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It's blooming

by Test 4 months ago in Short Story
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In a pot, a rose plant was growing. One day, it bloomed and the room was suddenly filled with fragrance

It's blooming
Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash

It's blooming

 In a pot, a rose plant was growing. One day, it bloomed and the room was suddenly filled with fragrance. When the owner saw it, he immediately praised the rose.  When the rose heard this, it immediately became proud. It despised the thorns around it. The rose said in a petulant voice: "Nasty thorns, I am more beautiful than any flower, but it is your presence that makes people afraid to come near me. If you were not there to hold me back, then people would love me more." Hearing this, the thorn said calmly to the rose, "O rose, I was born to protect you, how can you say that?" The rose said brashly and unreasonably, "I don't need your protection! Your absence will only make me more beautiful!"  These words angered the thorn, and it left the rose in a fit of anger.  At that moment, a boy saw the rose without thorns and he plucked it.  Within a few days, the rose withered and died.

  Bedtime story for boyfriend Part 8

  Two pheasants, one with a golden tail and one with a red tail. They were born in the same year, month, and day in a nest, and were caught by the same hunter and locked in the same cage.  The hunter's cage was small, but the golden-tailed pheasant insisted on practicing flight movements in the cage every day and made a pair of wings strong.  The red-tailed pheasant, on the other hand, ate all day every day, making its body swollen.  The golden-tailed pheasant advised, "We are both birds, and if we are birds, we should learn how to fly!"  "Flying?" The red-tailed pheasant sneered, "locked in a cage, where to fly? You'd better die before you know it! To avoid wasting effort."  The golden-tailed pheasant shook his head helplessly and continued his training by flapping his wings; the red-tailed pheasant dropped his eyes again and sunbathed comfortably alone.  One day, the naughty kitten opened the bird cage, and the golden-tailed pheasant with a pair of strong wings, quickly out of the cage, flying back to the forest; while the red-tailed pheasant wanted to fly but could not fly, still locked in the bird cage.  The red-tailed pheasant in the end understands: in order to not miss the fleeting opportunity, must have the ability to seize the opportunity. Otherwise, even if the opportunity is at hand, it will be missed in vain.

  Bedtime story for boyfriend Part 9

  In spring, peach blossoms are in full bloom.  The bees fly to the flowers and are busy collecting nectar and pollinating them. The peach blossoms all open their smiling faces to welcome the bees and give them their nectar as a reward for their pollination.  Only one peach blossom was so selfish that it could not give the bees any nectar. When the bees flew to its stamens, it cursed and shouted: "Go, go, go! You nasty guys, don't try to get any benefit from here!" At the same time, it shook the flower branch desperately and drove the bees away.  Later, all the other peach blossoms bore huge peaches, and only this one poorly withered away without any fruit.  Selfishness and stinginess not only lose friends, but also ruin themselves.

  Bedtime Story for Boyfriend Part 10

  A cicada was very unhappy and was angry at the branches of a tree.  One day, the cicada said to a farmer, "I work so hard every day, and I don't get any credit for my hard work, but why doesn't everyone praise me and annoy me instead? Isn't the frog also chirping? Why don't people hate it?"  The farmer laughed and said, "Although the frog also cries, it is a beneficial insect that eats the pests in the field crops and is beneficial to people. And most of them call in the evening, and they are calling out the characteristics of the fields in the summer night. Therefore, people are not annoyed."  The cicada listened and said angrily, "What about the rooster's crowing?"  "The rooster crows to urge people to get up early and go to work in the fields. Who is like you! All day long, it's annoying." After the farmer finished speaking, he left ...... The cicada listened to this and was so angry that he froze in the tree ......

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