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James and Marie's New Home

A Haunting Love Story

By Abimanyu G RPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
James and Marie's New Home
Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

James and Marie were in search of a new home, and their real estate agent, Grace, led them into a dark and empty living room. As Grace explained that the previous owner was a writer, James skipped around the room excitedly, while Marie remained unimpressed. The group then explored the rest of the flat, including three bedrooms and two bathrooms. In the master bedroom, James found himself enchanted by the spacious and furnished room, while Marie was hesitant about something that was missing. James suggested that the antique mirror in the room might help her make up her mind.

The mirror had a unique quality that allowed the person looking into it to see a version of themselves in a different timeline. James and Marie took turns looking into the mirror, and as Marie peered into it, she saw herself with a young child, living happily in the flat. The couple then decided to buy the flat.

As they began to move in, strange things started to happen. James kept hearing noises, and Marie felt a strange presence in the flat. One day, Marie was playing with their cat in the living room when she saw a ghostly figure standing in the corner. The figure turned and ran down the hallway, disappearing into the darkness. Marie was terrified and didn't know how to tell James what she had seen.

Soon, James began to experience strange things too. He would wake up in the middle of the night, feeling like he was being watched, only to see no one in the room. One night, as he was getting ready for bed, he saw a reflection of himself in the mirror, but it was different from his own reflection. In the mirror, he saw himself covered in blood and holding a knife.

As the days went by, the couple began to feel more and more uneasy in the flat. They decided to do some research on the previous owner and discovered that he had been a horror writer who had gone mad and killed his wife and child before taking his own life in the master bedroom.

James and Marie decided to leave the flat and started packing their belongings. As they were leaving, they noticed that the antique mirror was missing. They asked Grace about it, and she revealed that she had taken it down and sold it to a collector. James and Marie were horrified, knowing that the mirror had been the source of their haunting.

As they drove away from the flat, they saw the collector's house and decided to confront him. The collector was a strange man who seemed to know more about the mirror than he was letting on. James and Marie demanded that he give them the mirror back, but he refused, claiming that he had bought it fair and square.

The couple decided to take matters into their own hands and broke into the collector's house that night to steal back the mirror. As they were leaving, the collector caught them and attacked James, but Marie managed to knock him out with a vase.

The couple took the mirror back to their new flat, hoping to destroy it and end the haunting. As they smashed the mirror into pieces, they felt a sense of relief wash over them. The haunting had ended, and they could finally start their new life together.

Months went by, and James and Marie were happy in their new home. One day, while cleaning out the attic, James stumbled upon an old journal that had belonged to the previous owner. As he read through the pages, he realized that the man had been tormented by the same haunting that they had experienced. The mirror had been a cursed object that had been passed down through generations, causing madness and death wherever it went.

James and Marie burned the journal, knowing that they never wanted anyone else to experience the horror that they had gone through con...,


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