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Jacobs story

by Jamie Glanville 4 months ago in Short Story
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Buy a bull

Buy bull

The year was 1692 on the streets of Salem,MA a man by the name of Jacob rode into town on the back of his ox, as he was riding down that dusty dirt road that afternoon, he spotted the most beautiful red haired maiden he had ever seen.

As the women walked into the local saloon, Jacob got down off his bovine and proceeded to follow, as Jacob stood at the end of the bar, he watched the woman as she twisted and played with her red locks of hair.

After he bought 2 shots of wormwood, he made his way over to the woman. Handing her the shot of worm wood, he spoke, “I’m lookin’ for another bull, I heard you are the woman to speak with. “Maybe I AM, maybe I’m not, said the woman.

“Names Rachel…and you must be Jacob.

“How’d you guess?” He responded.

“I’m somewhat of an enchantress, I have a sense about these things,” Rachel said back.

“Ok well I’d like to buy a bull, I heard your father can sell me a bull,how much?”

“The price is negotiable sweets, you’re kind of cute.”

“How much for the bull, I don’t have all day,” Jacob angrily replied as he aggressively grabbed her by the hair.

“$500, sheesh, but I’m sure we can make a deal, let me call him, next time you need not be so rough.”

While Rachel went to call her father, she ran her finger though her flowing red locks and noticed a piece of her hair missing but though nothing of it. When she returned, she had informed Jacob that her father would be arriving shortly. When Rachel’s father arrived, the 2 men were introduced, “Jacob, this is my father Eli…dad, this is Jacob, he’s looking to buy one of your bulls.

“Ok but I must warn you, this bull likes to ride other bulls,” said Eli.

“I’m not sure I understand sir,” Jacob said. “You know…ride, as in mate.”

“I see, well I’ll definitely keep him away from the other bull.”

“That would be my suggestion if you want to mate him with the cows.”

Eli went to fetch his ox for Jacob and prepared it for the sale. Jacob payed $500 for the bull and made his way home with his 2 bulls.

When Jacob arrived home with his 2 bulls, what he came to do next was beyond sinister.

He began to hack one of them to pieces with his death axe, or as he called it, his Ba’al axe.

As he hacked up 1 of the 2 bulls, he would place the larger pieces on massive hunks of wood and set fire to them. He continued to hack the other bull to pieces and as he placed the other bull on the wood, he did not set fore to it, As he did this he would chant CANAANITE CANAANITE.

Little did Jacob know, Rachel had shown up not long into his sacrifice and looked on in disgust as she had watched this man hack his fathers bull to pieces and set it a blaze.

Jacob would let the fire smolder and hack off chunks to consume.

As Rachel emerged, she noticed the alter and there was the smell of burnt hair that lingered in the air. She questioned Jacob as to what he was doing, Jacob placed the Baal axe on the ground and responded with, “ I’m an enchanter myself, see when I met you in the bar and introduced myself, I got the strangest feeling that you yourself were one of those witches that were burned at the stake but didn’t understand how, as you didn’t have and scars or burns on you, so when you told me you were a sorceres, I was led to believe that you came back from the dead. I suppose in some way I was wanting that same magic for myself so I built an alter and what you see here, well….I suppose I can’t explain it away.”

Rachel noticed a few red strands of hair by the axe and sort of put 2 and 2 together.

Jacob was conducting a ritual to become an enchanter because of her, he wanted to be like her.

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