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In the world, April is a beautiful month.

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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The wind blew, but could not take away the loneliness, the rain fell, but wet the soul.

In the world, April is a beautiful month.
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The wind blew, but could not take away the loneliness, the rain fell, but wet the soul.

Is it a coincidence or what? How many years ago, the same April, the same bright, and you, but in this spring flow quietly left me one.

At that time, still small. I don't understand anything. I only know that from then on, I can no longer hold your hand and walk across the fields with hobbled feet; I can no longer touch your white hair and go to school with a sweet lollipop. You are so cruel, separating us deeply.

Love came and stayed to look back, flowers fell, but I was the only one left.

The movie swish of time flowed by, before I caught anything, it passed. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. In the end, I don't know if I should be sentimental or delete it.

Do you still remember? The maple forest was walked by you and me together. The footprints on the fallen leaves I could not find. Time washes away just indifferent memories, deep in the heart of you, is the sunlight in my life, is the passing warm.

I still remember your advice, I still remember your smile, I still remember your white hair. I was so attached to you, so unforgiving. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.

The clouds drifted by, blurring the outline, I smiled, but looked down on all.

Sometimes, a wind blows, the wind with your body's smell; sometimes, a laugh into the ear, with a little and you like the cheerful; sometimes, an old man walking by, the back and you a few similar ......

Now, in the evening dusk, who is holding the hand of whom to go for a walk on that goat path? And whose footprints are carved with tattoos on that winding field monastery? The big road buried our footprints but inscribed our memories.

Perhaps, one day, I will shake hands with you again in the missed time and chase with you. Your smile, your goodness, is my warmth to rely on. We do not hold hands and can also stroll together with the wind, rain, and snow, can not see each other, but also think about the evening.

People, Fenfei April.

I climbed the beacon and looked down on the battlefield eroded by yellow sand. The rumbling of war drums and the roar of the soldiers came from the sky, echoing in the open and distant world. My heart, as still as the surface of the lake, gradually opened a circle of ripples. A drop of water was clutched tightly in my hand. For me, this drop of water is my whole world.

A drop of water, in the long yellow sand, less a point of clarity, more a point of turbidity less a point of sweetness, more a point of bitterness. That is not a drop of water, but a tear.

As if it was yesterday, a thin horse, a package, and a long knife are all I have to travel. I drank the water of the Yellow River, saw the sunset of the Black Mountain, and came through the mountains and water, just to take my father's place in the army. Hua Mulan, I brought this name from thousands of miles away. The battlefield, undoubtedly the execution ground, a fresh life, or forced, or voluntary, or helpless, to come here. They only have two results - to go back alive, can still be on happy knees, to fulfill the filial piety to die here, with the yellow earth as a companion, into a grain of sand in the wind and sand. In this place filled with blood, sadness, and despair, I spent many sleepless nights, thoughts coming from all directions, haunting me to death and suffocating me. I gently ask myself, is it worth it? Although my long hair was put up and I changed into men's clothes, I was still a woman who needed to be pampered by my parents after all, and I did not want the life of a military horse. Time fled in struggle, pain, and longing, when the fair skin became like a dry land when the soft hands grew thick calluses, I realized that I had no way to escape. Ten years of youth suddenly faded away, I have nothing left, only a tear in my hand, it is the whole of my life.

Water, silently sliding down, moistened the rampant yellow sand tears, quietly fell, stained the pale silk in the boudoir. I slowly spread out my hand, the tear is lying quietly in my hand, sunlight from all directions, in the heart of the hand refracted into countless worlds. I seem to see my parents sitting outside the door looking forward to my return, and see my sister crying in secret at my red dress ...... that everything, all stored in this tear.

I stumbled hard, "pop", the teardrop fell to the ground, the sound is so light, but I heard the sound of a broken heart. In an instant, my whole world fell apart, and the pieces were blown into the air by the wind and sand, disappearing or seeping into the loess, gone.

A drop of tears, refracting ten years of good looks cupped yellow earth, buried how many heroic life?

Stretching out a slightly trembling hand, I gazed through my fingers at the desert sun, harsh sunlight so that I could not open my eyes and a drop of water. I no longer have the strength to leave it, the most precious drop has been a momentary joke of fate - stretched foot tripped me, ten years as a moment, my world is like that drop of water disappeared forever.

Losing a drop of water, a stumble has been enough ......

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