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From Another Time

By Jaymie SuhPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
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You can't fall asleep because of what happened between you and Prince Moon. Why would he kiss you just like that? How come you didn't even stop until it's too late? It seems that Joseon is already affecting you. Or maybe not.

You turn to another side of the soft mattress. That's when you suddenly remembered Johnny. What if he discovered what just happened between you and Prince Moon? But then you tried to justify what happened.

Prince Moon misinterpreted your kindness towards him. As much as you like him, you still like Johnny more. You even wish that you will be stuck in this era sometimes just to stay with him longer. The moment you return to Seoul, he will be an idol again.

You don't even want to think about what will happen to you. Of course, you will go back to being 40. An old maid who will end up being alone until the day you die! That's a little harsh but that's what's happened to you before.

But now that you had your chance to be young again, you ended up kissing two men. That's so darn uncool! Maybe if you did that back then, you will still end up an old maid. Being a two-timer is not the right thing to do.

Then you suddenly miss Johnny. You don't care if he gets mad at you. As long as you see his beautiful smile again, that should be enough. You imagined him walking inside the door of your chamber quietly. Once he's in, he will suddenly hold you tight.

He will tell you how much he missed you and you will share a wet kiss. Not the usual smooching he usually does. But a real and hot kiss! That will make you feel the heat and he will start to take off your clothes.


You almost had a heart attack from that sound. Just when you are already in the good part. The sliding door just opened and there you see Johnny. You blushed thinking that your image looks very real. Except that the door was not too quiet when he opened it.

He walks towards you and when he gets closer, he holds you on your waist. Then he slowly gets closer and closer until his lips meet yours. You excitedly think about what's next to this. But instead, he smooches you and then lets you go. Without even feeling the heat.

"I missed you, my queen!" Johnny told you with the sweetest smile.

Your eyes are still cloudy but then, you suddenly realize that this is real. Johnny is already here! Thinking about him pinning you on the floor didn't occur. All you can do now is to smile back at him and she went back to bed.

"Hey, what's wrong? Didn't you even miss me while I was gone?" Johnny tried to look cute but you're not buying it.

"I miss you too. Now, go to sleep!" You told him and turned your back on him.

What happened to that wonderful wishful thinking? Just when you thought that he would miss you that much. It's very disappointing. Not to mention, embarrassing. Then you feel Johnny lay down beside you.

This time, he wrapped you with one arm and he's too close to you. Your heartbeat is starting to race. What if he does what I've been imagining earlier. Then you suddenly feel guilty about Prince Moon.

You have to make it up to him without telling him what happened. It's embarrassing but you have to be sweet to him. You will initiate that wet kiss you have been dreaming of. So, you turned to face him and to your disappointment, he's already sleeping!

"Awww...poor baby! He must be tired from his quest." You can't help but feel guilty for ignoring him.

All you can do now is to kiss him on his forehead and wish him a good night's sleep. You decided to take this opportunity to stare at him for as long as you want. His eyebrows are in good shape. He had a double eyelid in one eye and just an eyelid on the other.

That makes him cutter especially now that he's barefaced. Then you can't stop but to trace the bridge of his nose. Just right! Then you look at his lips, so kissable. You slightly touch them and hope that you will not wake him up. He's such a handsome guy!

If only you can stay the same age as him, everything will be perfect. But then again, you are still way too old for him. Although right now, you are the same age. So, you decided to kiss him the way you wanted to be kissed by him. After that, you decided to leave him alone.

But before you can even move, Johnny grabs your nape and kisses you passionately. Now that he's kissing you the way you wanted. You kiss him back and just enjoy the moment. All of a sudden, it gets hot inside the room. But he continues kissing you deeply.

After a moment, he finally lets you go while smiling. You suddenly feel embarrassed now that he's looking at you intently.

"Now, I know how much you missed me!" He exclaimed feeling happy.

"Of course, I missed you! I was so worried!" You told him and hugs him so he will stop looking at you.

"Let me see that pretty face!" He said and pushed you a little to take a good look at you.

"Let's just hug each other! I miss you, Johnny!" You suggested and hugged him again.

But he pushed you again to look at you and laugh out loud. The same laugh that can make your heart flutter when you were just watching him on TV before.

"You kissed me while I was sleeping and now you're embarrassed? Cute!" He chuckled.

You hide your face on his chest and he finally just hugs you. He calls you cute after the passionate kiss. Not exactly what you're expecting. But still, it's close to what you have imagined earlier.


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Jaymie Suh

A highly regarded writer known for her insightful and engaging content. With a passion for storytelling and a talent for crafting compelling narratives, she has made a significant impact in the world of online writing and content creation.

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