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Human Python's Enmity and Enmity

by Qaboos 2 months ago in Short Story
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In the mountains of southern India, all kinds of wild birds and beasts live.

In the high mountains of southern India, all kinds of wild birds and beasts live. Babani, a hunter who lives at the foot of the mountain, is in his early forties and has a sturdy body. He is the owner of a family of four. He has been hunting for 20 years for a living, and he knows the winding paths and caves on this big mountain like the back of his hand, so people call him "the land".

Into the python hole

One spring morning, he went up the mountain to hunt as usual, and when he searched around in the jungle, he found two yellow hares galloping, and when he was about to raise his shotgun, the rabbits passed through a pile of branches and leaves on the ground and disappeared. Barbani chased after him immediately, and suddenly, his body sank and he had a severe pain in his legs, and he found himself falling into a cave.

He looked up and leaned on a few rays of sunlight from the branches and leaves. He estimated that the cave was more than 4 meters deep, the mouth was small and the bottom was large, and the diameter of the cave bottom was about 5 meters. There was a mountain spring dripping from the cave wall, and when he touched it, there was moss growing on the wall. He suddenly felt a burst of despair and panic. Obviously, unless someone came to the rescue, it was impossible to climb out of the cave by yourself.

At this time, he heard a rustling sound from the top of the cave, and a pair of green eyes appeared at the entrance of the cave, and a large python entered the cave. Barbani was so frightened that he fainted. The python also seemed to be taken aback, curling his body more than 6 meters long across from Barbani, staring at Barbani. When he woke up, the python was still staring at him. He quickly knelt on the ground, knocked the python a dozen times, and kept pleading with it. At this time, the python rolled up the shotgun that fell into the hole with Barbani with its tail, raised its tail, and threw the shotgun out of the hole. Barbani fainted with fright again.

After an unknown amount of time, Barbani was awakened by a rustling sound. The cave was already dark. He noticed something falling from the entrance of the cave again and again, and when he touched it with his hand, he realized that a thick layer of dead branches and dry leaves had accumulated. The python entered the cave again and coiled in the original place. At this time, Barbani's fear eased a little. He felt that the python seemed to care about him and protect him. With the warmth brought by the branches and leaves, he fell asleep. When he woke up, the sky was already bright. The cave was empty, and it turned out that the python had already come out of the hole. At noon, two furry things suddenly fell from the entrance of the cave. He took a closer look and saw that it was two hare that had been bitten to death, bleeding, and one was still shaking. The python entered the hole, and it used its tail to push the rabbit to Barbani. Barbani understood that this was food for him, but how could he drink blood? He was flustered and at a loss, looking at the rabbit and the python. At this moment, he could see that the python's back was yellow, but its abdomen was not the white of a python, but dark gray. With the experience of hunters, he knew that this was a precious python.

The next day, two squirrels were thrown into the hole, and the third day was a large piece of bloody fur. Barbani had been hungry for two days, dizzy and weak, and in order to support his life, he had to try it, but as soon as he touched the meat, it caused a nausea, and then he vomited violently, and the extreme pain made him moan.

On this day, the python did not come out of the hole. It stared at Barbani for a while, closed its eyes for a while, and seemed to be thinking. Towards evening, the python swept Barbani away from his original position with its tail, which made Barbani half scared to death. The python swept him here and there, making a terrifying sound. Finally it lifted Barbani with its tail, and Barbani hugged the python tightly, but it threw him down again, repeating 3 times. Finally, Barbani realized that the python was going to lift him to the entrance of the hole! So, when the python's tail rushed towards him for the fourth time, he changed direction and rode slightly behind the python's tail, hugging the tail end tightly with both hands, so that his head was facing the hole.

The python raised its tail like a crane and lifted Barbani to the entrance of the cave. He immediately grabbed a thick branch and left the python's tail, and the man was already outside the cave. Success! He was infinitely excited to save his life. He knelt by the cave and kowtowed to his "benefactor" to thank him. Since then, every time Barbani went up the mountain, he always threw some prey, such as pheasants and hares, into the python cave.

Kindness and revenge

After three months, a hunting team that had signed a contract with the zoo found the python. The hunting team knew the value of the python and was determined to catch it. Therefore, Zhang Bang announced: Anyone who can capture this python, or discover this python and provide a real python nest, will receive a huge bonus. In the future, they can get various care from the zoo.

When Barbani saw the announcement, he was not moved at first. He must not betray the "benefactor" who saved his life. However, due to indiscriminate hunting and indiscriminate killing, the wild beasts on the mountain gradually became scarce. Barbani went up the mountain to hunt and often went home empty-handed, and the life of the family of four became more and more difficult.

So the announcement from the zoo loomed in Babani's mind again. He made up his mind in pain to find the hunting team leader, but halfway through, he turned back: "Never do such an ungrateful thing!" He swore in his heart. But the hardships of life and the desire for profit made him forget his oath again, and five days later, he finally became a popular guest in the hunting team leader's house.

Anaconda revenge

One evening in early winter, a group of hunters, led by Babani, quietly came to the hole where the python was hiding. One of the methods of catching snakes in India was to use drumming music to lure snakes out of the hole. According to Babani's instructions, the big iron cage that the hunter led to, opened the iron gate in the direction of the python coming out of the hole, and then the drumming music blew loudly. The python heard the music and shook its body for a while, but it still coiled and didn't move. The music became louder and sharper, and it was a little earth-shattering. The python turned from restless to lethargic, and finally climbed out of the hole and into the big iron cage. When it felt strange, the gate had fallen and the music stopped. A dozen hunters jumped out of their hiding places happily.

At this time, Barbani flashed out from behind a big tree. He looked at the python with guilt. The python glared at him with furious eyes. Barbani was shaking all over and hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed. When he got up, a yellow liquid ejected from the python's mouth and hit Barbani just on the right cheek. Extreme panic and a severe pain caused Barbani to pass out. When Barbani woke up in the hospital, his head was covered with gauze. To prevent the spread of the poison, doctors have shaved off all the muscles in his right cheek. When he was discharged from the hospital a month later, he found in the mirror that his right cheekbone was all exposed, which was terrifying. Since then, he has been dizzy and weak every day. Not to mention hunting in the mountains, it is impossible to even grow vegetables in the fields. His face smelled festering from time to time. His wife could not live with him and left him with the children. Two years later, Barbani died.

Short Story

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