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Intergalactic Exchange Corporation Ltd.

First Published Novel by Cher Dayao

By Jaymie SuhPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Intergalactic Exchange Corporation Ltd.
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

It revolves around the Intergalactic Exchange Corporation Inc. when Anika, a regular employee became one of the humans who were used as a host for the alien species that plans to take over the Earth. However, unlike other humans around her firm, she was able to survive the transformation that happens and stay alive. She was able to live in one body with an alien species named Celestia which happens to be the princess of their alien race.

Her life changes instantly because of the switch that happened to the firm that she's working with. Everyone around here has been used as a host for the alien species who wants to live on Earth. With no one to turn to, Anika was forced to act as if she's Princess Celestia, one of the rulers of their own planet. Anika lived with the princess' husband named Astro, who is the prince of the Mother Planet. She doesn't have a choice but to go with the flow or the princess and she will surely die.

As Anika pretends to be Princess Celestia, an unexpected twist of fate happens. It leaves her no choice but to stay alive and try to learn more about these species who invaded their firm of all other places on Earth. She needs to be very careful about how to interact with those around her since everyone is no longer themselves. Her daily life gets harder as she finds herself falling in love with the prince (a.k.a. his husband) that will surely make this crazy lifestyle get even crazier.

Little that she knows that the prince has his own secret to hide. Anika will soon find out that her alien husband is hiding a secret from everybody and she has to find out what it is. She's determined to keep the prince for herself even though she knows the fact that he sees her as his wife, Princess Celestia. Although she cannot get back with her normal life as a human, she will make sure that her first love will not be slipping away from her even if he's the prince of another species different from hers.

Anika will soon discover the secret about Evan Smith. He is the son of a farmer that has an extraordinary encounter with the same species that invaded her company. Secrets and lies will be revealed from the Intergalactic Exchange Corporation Ltd and Anika is there to put them down and end this invasion that the species are planning to Earth. She will make sure that even if she's already one of them, she's still human and will do anything to escape this nightmare she's into.

It's a battle between two species whose main concern is to survive. Will Anika betray her humanity to keep the love of her life? Or will she make an ultimate sacrifice to avoid alien species to conquer the Earth? Join Anika's adventure and struggles at the Intergalactic Exchange Corp and learn how love can conquer all even if they are out of this world!

It’s my very first published novel that came from one of my dreams or should I say, a nightmare? Having an overactive imagination always bothered me while growing up. Little did I know, I will end up being a writer. Our dreams are the manifestations of the world we live in and this story may be my escape from the harsh reality of the world.

But whatever happens, a writer will always be a writer no matter how hard he or she ignored that fact. I denied it for a long time until the characters literally show themselves so that they will be written. Finally, I was able to create a world where they can live in.

This story will always be a reminder of the lowest point in my life. But I was able to turn it all around like what the protagonist did, I was able to get out of an impossible situation. I will always be grateful for this dream that I had and proud to turn it into a novel.

If you are interested in reading the full story, you just click this: Intergalactic Exchange Corporation Ltd. It’s under a different pen name so you don't have to worry, I also own that book. You can read it for free from the Dreame website.

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