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Kenny the Kosmic Kitten

Volume 1

By Jmjulius15 JayPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 25 min read

Nick November was a fourteen year old boy, and all he wanted in the whole world was a cat. He was allergic to dogs so he thought a cat would be the perfect pet. Every time Nick asked his parents for a cat they always said the same thing “Maybe.” He had a pet rock, but it ran away from home. Don’t ask me how a pet rock ran away from home I don’t know. Nick was getting good grades in school so he had a feeling they would say yes. Nick’s parents were Nattily and Neil November. Nick’s Mom worked in a jewelry store and his dad was a dentist. Nick’s dad made lots of money, but didn’t like to spend it. It was Sunday afternoon Nick’s parents were sitting in the living room on the couch. Nick’s Dad was watching a football game. Nick’s Mom was pretending to watch the game she didn’t really care about sports.

“Good afternoon Mom, Dad.”

Nick’s Dad said “What is it son this is a very important game?”

“I have a very important question to ask you two can I have a cat?”

Nick’s Mom said “Nick, we already told you maybe.”

“But Mom you two always say maybe I think I’m responsible enough to have a pet.”

Nick’s Dad laughed. “No offense son, but I don’t think you're responsible enough to take care of any pet yet. I mean you can’t even take care of a pet rock. I don’t even know how it’s possible for a pet rock to runaway from home.”

“Dad, I told you Mr. Rock didn’t runaway he just didn’t want to live here.”

Nick’s Dad laughed. “That’s why you can’t have a pet because Mr. Rock is a terrible name.”

“Please Dad, I’ve been getting good grades in school.

“Alright Nick, I’ll take you to the pet store tomorrow after school just let me watch this game.

“Thanks, dad.”

The next day Nick was at school. He went to Harmony High. Nick was in math class he was sitting in his desk next to his best friend Owen.

“Hey Owen, guess what I’m getting a cat.”

“That’s awesome maybe your cat will be friends with my cat.” Owen had a cat named Karson. “Maybe. I’m so excited my dad is taking me to the pet store after school.”

“That’s awesome!”

In the afternoon Nick ran off the school bus and into the house.


“Ok son, get in the car.”

Nick and his dad went to the pet store. At the pet store Nick looked at all the cats. There were orange cats, black cats, and gray cats.

“I don’t know which cat to get, Dad.”

“Well, keep looking son you’ll find a cat.” Nick continued to look around. Then he saw a cat he really wanted. It was a little kitten. The kitten had solid white fur as white as snow. Nick walked over towards the kitten. The kitten was in a small cage he looked at Nick and said


Nick smiled. “Hi little guy, would you like to be my best friend?


“I’ll take that as a yes. Hey dad, I want this one.”


A young lady walked towards Nick’s Dad and said “Can I help you, sir?”

“Yes, my son and I would like to buy that kitten.” Nick’s Dad pointed to the kitten. “Great, I’m glad Kenny the Kitten is finally getting a home. Nick said “Kenny the Kitten that’s a nice name.

“How much is he?” Nick’s Dad asked.

“A hundred dollars,” said The lady

“I don’t have that much money. I’m a dentist how would you like a free toothbrush?”

“Make it three toothbrushes and three tubes of toothpaste and you got yourself a deal.” “Deal.” Nick’s Dad gave the lady three toothbrushes and three tubes of toothpaste.

Nick and his dad took Kenny the Kitten home. When they got home Nick’s Mom was in the kitchen making dinner. Nick walked in the kitchen.

“Hey mom, say hello to Kenny the Kitten. Nick was holding Kenny in his arms She looked at Kenny.

“Aw, he’s so cute welcome to the family Kenny. Nick took Kenny to his bedroom. “This is my bedroom Kenny this is where I spend most of my time.” Nick put Kenny on the bed.

“You stay here Kenny, after dinner I’m going to play with you.

Kenny said “Meow.”

“I’ll see you later, Kenny.” After Nick left the room Kenny could finally talk to himself.

Kenny said “I think I’m gonna like it here.” As Nick was eating at the dinner table with his family he heard a strange sound from his bedroom.

“What is that noise?” Nick’s Mom asked.

“It’s probably Kenny, I’ll go check on him.”

Nick got up from the table and went to go check on Kenny. Kenny was playing video games he was playing a race car game. He had the controller in his paws.

Kenny said “Oh yeah, eat my dust I’m in first place. Kenny heard Nick coming he quickly turned off the video game. Kenny was on the bed he acted like nothing happened. Nick walked in the bedroom.

“Everything ok in here, Kenny? “Meow.”

After dinner Nick played with Kenny. Nick had a little toy mouse in his hand. Kenny attacked the mouse with his claws. Nick and Kenny played for an hour and then they went to bed. Kenny slept at the foot of the bed. The next day Nick was at school by his locker talking to Owen.

“I can’t wait for you to meet Kenny, today.”

“Yeah, I’m excited too I think him and Karson are going to be best friends. As Nick and

Owen were talking Betty the Bully showed up. Now, I bet you think Betty is a girl. Well, Betty is actually a boy his parents really wanted a girl. Betty is so made at his parents he beats up every kid in school to make himself feel better. Betty is really good at football he’s quarterback of the team.

“Hey Nick, give me your lunch money.” Betty demand.

“Hey Betty.”

Betty became mad. “Shut up Nick, I told you my name is Brett.”

“No it’s not, your parents, named you Betty it says so on your birth certificate.”

“Well, I’m trying to steal enough lunch money to change my name. Now give my your lunch money.”

“I can’t I only have a debit card.”

“Well, you can use the bank app on your phone to send me money.”

“Ok.” Nick got on his phone clicked on the bank app and sent Betty twenty dollars. Betty

checked his bank account on his phone. “Pleasure doing business with you, Nick.

The principal, Principal Positive showed up.

“Hi, kids!”

Nick, Betty, and Owen said “Hi Principal Positive!” Principal Positive was always in a good mood even on a bad day.

“Isn’t it a beautiful sun shiny day?

Owen said “Principal Positive it's raining and there’s a tornado warning on the news.” “Hey, everyday is a sun shiny day if you just believe.”

Betty said “That’s a load of bologna.”

“It’s only a load of bologna if you believe it is Betty,” said Principal Positive.

“Hey Principal Positive, give me your lunch money.” Principal Positive pulled out his wallet.

“Ok, how much do I owe you this time?” “Twenty dollars. Principal Positive took twenty dollars out of his wallet and gave it to Betty.

“Thanks, Principal Positive.

“Your welcome, Betty! Have a positive day kids.”

Nick, Betty, and Owen said “Have a positive day Principal Positive.” Principal Positive.

walked away. Betty walked towards Owen.

“Give me your lunch money, Owen.

“I don’t have a debit card or cash. Betty punched Owen in the stomach. Owen fell to the floor.

“Tomorrow, bring cash. Betty walked away. Owen stood back up and said “I’ll see you after school, Nick.

“Ok, sounds good!”

After school Nick and Owen were in Nick’s bedroom with Kenny and Owen’s kitten Karson. Karson had dark gray fur. Kenny and Karson were sitting on Nick’s bed together.

Kenny said “Meow.

Karson said “Meow.

“There going to be great friends,” said Nick.

“I agree,” said Owen. Nick’s Mom called from the kitchen.

“Nick, Owen” come to the kitchen I made chocolate chip cookies.”

“Awesome!” said Nick. Nick and Owen both said with excitement.

“Let’s leave Kenny and Karson alone so they get to know each other,” said Nick.

“Ok,” said Owen. Nick and Owen ran to the kitchen. As soon as they were gone Kenny and Karson started talking to each other.

Karson said “It’s nice to meet you, Kenny.”

“It’s nice to meet you to Karson. Do you like catnip? Kenny asked.

“Yeah! “I think this is going to be a great friendship, Kenny.” “I agree.”

“So, Nick just became your owner? Karson asked.

“Yeah, he seems like a good kid. How long has Owen been your owner?”

“Two years ago, Owen got a C on his math test so his parents took him to the pet store

and I was his reward he has been my owner ever since.” “That’s a great story.”

“Thanks! “Do you have a girlfriend? Karson asked.

“No! What about you? Kenny asked.

“Yeah, her name is Karly we been dating for a months now and it’s getting pretty serious.

Kenny said “Awesome. “Yeah maybe you’ll meet her someday. “Yeah I would love that. Nick and Owen were in the kitchen eating chocolate chip cookies.

“Nick, did you tell Kenny he’s going to the vet tomorrow?” said Nick’s Mom. “No not yet. There was a knock at the front door.

“Nick, can you get the door, honey?”

“Sure mom.” Nick walked in the living room to answer the front door. Nick opened the front door and saw Ava the eight year old girl who lived next door. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. She was holding her kitten Mr. PrettyKitty. Mr. PrettyKitty had solid black fur with small patches of orange fur. He was wearing a pink dress with a pink hat.

“Hey Ava, how are you?

“Hey Nick, I’m good. Mr. PrettyKitty and I were having a tea party and we heard you just got a kitten.”

“Yeah, his name is Kenny he’s in my room with Owen’s kitten Karson would you like to meet him?

“Yes, please!

Kenny and Karson were playing a video game. Kenny was beating Karson in a car race.

“Eat my dust, Karson!”

Karson heard footsteps. ”Nick and Owen are coming! Kenny quickly turned off the video game. Nick, Owen, and Ava walked in the room.

“Kenny, Karson, this is Ava, and her kitten Mr. PrettyKitty they live right next door.” Mr. PrettyKitty had black fur. Ava put Mr. PrettyKitty on the bed.

“Hi Kenny, it’s so nice to meet you, you are so cute,” said Ava. Ava started petting Kenny. Kenny started purring and saying meow.

“Ava, would you like to stay for dinner?” Nick asked.

“Sure, I’m starving.”

“Kenny, we’re going to eat dinner you three play nice,” said Nick. Nick, Owen, and Ava

left Nick’s room.

Kenny and Karson started laughing at Mr. PrettyKitty. “What’s with the pink dress, dude?” Kenny asked.

“Ava and I were having a tea party,” said Mr. PrettyKitty. When Kenny and Karson heard tea party they laughed even harder.

“What flavor tea did you have?” Karson asked.

“Lemon.” Kenny and Karson continued to laugh. Mr. PrettyKitty thought Kenny and Karson were furry jerks. The next day when Nick got home from school he told Kenny he was going to the vet. Kenny became very upset he started to hiss like a snake.

“It’s going to be ok, Kenny,” said Nick.

“It’s not going to be ok you little nerd VET stands for Vicious, Evil, Terrible People, Kenny thought. Nick had a small bag of catnip.

“Ok, you win Nick, I’ll go to the vet.”

Nick, Kenny, and Nick’s Dad we're at the vet sitting in the waiting room.

“Oh great, the vets name is Dr. Wayne Weirdo I’m sure he’s not crazy at all”. Kenny

thought. Dr. Weirdo was the only vet in Harmony City. He was also a retired mad scientist.

A nurse walked in the waiting room and said “Kenny Dr. Weirdo will see you now.” Nick and his dad followed the nurse. Kenny was in Nick’s arms. Nick and his Dad followed the nurse to a room. In the room Dr. Weirdo was standing by the examination table.


Hello, Dr. Weirdo.” Dr. Weirdo gave Nick a stern look.

“What did you call me, young man? Nick got scared.

“Dr. Weirdo,” said Nick.

Dr. Weirdo started laughing. “I’m just kidding, young man that’s a joke I like to do when

I meet new patients.”

Dr. Weirdo looked at Kenny. “And this must be my new furry little patient.” “Yes! And you must my new crazy vet. Kenny thought.

“Yes this is Kenny, said Nick.

“Nice to meet you, Kenny.” Dr. Weirdo said with a smile.

“Dude, what’s wrong with your hair? I know you're a retired mad scientist, but have you ever heard of a comb.” Kenny thought.

“Please, place you're kitty on the examination table, young man. Nick did what he said and put Kenny on the examination table. Dr. Weirdo started petting Kenny.

“Your a very handsome kitty, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m freakin adorable can you wash your hands before you pet me?” Dr. Weirdo was holding a syringe in his right hand and was petting Kenny with his left

“Your a good kitty this won’t hurt a bit.”

“What are you talking about?” Kenny started to get nervous. Dr. Weirdo said “One, two, three,” and gave Kenny a shot in the butt.

Kenny screamed “OW! Son Of A Biscuit.” “Good kitty that wasn’t too bad, was it?”

“Yeah, it was I should sue you for causing me physical and mental harm.” Kenny thought.

“I have a gift for you for being such a good little kitty,” said Dr. Weirdo.

“Yeah, what is it? Are you gonna quit your job and go back to the mental hospital you

came from?” Kenny thought. Dr. Weirdo was holding two cans of cat food one was tuna flavored the other was chicken.

“Theses two cans of cat food are for you for being such a good little kitty. I made them myself.”

“I don’t want to eat your homemade cat food I rather eat out of my own liter box. Kenny thought.

“Hey Dr. Weirdo, how much is this check up gonna be?” Nick’s Dad asked. “A hundred dollars.”

“I’m a dentist how about I give you a free toothbrush, instead?”

“Make it two toothbrushes and you got yourself a deal.”

“Deal.” Nick’s Dad gave Dr. Weirdo two toothbrushes. Dr. Weirdo put a white cone on Kenny’s head.

“Sorry little kitty, but every pet must wear a cone after ever check up. Nick and his dad were laughing and taking pictures of Kenny with their phones.

“Post the pictures of me and you both will die in your sleep tonight.” Kenny thought.

“Nick and his dad went home with Kenny. When they got home Nick carried Kenny into the kitchen. Nick put Kenny on the floor. Nick opened one of the cans of cat food from Dr. Weirdo. He put the can of cat of food on the floor in front of Kenny. Kenny looked down at the can and saw tuna.

“Eat it Kenny, I know you're hungry.”

“Dude, if you really love me you wouldn’t let me eat this slop,” Kenny thought. “Come on, Kenny taste it.”

Kenny looked down at the can again. “I’m serious, just give me your mom’s debit card and I can order a pizza for both of us. Do you like pepperoni or sausage? You seem like a pepperoni guy to me.”

“Taste the tuna, Kenny.”

Kenny looked down at the tuna again. “Alright, if it will get you to shut up you little nerd.”

Kenny took a small bite of the tuna. “Not bad.” He thought and took another bite. There was a knock at the front door. Kenny’s face was buried in the can.

“Can you get that? I don’t like to be interrupted while I eat.” Nick walked into the living room and opened the front door. It was Ava she was holding Mr. PrettyKitty in her arms. Mr. PrettyKitty was wearing a bright pink dress.

“Hey Nick, your mom told me Kenny went to the vet today, and me and Mr. PrettyKitty wanted to see how he was doing.”

“Hey Ava, come in Kenny is eating in the kitchen.

“Do you have any cat food for Mr. PrettyKitty? He’s starving.”

“Yeah, the vet gave Kenny two cans of cat food. Kenny is eating one Mr. PrettyKitty can

have the other one.”

“Ok thanks, Dr. Weirdo is the best vet in the city. Ava followed Nick into the kitchen.

Kenny’s face was still buried in the can.

“Hey Kenny, Ava and Mr. PrettyKitty are here.” Kenny took his tuna covered face out of

the can stared at Ava and Mr. PrettyKitty and thought “Hey!” Then he put his face back in the can and continued eating.

“Hi Kenny, Mr. PrettyKitty wanted to eat lunch with you.”

Ava put Mr. PrettyKitty on the floor next to Kenny. Nick opened the chicken flavored can of cat food and put it in front of Mr. PrettyKitty. Mr. PrettyKitty looked down at the can of cat food and started eating.

“Hey Ava, do you want to play video games?

“Sure!” Ava followed Nick to his bedroom. When Nick and Ava left Kenny and Mr. PrettyKitty started talking.

”Wow! This is the best cat food I have ever had. The chicken tastes so good! said Mr. PrettyKitty.

Kenny stared at Mr. PrettyKitty’s bright pink dress. “Hey Mr. PrettyKitty, nice dress.”

Mr. PrettyKitty stared at the big white cone around Kenny’s head. “Hey Kenny, nice cone. Kenny and Mr. PrettyKitty ate together without saying another word to each other.

The next day Kenny and Karson were playing in the backyard. Kenny was chasing Karson.

“You’ll never catch me, Kenny I’m the fasten kitten alive.

“Will see about that, Karson.” As Kenny was chasing Karson Kenny jumped on top of Karson. Kenny starred down into Karson’s eyes.

“I got you, Karson.”

“Beginners luck, Kenny.” Kenny and Karson both started laughing. Suddenly Karson noticed that Kenny’s left paw was bright red.

“Hey Kenny, looks like your left paw has a sun burn. I have sun block it’s SP 50 and it makes your fur really soft.”

Kenny raised his left paw in the air. “It doesn’t feel like a sun burn. A bright red laser beam shot out of Kenny’s left paw and hit a tree. The tree melted and turned into a puddle. Kenny and Karson were shocked.

“Kenny, did you just melt a tree?”

“I guess so.” Kenny’s snow white fur was now bright red. Kenny started floating in mid air. “Kenny you're floating. What’s going on?”

“I have no idea.”

Kenny started flying across the sky. “This is amazing Karson I always wanted to fly. “Awesome, Kenny!”

Kenny flew downtown. He saw a pet store being robbed. There were four robbers in the store.

“Give me all the money in the cash register,” said the robber pointing the gun at the

cashier. “And give me all the dog bones in the jar.”

“Sir those dog bones are just for dogs.”

“Don’t I look like a guy who owns a dogs?”

Kenny flew into the store and said “No you don’t even look like a guy who owns a pet rock.” The three other robbers started laughing.

The robber holding the gun said “A flying talking kitten I must be dreaming.” “Yes, you are dreaming, but you're having a nightmare because I’m your worst nightmare.”

“You may be a flying talking kitten who is quick witted and funny, but let’s see how you handle this.” The robber pointed the gun at Kenny and fired. Kenny’s fur quickly turned solid gray. The bullet bounced off Kenny’s chest and hit the robber in his chest. The robber dropped his gun and fell to the ground. “Guys kill that flying, talking, bullet proof kitten who is quick witted and funny.” Those were the robber’s last words. There were three robbers left.

“Wow! I’m bullet proof.” Kenny’s fur turned dark blue. One robber pointed his gun at Kenny. Kenny quickly fired a dark blue laser beam out of his right paw. The dark blue laser beam hit the robber. The robber turned into an ice statue. “Wow I can freeze things with my paws.” Kenny’s fur turned bright yellow. The next robber pointed his gun at Kenny. Kenny quickly fired electricity out of his paws. The robber got zapped and screamed “Ow!”

“And I can shoot electricity out of my paws. I will save a fortune on phone chargers.” The last robber pointed his gun at Kenny. Two red laser beams shot out of Kenny’s eyes and zapped the robber. The robber turned into a fish and started flopping around on the floor.

“I’m a fish this is the worst day of my life. I could really use a glass of water.” “Wow! I have fish vision this is the best super power of them all,” said Kenny.

“I can’t wait to tell my girlfriend a kitten with super powers saved my life,” said the cashier.

“Don’t you mean you can’t wait to tell your imaginary girlfriend,” said Kenny. “She’s real,” said the cashier.

“Then show me a picture of her.”

“I can’t show you a picture because I don’t have a phone. “What teenager doesn’t have a phone?

“Phones are too expensive.”

“Then get a better job.”

“Show me a picture of your girlfriend.”

“I can’t because I’m a kitten and kittens don’t have phones.”

“Good point, what’s your name anyway?” “Kenny what’s yours?


“Nice to meet you, Tommy.

“Nice to meet you, Kenny. Since you saved my life would you like some free catnip?” “No thanks, I really should’t eat catnip while flying. My uncle ate catnip while driving

his car, crashed into a tree and lost all his nine lives.”

“So cats can have cars, but not phones?

“I don’t make the rules. Well, it was nice meeting you Tommy, now if you excuse me I have to think of a cool super hero name to impress the ladies and cause my enemies to lose their fur when they hear it.”

“How about Super Kenny the Kitten?”

“Wow that’s a great name did you just graduate kindergarten? Tommy, don’t quit your day job.

“The name will come to me.” Kenny flew out of the pet store and went home.

The next morning Kenny jumped on Nick’s bed.

“Wake up, Nick my sweet little nerd.” Kenny said softly. Nick didn’t move a muscle. “Wake up, Nick!” Kenny shouted. Nick immediately woke up.

“Good morning, Nick I have something important to show you.”

“Kenny, you can talk,” said Nick.

“Yes, but that’s not the important thing I wanted to show you I have super powers.” Kenny started floating in the air. “Kenny you can fly I must be dreaming.”

“No you're not, I really can fly.”

“What other super powers do you have?” Kenny grabbed a pen off Nick’s desk, starred at it, and fired two red laser beams out of his eyes. The pen turned into a fish and started flopping around on the floor.

“Wow! fish vision that’s the best super power of them all.”

“I know right.”

“Well, I guess I’m not dreaming because I’m not at the beach and I don’t see any girls in bikinis.”

“Girls in bikinis what do you dream about?

“None of your business, Kenny?”

“So, how did you get super powers?”

“I don’t know yesterday all I did was play with Karson and eat that can of cat food Dr.

Weirdo gave me. I think Dr. Weirdo had something to do with it. We have to go see him after school.”

“Oh no school, what time is it? I’m late.” Nick jumped out of bed.

“Don’t worry Nick, you have a flying kitten that can take you school.”

“Kenny, you're a little kitten I’m too big to ride you.

“Check this out, Nick.” Suddenly Kenny turned ten times bigger. “Wow! said Nick. Nick

jumped on Kenny’s back. “If you look on my back you’ll find a menu full of snacks and beverages for purchase.”

“Do you take cash?” “No I only take debit,” said Kenny. Kenny flew out Nick’s bedroom window.

Kenny and Nick were flying across the sky.

“I feel sick,” said Nick.

“If you throw up on me I have a parachute with your name on it.” Kenny landed in front

of Nick’s school. Nick hopped off Kenny’s back. “Thanks, for the ride Kenny!”

“No problem, Nick here’s your lunch.” Kenny handed Nick a brown paper bag. “Thanks.” Nick looked inside the bag.

“Hey, where’s my peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” Nick asked.

“Oh I forgot, I ate it. It was terrible it had crunchy peanut and grape jelly, who eats

crunchy peanut butter and grape jelly?” “I do.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Nick, I like creamy peanut butter and strawberry jelly myself.” Kenny was holding a pencil in his paw. He turned the pencil into a fish with his fish vision. He handed the fish to Nick.

“Here you go!” The fish was flopping in Nick’s hands.

“I don’t want a fish for lunch.”

“Sorry, Nick I don’t have peanut butter and jelly sandwich vision. Have a great day at school! Remember you're the future.” Kenny flew away.

When Nick got home from school Kenny was sitting on the living room couch, watching TV and eating a bag of potato chips.

“Hey Nick, how was school?”

“It was ok.”

Karson showed up and said “Hey Kenny, where did you fly to yesterday?”

“I stopped a robbery at a pet store.”

“That’s cool!” Karson saw Nick and quickly shut up.

“It’s ok Karson, Nick knows we can talk.”

“Oh ok, so he knows you have super powers too?” “Yes!”

“Ok great! “How’s it going Nick?”

“Hey Karson, I’m good how are you?”

“Oh you know, I’m a kitten all I do is eat and sleep all day so I can’t complain.” “Are you ready to go see Dr. Weirdo Kenny, said Nick?

“Yes, get on my back.”

“See you guys later, I’m gonna look in your fridge to see what you have to eat, said

Karson. Nick hopped on Kenny’s back and Kenny flew out the window.

At Dr. Weirdo’s office Dr. Weirdo said “Nick what can I do for you?”

“Doc, we need to talk. Hey I’m a poet I didn’t know it.”

“Kenny, you can talk.”

“Yes, I can talk, but that’s not the point. I woke up with super powers after I ate your cat

food. What can you tell us about that?”

“Alright, I make my own cat food that gives cats super powers I call it Cosmic Cat Food

the Best Cat Food in the Universe.”

“Why would you want to give a cat super powers?” Nick asked. “Because I wanted to impress the ladies.”

“I’m sure you will get a girlfriend someday.”

“I’m never gonna get a girlfriend because my name is Dr. Weirdo.”

“Good point!” said Kenny.

“So what super powers do you have?”

“Well, I can fly my fur can change colors and each color is a different power.” “So you're like a rainbow kitten.”

“If you call me a rainbow kitten again I’m gonna turn you into a fish with my fish vision.”

“You have fish vision? That’s awesome!”

“What can of cat food did you eat?”

“The tuna flavored.”



“Because the chicken flavored can make a cat evil.

“What?” Said Kenny and Nick at the same time.

“A woman sued me because her cat tried to take over the world. What’s wrong?” “Our next door neighbor’s kitten ate the chicken flavored,” said Nick.

“Well, you need to find him before he takes over the world. How old is the owner?” “She’s eight.”

“Good, she’s not old enough to sue me.” Nick and Kenny left Dr. Weirdo’s office. At Nick’s house Owen was sitting on the couch with Karson.

“Hey Nick, do you want to play video games?”

“No Owen, I’m really busy right now.”

“What going on?”

Nick looked at Kenny. “Owen, I have something to tell you.” “What is it, Nick?” “Kenny has super powers.”

Owen started laughing. “Nick, you have been watching too many cartoons.”

“It’s true Owen, Kenny, show him.”

Kenny started floating in the air. “Wow! Nick where did you get the invisible wire?” “There is no wire Owen, Kenny, can fly. He can talk to.

“Hey Owen, how’s it going? Did you lose weight?” said Kenny. “I’ve been eating more

salads lately.”

“You look great!”


“Karson can talk to,” said Nick. Owen looked at Karson.

“What’s up?”

“Karson, you can talk I must be dreaming.”

“Your not dreaming Owen,” said Nick.

“Well, I guess you're right I don’t see any hot girls in bikinis.”

“What do you guys dream about? said Kenny. Owen stared at Karson.

“Do you have super powers to?”

“No, I’m just your average talking cat.”

“I can’t believe this I’m gonna get so many girlfriends with a talking kitten.” “No you're not, not with that face.”

“Hey, that hurt my feelings.”

“I don’t care I’m an adorable kitten.”

“How did Kenny get super powers?”

“I ate a can of tuna flavored cat food from Dr. Weirdo. Mr. PrettyKitty the next door

neighbor’s kitten ate the chicken flavored can of cat food, and it made him evil so we have to find him.”

“Wow that’s crazy.”

“Your telling me.”

There was a knock at the front door. Nick opened the door it was Ava.

“Hey Ava, how are you?”

“Hey Nick, have you seen Mr. PrettyKitty? I’ve been trying to find him all day.” “I’ll keep my eye out for him.”

“Thanks!” Ava handed Nick a poster. On the poster there was a big picture of Mr.

PrettyKitty wearing a bright pink dress. Ava left and Nick closed the door.

“Ok guys, we have to find Mr. PrettyKitty before Ava does,” said Nick.

“Where could he be?” said Karson. Nick’s phone started to ring. Nick answered it. “Hello.”

“Can I please talk to Kenny?”

“Who is this?”

“Just let me talk to Kenny.” Nick gave Kenny the phone.


“Hey Kenny, it’s Mr. PrettyKitty meet me at the park tomorrow, come alone.

“Mr. PrettyKitty, are you ok?” Mr. PrettyKitty hung up the phone.

The next day Kenny flew to Harmony City Park. Kenny saw Mr. PrettyKitty and

landed on the grass. Mr. PrettyKitty looked different his fur was bright red. Hey Mr. PrettyKitty, did you do something different with your fur?” “Yeah, the cat food I ate at your house made my fur red.”

“That’s cool”

“I see you can fly now,” said Mr. PrettyKitty.

“Yes, Dr. Weirdo’s tuna flavored can of cat food gave me super powers. He said the chicken flavored can of cat food can make a cat evil.”

“Evil?” Mr. PrettyKitty laughed. “I’m not evil.”

“That’s a relief, so what super powers did you get?” Suddenly Mr. PrettyKitty grabbed Kenny with one of his whiskers and threw him against a tree.

“Ok, I lied I am evil and my name isn’t Mr. PrettyKitty anymore it’s Dr. Wicked Whiskers.”

“Dr. WickedWhiskers? I know you didn’t go to evil feline medical school.”

“I’m taking a few classes online.”

“So, you can grab things with your whiskers, big deal can you do this?” Kenny’s fur turned bright yellow and he fired electricity out of his paws. Dr. Wicked Whiskers got zapped. The electricity caused Dr. WickedWhisker’s fur to be puffy.

Kenny laughed and said “Looks like someone is having a bad hair day.”

“I don’t have that power, but I can do this.” Dr. WickedWhiskers fired a bright red laser beam out of his paws. Kenny ducked down. The tree behind him got zapped and melted into a puddle of goo. “I can melt things with my paws too! Kenny’s fur turned dark blue. He took a deep breath and froze Dr. WickedWhiskers with his ice breath. Dr. WickedWhiskers was trapped in a block of ice, then the ice started to crack and Dr. WickedWhiskers busted out.

“You can change the color of your fur like some kind of rainbow kitten.”

“Don’t call me a rainbow kitten.” Kenny fired two red laser beams out of his eyes. Dr. WickedWhiskers quickly ducked down. The tree behind him got zapped, and turned into a fish flopping on the grass.

“You got fish vision I’m jealous all my eyes can do is turn things into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”

“I would love to have peanut butter and jelly sandwich vision. My owner Nick likes his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with grape jelly and crunchy peanut butter.”

“Ew, that’s disgusting I like my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with strawberry jelly and creamy peanut butter.”

“I know right.”

Kenny’s fur turned bright orange. He started throwing fireballs at Dr. WickedWhiskers. Dr. Wicked Whiskers picked up a tree out of the ground with his super strength and used it as a baseball bat to defend himself against the fireballs. He swung the tree and hit one of the fireballs. The fireball started coming back towards Kenny. Kenny dodged the fireball.

“You got better super powers than me I want a refund.”

“Sorry Mr. PrettyKitty, there are no refunds.”

“I told you my name is Dr. WickedWhiskers.” As Kenny and Dr. WickedWhiskers were

fighting two dogs were playing frisbee.

“Do you two mind we’re trying to play frisbee?” Dr. WickedWhiskers grabbed the dog with his whisker and threw him out of the park.

“Jeff,” cried the other dog.

“Go fetch!” said Dr. WickedWhiskers. Dr. WickedWhiskers grabbed the other dog with his whisker and threw him out of the park.

“Nothing can stop me, Kenny.”

Suddenly Dr. WickedWhiskers heard a voice.

“Mr. PrettyKitty, Mr. PrettyKitty where are you?” Ava was at the park. Kenny quickly flew away.

“Lucky, I wish I could fly.” Dr. WickedWhiskers turned his fur black again. Ava picked up Dr. WickedWhiskers.

“Mr. PrettyKitty there you are I’ve been looking for you all day.” Ava gave Dr.

WickedWhiskers a huge hug, he couldn’t breathe. Ava put Dr. WickedWhiskers in a bright pink dress.

“Come on, Mr. PrettyKitty let’s go home.” Later that evening at Nick’s house Nick, Kenny, Owen, and Karson were sitting on the couch watching the news.

“Two kittens with super powers were fighting at Harmony City Park earlier today,” said the news lady.

“I still need an awesome super hero name that will impress the ladies and cause my enemies to lose their fur.”

“What did Dr. Weirdo call his cat food?” said Nick.

“Cosmic Cat Food the Best Cat Food in the Universe.”

“You should call yourself Kenny the Cosmic Kitten, but spell cosmic with a K because you're a kitten.”

“Himm, I like it yeah, I’m Kenny the Kosmic Kitten.”


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