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Hey, aren't we all

by I am me Amanda Nissen/Champion 4 months ago in Short Story

searching for a friend for the end of this world

Hey, aren't we all
Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

I connected with Natalie a lot more than I did, with the Jenny of the house or even the Hollie, as this person has a bug in its ear, it stated, "your going to get me kicked out of my own mothers house." Out of no where this is said by the wanna be Gunner, he was just repeating what was said to him in his ear, by the limb baby killer. She did it once, which is how I ended up where I am, dreading waking up. When I lived with Natalie, until I got hunted down by the poisoner, who was able to poison me one time, then she got kicked out.

I come with benefits, my presence comes with perks, and a like minded female is who I would want to share those perks with. However, organized crime got me to where I am now, and wall after wall between anyone I could count on, like they can count on me, is shut off. All for this Registered Nurses and more benefit, even when they don't deserve it.

The Natalie before the home invasion is someone I would want to explain something to, and anyone who is human would want to go search it with me. There is no harm in checking out what I have seen many times, and what makes sense to me and anyone that was there in my 20's. Then the true colors of someone showed up, and you guessed it, it got blocked off, it is my property, since I am the only kin and my father is no where to be found. Sleeping, inside a location that at this point, I need the same safety.

Anything is possible when you have just one friend, just one ride or die person willing to go the distance with you, to be set for life, and enjoy the rest of this life we are in. We may not be friends right now, but she is the one I would chose to go on this adventure with. Why? She is a truth seeker, she doesn't want to steal what is already set in stone, and the mental health people are my people and we should be set for life, and I know how to get us there. If only she would say screw this bitch and these snake boys, we are going to go get this on our own, after all it has been way to long and the ever changing boys/girls in that basement are the ones who want to take everything from me and not include me in anything.

Up until the home invasion, the unwanted intrusion, she is the one I wanted a bond with. She has dreams, goals and works on them like myself, we deserve this. Seeing how she fled the coupe that isn't even theirs, see even hero's know when to back out, life has been hell, and I want her back, not the fraud, but the woman who would let me have my dance studio, shit with what I am holding in, which the boys and girls who try constantly to steal it from me, got me out of my mind for 48 hours straight and still didn't get what they wanted. I see now that the eye level frauds are the ones who want my life, they don't want to share my life with me, they just want to take it and then take me out like my friend was.

Natalie stands for the right things, up until her face was used to divide and conquer, but they haven't even got a clue to what they wanted to steal and now seeing things clearer, I don't need luck, I need a woman who wants another woman as her friend, someone to keep the fake ones away, and with what I need someone to come with me for, we could go buy our own place where none of them know where we are. Someone who is willing to be there for me at my worst, deserves my best, and that is what we need to go get. We need to go get ourselves a new life and go on adventures, no boy under 6ft allowed in our presence. I just wonder if she is down to screw what others think and go for it.

Meaning come pick me up, I won't give the answer away until we see what I am talking about, so no users allowed. Someone who is happy for other s success, not someone who sees a small step forward, and then jumps in faces to ensure no forwardness is allowed, like who died and made any of these irrelevant bitches king? No body, in fact what I am pursuing is also the key to find my father, and to travel on the Canadian side from Oregon to New York, and finally see the better side of Niagara falls.

All I need is one true to me person, and we are off to get life changing things. For the both of us, genuine, consistent energy and help a girl back up after seeing the shit show drag me down. I am beginning to realize that the ones who background check them, are no body, knows something is there, but it't been there for so long, that if you just came about in 2011, you don't know where it is. Therefore, finally the frauds worst nightmare would come true, I would never need them again and she would never need whoever gasses her to her room, so he can be a player, well wanna be player if you ask me, a real one.

That would be the ultimate revenge against these kids who still act like children from school, go off with someone they don't know, but someone who knows enough to keep them away from us. I know where it is and all I need is for the real one to woman up, and ward off all these abusers, take me somewhere safe, tell me the truth, and then we would be off to a better life, a life that people with good intentions and genuineness deserve, not the ones who got kicked the first time they poisoned me, (as you know, you made them leave after that was done) around me daily poisoning me. We don't need police, we just need each other, fuck the past, let's move on and we could both show each other a life neither one of us has seen before, now they are getting really chaotic where I am, so she would have to come quick, to prevent any cracking of anything. The basement fraud already got his second chance, but Natalie, the one I was more hoping to build a relationship with over face and personality as well as height changer, and that is our revenge. They tried to pin us against each other and now if she does her part, I will do mine and we will live happily ever after. Two strong willed independent females showing the circus occupying my bike right now, that they didn't prevent anything, all they did was cut themselves off from something life changing. Here they just gas me, and poison me before I can get to what is rightfully mine and I chose to share it with a like minded person who could probably use a care free, no frauds walking up in that place break, spa treatments. He had his chance, this side of town is not where I want to be, it is also not where I belong. The projection of Good luck, is just that projection. People keep telling the 2 who occupy the kitchen room that, because good luck getting in my good graces ever again, divide and conquer, I know what they want, I know where it is and they don't have the clearance to even be on that property any longer, so yes I would like to offer a second chance to someone whose pure hear and not there to manipulate, so basically say goodbye to everyone there since Oct 2020, and Natalie, you should come adopt me, because I feel safe in your energy and I can change our lives and prove to the divide and conquer team that all they did was bring us closer together. While yesterday is on their way to look for something that I bet, once found bells and whistles go off, so I am legit the only one that can be on that property for any reason, but especially this one.

I can't get out of this shit show alone Natalie and the boys and girls dressed like boys, already ruined their second chance times 10, so come get me and lets go get what everyone is dying to have, but it's mine and only mine, and I chose who I share it with. See once the fraud got a car, he thought he had it figured out, just like yesterday, and discarded me, because they are that delusional to believe it's anyone's but mine. All the stories I could tell you on our way, you road trip it often, take this trip with me and lets disappear, because I do know where it's at and my fathers left it for me, so forget the past and lets go graduate, a duo no one ever saw coming!!!

Many people have tried to take what is put away for me and who I chose to share it with, so fuck yes, we are going to get it on our own, without anyone trying to divide us, they have strayed out there, even cut down the trees my father loved building for privacy, because they aren't me and only I can connect the dots, I am asking you to save me from this gas chamber, so we can go and change our lives and hopefully become besties while doing it!! I hope to see you soon, full of common sense and a moral compass, lets go get it!! Then rub in their faces that they are not us, let's prove them wrong. I chose you, for a second chance. Basement blew it, let's go change out lives. Let's graduate already!! I hope you feel the same, and could be here shortly. The real you, the one I connect with and laugh with! Don't let broke, miserable squatters win, lets come together now! Let's change our lives now!

Let's give each other a chance, without the dummies who say we have no say, when it's really them with no say! Save my life and I will change yours for the good and forever! I need my life saved, like today, and I know your thinking about me and that is why we should eliminate the chaos producers and just talk one on one, something that the basement told me not to do. I need the help of a real woman, not a manipulative boy, and men aren't looking great to me, I have given so many chances, let's go live our best lives, not try and take each others life. I heard someone say, they will get me up their, but what they don't understand is I don't want to take over anyone who belongs their ground, I want to team up, get glowing and make last year, the last year we deal with that basement fraud, who changes faces, stories, you name it, he changes it. Team up with THE ONE!

Just come get me Natalie and take me under your wing, and that freak show trying to steal lives, will have no choice but to leave, since we both know!

Short Story

About the author

I am me Amanda Nissen/Champion

Just someone with a lot going on in her life, currently it's not as positive as my life usually is, but I am writing my way through it. After all nothing lasts forever..

I am hoping for more positive creations, and not true crime issues.

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