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by NEIL ZIMDAHL 2 months ago in Adventure · updated 10 days ago

Thriller drama

God, I miss her.

She cried till I put my arm around her telling her it would be alright. Then my taxi to the airport arrived so I kissed her, and told I loved her.

Even despite that cat of hers Sheba, its proud strutting, patrolling our fence line. Her uniform of black fur, beautiful and dangerous. Focused, this cat’s not sitting on the fence she’s ready. Her militant behaviour a hard pill to swallow.


Two Valium washed down with a beer. This storm, and the thought of the flight home rattles my nerves. Business drinks at a local Thai bar went late last night. Alcohol flowed freely but wasn’t all that was on offer. Her delicate hand on my arm, her smile. I flashed my wedding band and said no thanks. I knew who this stunning creature was, and her price tag. Risk was big in my life right now, so I didn’t want to put my marriage in jeopardy as well.


Sheba’s watch was obsessive, and God help any creatures trying to cross fence onto her domain. Velvet foot her movement stealthy, barely breathing blending her into the background.


A background, a stormy dark night with lightning and thunder. Chaos in the heavens, Emotional (chaos) in me and I just watched her walk away. Her gait, the curves of her body and I just watched her walk away. The part of me that just wanted her and I just watched her walk away.


Undergrowth movement the prey maybe unseen by Sheba’s eyes. The creature feeds where it can. There’s no boundary, it’s just safety and survival.


One case, a carry on loaded and I’m safety belted in. The taxi moves away. Plenty of time, and no news of weather cancellations. Through the window, a rainy market where an old man sits smiling toothless his monkey on a lead. The monkey’s dance halted at leads end, still it tries. I breathe deeply as I watch this creature continually trying to cross a line at the end of a lead but failing each time. Arriving the driver pops the boot and I pay the fare plus tip.


Grass blades sway tipping unnaturally for just the breeze. The creature’s heartbeat quickens, danger above. Sheba spots the grass moving and stops dead, to scan. Left, right intensely she scans.


Scanning the airport, I spot the check in and roll my airport cart towards it. Handing over my ticket I lift my case hitting the latch purposely. Its contents spew out over the floor. Quickly I feign panic desperately stuffing the adult toys, and lingerie back in. Shut, its hoisted over and I mouth they’re for my wife. Hoping the check in clerk has bought the act. Checking my boarding pass I proceed.


No free passes. Sheba can smell fear. The creature bordered by her gaze. Unable to move in any direction. Its heartbeat in panic mode.


Choosing to buy apple juice over a mother drink I wash down two more Valium, then wait for my flight to be called.


Sheba is poised, still, and focused, her scan razor sharp as is her claws, but she waits for movement to pounce.


My flight called, and I follow the passenger movement till I’m in line. Valium kicks in, euphoric feeling I’m daydreaming I’m home with my wife and we’re happy she loves the present I bought her. The future looks bright. Suddenly awakened from the daydream face to face with the stewardess I hand her my boarding pass. Her smile crumbles.


Sudden movement.

Pounce, lightning speed.

Sheba has the creature.

It’s all over.



Surrounded, guns trained.

Bag, secret compartment found ; package found.

Cuffed, led away wishing I could change my yesterdays.

God, I’ll miss her!



As a writer I started late. Photography was my main focus but writing quickly took over. I like most writers am on a journey of discovery and am looking forward to whats just around the corner.

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