "I heard that it has a body like an otter and a mouth like a duck."

  The fat minister twisted his body and pursed his mouth to answer. "Oh, I want its duck-like mouth." The king said.

  "However, according to my investigation, in our Gula country, the number of platypus is the smallest natural number." The skinny minister said.

  "What?" The king could not understand the thin minister's words.

  "Report to the king, the smallest natural number is' 1 ', which means that there is only one platypus now." The fat minister said.

  "Oh, then hurry up and find it for me." The king ordered.

  So, all the soldiers of Gula went to the platypus.

  They put up portraits of platypus in the streets and alleys,

  Also written next to the portrait:

  Anyone who catches a platypus will be rewarded with a thousand ducks; anyone who uses a duck's mouth to pretend to be a platypus's mouth will be killed.

  The king asked people to keep a thousand ducks in the garden of the palace, and someone was going to exchange a platypus. However, a month has passed, and a thousand ducks are still kept in the garden of the palace.

  Now when he heard the duck croak, the king became impatient, and he lost his temper at his ministers.

  The fat minister asked the thin minister to discuss: "Dude, you are the most learned person in our country, tell me, how can I find the platypus?"

  The thin minister picked up a magnifying glass in distress and said, "It seems that I can only ask the book to help."

  The thin minister immediately buried himself in a pile of books, using magnifying glass to read the small words on the book, like a bookworm with a pouting butt. The fat minister delivers food to the thin minister every day, and is also responsible for eating the steamed buns that the thin minister cannot eat. After ten days, the fat minister became fatter and the thin minister became thinner.

  However, it was all worth it. The thin minister finally thought of a good way.

  "According to my research, the platypus lives near the water and burrows and nests on the shore. So, we need to prepare a lake like this for the platypus first."

  "Yes, in Gula Country, even ducks are raised in cages. They are all ducks. There are really too few lakes."

  So the fat minister and the thin minister found someone to dig a lake. When the wind blew and the clear lake water made waves, both the thin minister and the fat minister breathed a sigh of relief.

  The king called in geographers and asked them to draw signs to the lake. And on the sign it says:

  The king's garden on the lake, home to the platypus.

  "Every intersection must be posted, and the platypus must see it." So, all the streets of the country were covered with such road signs.

  Now the king is furious whenever he hears that the road is blocked, for fear of affecting the platypus to come to the lake in the palace.

  However, a month has passed, and still no platypus has been seen.

  "I want to get the mouth of the platypus as soon as possible." The king reminded the fat and thin ministers impatiently.

  "Could the platypus be as illiterate as I am?" the fat minister said.

  "Ah, how could I forget this." The skinny minister immediately decided to change the plan, "I think we should raise some fish in the lake."

  "Yeah, platypus likes to eat fish the most." The fat minister swallowed when he said this.

  So, they sent people to raise a lot of small fish in the pond, and the road signs were modified like this:

  King's Garden Lake, home to aquatic animals.

  In addition, fish markings are drawn on the side (in the shape of a string of complete fish bones that have been eaten).

  However, another month passed, and there was still no sign of the platypus. The king's temper got worse, and he began to wonder if there were any platypuses in the world.

  The fat minister also began to worry: "Dude, did you make a mistake?"

  "I heard that the last platypus likes a kind of grass with a fragrance, and it will only hatch babies in such grass." The skinny minister decided to make a last-ditch effort.

  "Hurry up and plant grass!" the king ordered.

  The thin minister studied books about plants like a bookworm again. When he climbed out of the pile of books, he was as thin as a vine. The fat minister let him lean against like a stout tree.

  The king went to the lake himself. He thought: If I were a platypus, I would love a lake like this. Really, the clear lake, the small fish swimming around, and the green grass, who doesn't like it!

  Just then, the king saw a chubby animal in the grass, with dark brown fur and a flat mouth. Ah, this duck-like mouth looks like a platypus at first glance!

  "Hello, platypus!" The king was very excited, he finally saw the platypus.

  "Thank you, King. Your soldiers and police officers didn't make it difficult for me. I got to this beautiful place so smoothly." Platypus said.

  "No one will make it difficult for you. This country is mine and yours." After the king finished speaking, he felt very strange. He wanted to get the mouth of the platypus, how did it end up like this now?

  "Can I have my dinner party here?" asked the platypus.

  "Do you have many friends? I thought the number of platypus was the smallest natural number." The king said.

  "Originally, I was the only platypus in Gula Country. I was ready to leave Gula Country and go to a neighboring country to find platypus friends."

  "Really? Are there many platypuses in neighboring countries?" the king asked.

  "No, not much, everyone feels very lonely." Platypus said.

  "Yes, if I were the only one in my country, I would be lonely too." The king was also a little sad.

  "However, your garden and lake attracted me, and I also invited the platypus from neighboring countries to come with me. Can you come tonight too?" The platypus invited the king.

  "Really? I'm honored to meet your friend." The king was surprised and excited when he was invited by an animal for the first time.

  What will a platypus dinner party look like? No one but the king knows.

  The next day, the king ordered the thin and fat ministers to release a thousand ducks.

  "Why?" the fat minister asked.

  "If this is not the case, one day, even the duck will become the smallest natural number." The king was no longer interested in collecting, and he began to like digging lakes.

  Later, the king began to plant *** asked the fat minister: "If you were a fat rabbit, would you like such grass?" Until the fat minister said he liked it, he stopped planting grass.

  For a while, the king liked to make bird nests. He asked the skinny minister: "If you were a skinny bird, would you like this bird's nest?" Until the skinny minister nodded, he stopped making bird's nests.

  So, on the streets of Gula now, rabbits eat carrots on the side of the road, and ducklings line up to cross the road. Everything is so beautiful.

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