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I'm a "big girl

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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Since I was in the third grade and couldn't find my house keys, my mother gradually noticed that I had some of the legacies of a maharaja. So she put a lot of effort into fighting my "maharaja".

I'm a "big girl
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Since I was in the third grade and couldn't find my house keys, my mother gradually noticed that I had some of the legacies of a maharaja. So she put a lot of effort into fighting my "maharaja". In the first semester of the fifth grade, the two-year battle finally ended with Mom's victory. However, in the first semester of sixth grade, my maharaja character showed a resurgence and Mom was about to face a new challenge. I'll tell you about a few of my classic madaha examples, hoping you can find the crux of the problem; if not, it can also be used as a counterfactual, so you can learn from it.

Classic "maharaja" case one: the key is missing

Reason for selection: The first "Madaha" experience, which started my "Madaha history" on the precedent, became my "Madaha ancestor".

Occurrence time: August 2014.

"I was at home in the afternoon of the summer vacation, I was trying to write homework for the happiness of the late summer. At that moment, my mom came in and asked me to lend her the house keys. So I carelessly went to get the key from my school bag and pounded it for a while, but I didn't feel anything. I was a little anxious and searched for the key with both hands, but I still couldn't find it. My face turned white all of a sudden and I stammered and said to my mother, "The key ...... key is not ...... missing." The mother was immediately on fire, angry, rushed to me, and admonished: "The key is not good, you can still manage what? I was so happy to see you. I was so scared that I didn't dare to leave the room. After she finished looking, she didn't have it, and after scolding me again, she ordered me to find the key immediately. I searched around the room until I was tired and sat down when I suddenly glimpsed the house key on my desk, pressed by my workbook, and the matter came to an end.

The classic "maharaja" example 2: forgetting to close the door.

Reason for selection: One of the most costly calamities brought about by a maharaja, so I had to write about it, to sum up, the lesson.

Time: September 2014.

"When I came home one day, I immediately felt the pressure of the trial: my father and mother were sitting on the sofa, and their eyes made me shudder. I put down my book bag and sat on the couch, ready to be lectured. Mom spoke up first: "Yin Boyan, did you forget something this morning?"

"Hmm?" My heart was full of questions, but I counted the things I did this morning: washing up, eating breakfast, and handing in homework ...... It seems there is nothing I didn't do.

Dad couldn't resist and open the door directly: "Yin Boyan, did you close the door this morning?"

Ah! This, as if, probably, seemingly not ...... mom looked at my silence, the voice again 8 degrees higher, and the eyes rounded, like a machine gun, like a continuous lecture on me, straight I scolded me to the end of the body, the blood of the dog. The last thing she seemed to do was to add "two more weeks of pocket money!" "Ah ......" My two eyes black, rested.

The classic "maha" example three: clothes hide-and-seek.

Reason for selection: This is the latest development, and can be used as a clue to explore the type and number of times I maharaja in the future.

Occurrence time: January 2015.

"After school, I came home and put down my school bag and picked up the "Bookworm Series" that my mom bought for me yesterday, and I didn't even know that my mom was home. It was only when my mother asked me where my clothes were that I woke up as if from a dream and reluctantly put down my book and went to look for my clothes. But, after going around the whole house, there was no sign of my clothes. I was anxious and impatient, looking for my clothes everywhere like ants on a hot pan. When my mom saw my behavior, she knew I couldn't find my clothes again and told me to sit down and think about it. I thought about all the places I've been since I left school and checked them out one by one. Finally, I targeted the small store.

So, I put on my shoes, ran out frantically, and rushed to the store. I stammered and asked, "Is there a dress here ......?" The aunt at the little store smiled, took my dress out from under the counter, and handed it to me. I breathed a sigh of relief at that.

At this point in writing, I have said all I want to say. In short, if you are a horse's ass, you will have a lot of trouble finding yourself. I closed the pen cap ...... Huh, where is my pen cap?

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