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Heart of love

by McCann, West 3 months ago in Short Story
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Morgan is a small town in northern Europe.

Morgan is a small town in northern Europe. The society here is harmonious and the folk customs are simple. There is a custom in the town. Every Christmas, the town organizes residents to select the most knowledgeable person, the most diligent person to work or work, the most compassionate person, the oldest and The most affectionate couple.

  It was Christmas again. In the evening, after a cheerful dance party, everyone gathered on the lawn in the center of the town and began to select this year's "five-star" winners.

  After judging the star of erudition, the star of hard work, the star of love, and the star of health, the star of benevolence was finally selected. Before anyone could propose a candidate, Grigal, the owner of the cake shop in his sixties, stood up, looked around, and said excitedly, "Ladies and gentlemen, I propose that Little Sean be elected to our town this year. The star of benevolence." As soon as these words came out, everyone shouted, some stared at him with bewildered eyes, some shook their heads and sneered, some shrugged and spread their hands, expressing incomprehension. You know, Sean is a 4-year-old boy, what does he know about benevolence? Mayor Hardy smiled and said, "Mr. Grigal, nominating Sean, are you kidding me?" "No kidding, dear Mr. Mayor." Grigal repeated unequivocally, "I solemnly propose Sean as the star of benevolence!" Hardy asked in surprise, "What's your reason for mentioning Sean?" Grigal said emotionally without hesitation, "It was little friend Sean who helped me through the saddest moment of my life and gave me the courage to live..."

  Grigal's wife died suddenly of cancer in the first half of the year, and Grigal, who had no children, suddenly fell into a state of grief and loneliness. It was a bleak autumn day. In the evening, he sat at home and was saddened by the portrait of his wife, and couldn't help crying again. At this time, Sean's mother heard bursts of cries from the neighbor's house, sighed, and called her son, who was playing in the garden in front of her wooden house, and ordered something. Sean nodded and jumped over curiously, seeing Grigal sighing tearfully, with a handful of sleeping pills in his palm. So he leaned over timidly, raised his immature face, and asked, "Grandpa, you, you... why are you crying?" Grigal suddenly saw the innocent and lovely little Sean, and the feeling of loneliness suddenly hit him. On the contrary, he cried even more. Seeing this scene, Sean was infected and stopped asking questions, but crawled into Grigal's lap obediently, and cried sadly... cried for a while, and then said decently: "Grandpa, don't be sad, if you have difficulties in the future, please find me!" Seeing that the childish child in front of him who had nothing to do with him was accompanied by crying and saying such comforting words, Grigal was very moved, hugged Sean's head, choked and said, "Good boy! What a good boy!" So the crying slowly stopped. Sean also quickly wiped away his tears, jumped down, and pestered Grigal to play games with him. After a while, Grigal's mood was cheerful, and he finally gave up the idea of suicide.

  In the future, as soon as Sean heard the neighbor, the old man Grigal, crying, he obeyed his mother's orders, ran over to cry with him, and then played with the old man happily... Slowly, Grigal came out of the shadow of widowhood, still working hard to run the cake shop, living as before.

  After Grigal finished speaking, everyone did not criticize, and unanimously agreed that little boy Sean was the "Charity Star" in this year's town.

  After the selection, Hardy asked Sean puzzled: "Dear little Sean, you are the youngest person in our town to be rated five stars. I don't understand why you are so moved by Mr. Grigal? At that time, what else did you say and do?"

  Sean pouted and replied, "No! I first sat in the old man's arms and cried with him, and then said that I had difficulties and came to me!"

  Cry with him? Have trouble coming to me? Hardy laughed after hearing this, hugged Sean and kissed his little face excitedly, and said, "What a sensible child!" At the same time, he seemed to have realized something, and thought to himself: Of course I want someone to share happiness with me. When people are in pain, they may also need someone to share it!

  Ten years later, one day in June, Grigal died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage. When Hardy and several people were cleaning up the relics, they found a suicide note left by Grigal. In the will, Hardy was entrusted to gift all his deposits in the bank 6 million crowns to Sean, saying that Sean's benevolent act ten years ago made him Give up the idea of suicide and live happily for ten more years...

  When Hardy sent the huge deposit certificate to Sean, a handsome 14-year-old man, he didn't expect Sean to accept it. What's going on in the face of the huge sum of money? Hardy was very puzzled and asked, "Sean, Grigal's suicide note is clearly written, he has no relatives, and he has appointed you as the legal heir to his property. Why don't you accept this money?"

  "I, I..." Sean hesitated to speak, lowered his head, his face flushed.

  Hardy shrugged gracefully, spread his hands, and said helplessly, "Since you refuse to accept it, as Grigal's client, I must act in accordance with my will, so I have to give this money to your mother."

  "No! No! You can't give it to my mother!" Sean looked up, shaking his hands in a hurry.

  "Then... why?" At this time, Hardy was like falling into a fog.

  Seeing that he couldn't hide it, Sean finally embarrassed the reason for accepting Grigal's inheritance.

Sean's mother is a greedy woman. She had long known that Grigal had made a lot of money running a cake shop for many years. After Mrs. Grigal died, Grigal was also very old. He was alone and had no inheritance. What would happen to the money? She thought about it and wanted a piece of the pie. When she learned that Grigal was widowed all day long, she arranged for the lively and lovely Sean to carry out an emotional "bribe" to win Grigal's favor and get a sum of money in the future. Like crying with the old Grigal and saying that if you have trouble coming to me, she taught Sean. Think about it, how could a 4-year-old child say and do that? After Sean was sensible, he finally realized her despicable purpose from her mother's words. Sean was ashamed of this, and he had already made up his mind that he would not ask Grigal for 1 crown.

  After hearing this, Hardy couldn't help feeling angry at Sean's mother's dirty psychology, but also felt gratified by Sean's noble qualities. After being stunned for a while, Hardy narrowed his eyes and asked: "Since you are unwilling to accept Grigal's estate, I will not force it. As the legal heir to the estate, what do you think should be done with the money?"

  Sean seemed to be thoughtful and said quickly: "I suggest using this money to set up a Grigal Charity Fund in the town to help those in need!"

  "That's a good idea!" Hardy patted Sean on the shoulder and exclaimed, "You are truly a benevolent star in Morgan Town!"

Short Story

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