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By dharanPublished about a year ago 2 min read

It was a stormy, gloomy night. In the distance, the trees could be heard squeaking due to the howling wind. John had been searching for a spot to stay the night while travelling for several hours. He was lost, and his phone's GPS was inoperable. He eventually came upon a sign for a bed and breakfast and made the decision to stop.

The structure appeared dated and damaged. As he entered, the space was unnaturally quiet and the door creaked open. From behind the reception counter, a woman emerged and identified herself as the proprietor. She gave him the key and led him to his room.

The wallpaper was flaking and the flooring creaked as he moved along the each stride he made. He attempted to turn on the lights when he got to his room, but they flickered before going out. He used the flashlight he had discovered in his suitcase to find his way around the space.

The air smelled musty, and the bed looked uninviting. He attempted to ignore his unease so that he could go to sleep. He was soon startled awake, nevertheless, by an odd noise. Someone appeared to be moving along the hallway.

John stood up and looked out into the pitch blackness, but he saw nothing. He went back to bed since he reasoned that it might have been all in his head. Nonetheless, the noise persisted and seemed to be growing louder.closer.

The door to his room squeaked open suddenly. In the doorway, a cloaked figure emerged. John attempted to activate his flashlight, but it was inoperable. As the apparition drew nearer, John could make out that it was a female.

She had long, flowing clothing on, and her hair was untidy. She gave him a lifeless stare while twisting her mouth into an unnatural smile. John screamed, but nothing came out.

John could feel the woman's breath on his face as she drew nearer. He attempted to shove her away, but his arms pierced her body completely. Her voice was terrifying as she started to murmur in his ear.

Go out, she commanded.Before it's too late, get out of here.

John struggled to rise from the bed but his legs remained immobile. He was frozen with terror. The woman continued to murmur, and John could feel her breath on his neck.

The lights flickered back on abruptly, and the woman vanished. John exited the room clumsily and sprinted down the corridor. He understood that the woman who had just entered his room was the bed and breakfast's proprietor when he spotted her standing at the end of the hallway.

She grabbed him by the arm as he attempted to run by her. She said, "You ought to have listened to her. "It's too late now."

John experienced a severe neck discomfort, and everything hurt.grew dark. He was laying on a chilly slab in the bed and breakfast's basement when he awoke. His realisation that he was not the bed and breakfast's evil owner's first victim came as he was encircled by additional bodies.

He cried out for assistance, but he was certain that nobody would hear him. He was entrapped and was aware that he would perish there. - THE STORY WRITTEN BY -ALEXANSE


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    dharanWritten by dharan

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