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Identical Faces

Good Twin Vs Evil Twin

By Michelle StampsPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 15 min read
Good Twin Vs Evil Twin


Chapter One

London reminisces about her childhood when her mother used to push her in a stroller while humming a song during their walks. However, one day while out for a stroll, A strange woman pushed her baby carriage alongside London's and suddenly the song stopped. London could hear The strange woman shouting from inside her carriage, and she noticed that feet were hanging out. London couldn't see who was inside the carriage, but her mother yelled at her reminding her of their agreement to stay away. I could hear in her voice how upset she was as we rushed home.

As her phone rang, Mom searched for her keys outside the house. Despite her greeting, the caller remained silent, prompting her to end the call. After unlocking the door, she carried me inside. This event occurred when I was around five years old.

My attention was drawn to my mother's frightened expression, which was unfamiliar to me. I embraced her and inquired if she was alright. With a smile, she replied that she was exhausted.

As we climbed the stairs, my mom headed into her bathroom on the second floor and turned on the shower, while I went to my room to prepare for bed. Suddenly, she surprised me by lifting me and placing me gently on my bed. Looking at me intently, she uttered these words:

"Promise me you won't tell your father what happened today." I nodded in agreement, and she gave me a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. As she undressed, she suggested I take a nap, and when I woke up, she promised to make my favorite strawberry and banana pancakes. London smiled and replied "okay" before drifting off to sleep.

London woke up the next day with a leap out of bed and headed straight to her mother's room. After noticing that her mother wasn't in bed, London checked the bathroom and spa room but found no trace of her. Frustrated, London began calling out for her as she headed towards the hallway, but no response came.

As she descended the stairs, London noticed the front door was wide open, which frightened her. She screamed out for her mother, and to her relief, Ms. Thompson soon arrived. Overcome with emotion, London ran towards her mother and burst into tears. Ms. Thompson asked what was wrong, and London explained that she thought something "bad" had happened to her since she couldn't find her. Ms. Thompson apologized and explained that she had only gone to take out the garbage and didn't want to wake London up.

She grabs London's hand and says let's go, makes your favorite pancakes. London wipes her tears and says ok! Mommy. Ms.Thompson and London go into the kitchen. As mom prepares to make pancakes, London hops onto the bar stool. Mom then brings over a collection of ingredients including pancake batter, milk, eggs, strawberries, bananas, and a blender.

Ms. Thompson begins making the pancakes, and London watches her with a smile on her face. She can smell the sweet aroma of the strawberries and bananas as they're being blended into the batter. It's her favorite breakfast, and she can hardly wait to eat them.

As the pancakes cooked, London's father entered the kitchen and she ran over to embrace him tightly. He then greeted his wife with a kiss and inquired about London's previous day. After hesitating for a moment, London recalled her mother's instruction not to disclose certain information to her father. So, she simply shared that she and her mother had taken a walk in the park before returning home. Ms. Thompson observed London and smiled.

Finally, the pancakes are done, and Ms. Thompson serves them up with a generous helping of whipped cream and syrup. London dives in, enjoying every bite. As she eats, she feels grateful for her mom and dad's love and care. London can't help but think about the unsettling events from the previous day. She wonders about the unfamiliar woman and child and why they made her mother so frightened and upset. Despite her concerns, London feels reassured that her father will always be there to protect her and her mother.

Things took a turn for the bizarre the day before London's thirteen birthday. London started to notice strange things happening around her. Her belongings would go missing, and she would find strange notes written in her handwriting that she didn't remember writing. London couldn't understand what was happening and started to feel like she was losing her mind.

She decided to go shopping one day to take her mind off of it and stubbed into a thrift shop She was bewildered as she stood there staring at her reflection in the mysterious mirror. The sense of unease that had been gnawing at her for years suddenly intensified, and she felt a shiver run down her spine. She couldn't shake off the feeling that something was not right.

As she continued to gaze at the reflection, she noticed something peculiar about it.

The image that was staring back at her seemed to be smirking, and there was a malicious glint in its eyes. London's heart began to race as she realized that this could be her evil twin, the one who had been causing all the strange occurrences in her life.

Over the next few weeks, London couldn't stop thinking about the mirror. She kept returning to the thrift shop, trying to find the mirror again, but it was nowhere to be seen. She even asked the shop owner about it, but he claimed to know nothing about it.

As time went by, London became increasingly paranoid. She would constantly check her belongings, making sure that nothing was missing, and she started to keep a journal to document all the strange occurrences in her life.

London decided to confront her mother with the information she had uncovered. She asked Ms. Thompson if there was any possibility that she had a twin. Ms. Thompson was taken aback by the question and her response was hesitant as she denied the existence of a twin. This made London wonder about the stranger she had seen with a child in a stroller and why her mother had warned her to stay away. Could that have been her twin? London pleaded with her mother to tell her the truth, explaining that she couldn't explain the strange occurrences she had been experiencing and the feeling of being watched constantly. However, Ms. Thompson refused to discuss it further and asked London to leave the room.

The next day, London discovered a note on her locker in her handwriting at school, signed by someone named Bre. The note requested that London meet at Ray's Cafe after school at five pm, and London knew exactly where it was.

London spent the entire day at school feeling uneasy, nervous, anxious, and confused. She couldn't wait for the day to end so she could finally meet Bre and find out who she was. She had so many questions running through her mind - could Bre be her twin, or was someone playing a cruel joke on her?

As soon as the bell rang, London rushed over to Ray's Cafe. However, upon entering, she couldn't spot anyone waiting for her. She took a seat and asked the waiter for a few minutes to wait for her companion. Time seemed to drag on as she stared at the clock on the wall.

Ten minutes passed, then twenty, and still, Bre was nowhere to be seen. Just as London began to lose hope, she heard the sound of the door opening. She turned to look and saw someone approaching her, wearing a hoodie and glasses. From the person's build, London could tell that it was a girl, around the same height and body frame as her.

The girl sat down at the table, and as she removed her hoodie and glasses, London was shocked to see her face staring back at her.

In disbelief, London reached out to touch Bre's face and confirmed that she was real. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, and then Bre spoke, saying that she had been waiting for this moment.

London was left speechless as Bre revealed that she was her long-lost twin sister. Bre could see that London was shocked. She then explained that she had been watching her from afar, waiting for the right moment to finally meet her. London suddenly remembered seeing a stroller when they were around five years old and realized that it was her twin sister.

Bre expressed a lifelong sense of incompleteness and a desire to learn more about her background. Despite her mother's assurance that she resembled her paternal family, Bre's curiosity persisted. After her mother's passing, Bre stumbled upon a locked box in her closet, which contained her birth certificate, photographs, and letters. These documents unveiled her true identity and the existence of her long-lost twin sister, London. It was revealed that Bre had been given away at birth by their mother, but now, after their emotional reunion, they could finally be a family.

London stood there and froze she could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she realized she was face to face with a twin sister. She didn't understand why would their mom give her twin sister away and why would she lie about it.

London asked Bre what do she want from her, Bre says I want to get to know my sister. Bre reached out and grabbed her sister's hand London pulled away and said I can't im sorry! She walked out of the Cafe! and went home. When she got home she went straight to her room as entering the room she noticed there was there on her dresser the mirror she saw in the thrift store but how, and where did it come from?

She ran downstairs to look for her mom and dad no one was home. London started to feel she was in grave danger and needed to act fast. She ran back upstairs to get the mirror and throw it out. as she enter her room Bre stepped out of the mirror and stood before London She was a replica of herself, but with an evil glint in her eyes this time. The evil twin smirked at her and spoke in a mocking tone. "Hello, London You cant get away from me I am here to take over your life." The life that was stolen from me. The two struggled fiercely, but London managed to overpower her evil twin and push her back into the mirror. With a loud crack, the mirror shattered, and London collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath.

Exhausted and shaken, London lay on the floor sobbing uncontrollably. When London's mother returned home and found her daughter in distress, She asked her what had happened London whispered Bre's name.

Ms. Thompson was taken aback and looked at her as she gazed at London in disbelief, her heart racing with every passing moment. "How do you know that name?" she asked, as she assisted London in getting up from the bedroom floor and settled her on the bed.

With a heavy heart, London revealed that Bre, her twin sister, had visited her and attempted to harm her. London was at a loss as to why she had been kept unaware of her twin sister's existence and why her mother had chosen to give her up. She was also curious as to what made Bre turn to evil and what was wrong with her.

Reeling from the shock of these revelations, Ms. Thompson found it challenging to console her daughter and provide an explanation for the distressing news, leaving her in a state of shock.

She spotted the shattered mirror lying on the floor and promptly began clearing it up, but she ended up cutting herself on one of the pieces. London's mother hurried to the bathroom to tend to her wound. In the meantime, Mr. Thompson walked into London's room and inquired about what had happened.

When London saw her father, she ran towards him with tears in her eyes and exclaimed, "Daddy, why didn't you tell me about my evil twin?"

Mr. Thompson, confused, turned to his wife and asked for an explanation. Realizing she couldn't keep the truth hidden, She asked London and her husband to take a seat. She recounted the day she went into labor and explained that she was alone at home when her water broke, as Mr. Thompson was on a business trip at the time.

I dialed 911 without delay and was promptly transported to the hospital as I endured excruciating pain. Though I waited for your arrival, the nurse informed me that the delivery was imminent. From there, my memory becomes hazy as I found myself in the delivery room with doctors encouraging me to push. After hours of labor, the doctor declared the arrival of not one, but two identical twin girls.

Upon learning that I had given birth to two gorgeous babies, my excitement knew no bounds. Nevertheless, my happiness was short-lived when the doctor disclosed that one of our twins, "Bre," had a unique birthmark on the back of her head. As I cradled both babies, I couldn't help but observe that Bre appeared dissimilar from her twin sister, London. Bre seemed to be constantly angry and always crying, while London was always smiling and serene.

I found it difficult to understand Bre's behavior. Despite the doctor's advice to get rid of her, saying that she was evil, I couldn't bring myself to do it. That night, while in the hospital room, strange things started happening, including objects moving around and unexplainable noises. When I woke up, I discovered London with a blanket over her face, and I had a strong suspicion that Bre was responsible for these strange occurrences.

I called for the nurse, explaining to her that Bre was evil and needed to be removed. The nurse agreed to take Bre away, and we all swore never to speak of what had happened or to see each other again.

When you were about five years old, I took you for a stroll in your stroller. Do you recall when I accidentally bumped into a lady? London replied, "That day is etched in my memory. I heard yelling and screaming, and I saw another stroller with feet hanging out. You were upset, but more than anything, you were scared." London's mother mentioned that the lady was Amanda, the nurse who had taken care of and raised Bre. I reminded her that she had violated our agreement and had been told to stay away and never come back.

As Mr. Thompson sat and listened to his wife recounts her story, he was struck with disbelief. "I had no clue this had happened to you," he exclaimed. His wife replied, "How could you have known? I never told you. The day after you arrived at the hospital, everything was sorted. You were only aware of our one baby, London, and were not informed that there were actually twins, making it impossible for you to know. I'm truly sorry for not sharing this with you earlier. I didn't know how to handle the situation."

London has forgiven her mother, but she remains concerned about Bre, who she suspects is still using magic to cause trouble. London believes that Bre has stolen things from her room, written notes in her name, and even placed a mysterious mirror in her room. London perceives Bre as a dangerous person and desires to ensure her safety.

Mr. Thompson tries to reassure London that he will protect his girls, but London's mother takes additional precautions. She requests that London sleeps in their room for the night, just in case Bre tries to return. Additionally, she asks her husband to schedule an appointment with a security company to install cameras both inside and outside the house.

That particular night, Bre was a no-show and London's dad took her to school the next day as usual. London went to her locker to grab her books for class and noticed a note inside her handwriting. It read, "I'm back! You can't get rid of me. I'm no longer a secret. I will claim my place in this family and then I will get rid of you." As London finished reading, the note caught on fire and disappeared when she dropped it.

In English class, London wanted to confide in her best friend Jewels but didn't know how to approach the topic. After class, London whispered to Jewels that they needed to talk. Jewels looked puzzled, but they made plans to up in the restroom for privacy. After ensuring they were alone London revealed to Jewels that she had an evil twin attempting to harm her Initially, At first, Jewels laughed it off, but when She recognized the gravity of the situation, she promised to help.

Later, when London and Jewels were sitting at their usual table in the cafeteria, Brian approached and asked London if she had changed her clothes because he had just seen her in the hallway. London and Jewels searched for Bre in the school, but she was nowhere to be found. Jewels suggested they check outside.

The girls dashed outside, their eyes scanning the surroundings, but still no sight of Bre. London spoke up, suggesting she might know where to find her. She recalled the first time she laid eyes on Bre, in a thrift shop mirror at the mall. Jewels eagerly agreed, prompting them to head straight to the shop. However, upon arrival, they found no mirrors there. London inquired with the owner if he had spotted anyone who resembled her, but he replied in the negative.

With no leads, the girls decided to depart, but not before keeping a vigilant watch for Bre's return. They retreated to London's house, huddling together to brainstorm a strategy to either track her down or coax her out of hiding.

The plan was to get Bre to trust London, But London couldn't help to think since she is a twin and Bre had some sought of magic could she have magic too?

London stumbled upon a hidden room in her closet. She found an old book, covered in dust and cobwebs. As she opened it, she felt a strange sensation wash over her. Suddenly, she knew things she couldn't explain, and her senses felt sharper and more attuned to the world around her.

In the following weeks, "Bre" remained elusive as London made a life-changing discovery - she possessed magical abilities, just like her malevolent twin. However, she opted to keep her powers hidden from her parents and best friend, Jewels. With diligent practice, London started to understand that her sister's magic stemmed from a place of malevolence, whereas her abilities originated from a place of benevolence, love, and light. Realizing the need to protect her loved ones, London knew she had to utilize all of her skills and intuition to outsmart her twin.

Bre had been keeping a low profile, biding her time and strategizing her return to usurp her twin, London, and swap their identities. However, she soon discovered that London had become aware of her own magical abilities, just like Bre's. This presented a challenge for Bre, who now had to devise a plan to carry out the switch without causing chaos, while also anticipating London's resistance.

Jewels had noticed that her friend London had been absent for a few weeks, so she decided to pay her a visit. When she arrived at London's house, Ms. Thompson informed her that London had gone to the store and suggested that Jewels wait for her upstairs in London's room. As she waited, Jewels noticed a strange light emanating from the closet door.

Curious, she investigated and discovered a secret room she had never seen before. Inside the room, she found a book, bottles of what appeared to be potions, and a mirror. As she approached the mirror, she felt a strange force and pressure coursing through her veins, and soon found herself unable to move. The mirror began to change colors, and Jewels were filled with fear and disbelief as she saw her friend's evil twin Bre's reflection staring back at her with black, malevolent eyes. In a sudden, terrifying moment, Bre reached out and pulled Jewels into the mirror, causing it to shatter and dissolve into dust, leaving no trace of Jewels behind.

To be continued... Tell me what you think should I keep going??? who wants to hear the rest?

As a new writer, I may not possess all the skills required to effectively express myself in writing, but I am committed to learning and improving. I have a strong desire to have my voice heard and to showcase my growth through my writing. I am willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve my goals.

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