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He Always Loved Himself Until...

by Rabia Hafeez 6 months ago in Mystery
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He laughed to himself, "He always loved himself until he found out he was sick!"

A sliver of orange light filtered over the landscape as the sun began to rise above the horizon. The last rays of sunlight began to go away as the night became darker.

My face was warmed as the orange colour of the sky started to bounce off of it; being in such a tranquil and quiet environment was a wonderful experience.

In the mornings before school, I'd come out here and sit on the hill for as long as I could, taking in the view of the area below me and the surrounding mountains.

The beauty of nature and its wonder brought me great delight, and the view from the top of this hill was much more spectacular since I was surrounded by it.

The question is: "What the hell are you doing up here?" When I turned around, I noticed a guy sprinting at me from behind me, which I thought was funny.

"Oh, see, here is my typical morning shouldn't actually be here, however, since folks generally come up here to be alone themselves." It was a hasty response, delivered with a stumbling awkwardness. After a while, he said, "How you doing?"

Taking a second glance back at the horizon, "It's just watching the sun rise..." I replied simply.

Then, with a chuckle on his face, he replied, "I could see that, you don't have to answer my question with one of yours." My attention was drawn to this statement, and I remained quiet for a time before responding.

"What are you doing up here so early in the morning. It seems to me that you should have been in school instead." I inquired, attempting to divert attention away from my bizarre acts by asking a question.

I started looking around behind me thinking he had gone or something when he swooped down and gave me a kiss on the cheek out of nowhere. I was completely taken by surprise.

I have a strong sense of self-acceptance. And then he was gone again, sprinting off into the distance as rapidly as he could, leaving me stunned and perplexed as to where he had gone.

It was always a pleasure to adore oneself. "I was always happy with myself." I yelled out loud, uncertain of what to make of the situation. Though it was the first time I had seen or spoken with this individual, he left an indelible impression on me that I couldn't shake.

Yet another school year has begun, and I haven't met a single person on campus, not even a single person from my previous year. How am I going to go through another year by myself?" I wondered. As the days dragged on, I reflected on my thoughts.

The fact that summer was ended and the new school year had begun meant that fewer people were sitting outdoors for lunch, and instead they all went inside to interact with one another in their cliques, something that would have been lovely to have when I was in high school.

Stranger, what are you doing here? "It's been a long since we've spoken together, how have you been?" a voice from behind me said.

The guy who had kissed me at my favourite location was there when I turned around. Thank you for your inquiry. "Oh, hey there, thanks for your inquiry. This seemed like the ideal moment for me to apologise to him for being so harsh to him earlier when he approached me, so I answered cautiously.

Then he stopped me off by putting his finger over my lips and said, "Listen...about what happened up on the hill...well I'm truly sorry for how I acted...there are no excuses, but..." His grin and poke to my shoulder said, "It's alright; let's just forget it ever happened."

"It does make logic," says the speaker. he turned around and started walking away from me, I said to him And then there's the question of "Where are you going?" I inquired as he kept going down the corridors towards his next class, leaving me perplexed once again as to why this lad had such a weird affect on me.

This year was unlike any previous year up to that point; it didn't even seem like high school anymore, and everyone had managed to be accepted into a top-tier university programme out of nowhere, which meant graduation was coming rapidly for all of us students.

All we ever did was study and go to class every day with a tremendous sense of satisfaction in our hearts because we knew that one day we would be able to realise our goals and accomplish all we'd set out to do since we were children.

The day of graduation is a day I can't wait. While time appeared to be moving even more slowly this year, I reminded myself that the holiday season will be here before long.

We were all jammed into the same room once again, where our principal stood after years of dedication and hard work. "Greetings, graduates! You have successfully completed your high school education.

After today's graduation, I'm sure many of you are looking forward to beginning a new chapter in your book titled "life," but before we graduate today, I'd want to share something with each of you that will help you achieve in your future endeavours:"

He talked in a rousing tone till the doors abruptly opened in the background. It was a surprise to see who had decided they couldn't wait until the conclusion of his lecture to enter, but it was Principal Johnson's new secretary who had caught everyone's attention.

Taking a few minutes away from his theatrical pause to inquire, "Can you tell me your name?" "Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate. As graduation approaches, I'm still working on finishing my speech."

"Wait a minute, you're going to have to take a moment because what I'm about to say—" he hesitated once again as everyone saw that her expression was out of character.

There was a brief moment when it seemed like she was sobbing, but nobody would have noticed. As a result, they weren't even sure who she was, so why should they bother attempting to console her?

Could be that she truly did interrupt their graduation ceremony without a good cause, and they were really angered by her actions.

"Is it because you've been sobbing that you're looking so sad?" his voice became more anxious as the question was asked. The fact that you are here doesn't really matter to me, but if anything has occurred, I'm going to-"

"It doesn't seem to be an issue. Please, just give me a chance to finish." her voice was desperation-filled as she interrupted.

"Consider the fact that your speech was cut short a terrible enough situation. Take the opportunity to entirely miss your graduation ceremony!

"She sneered, then went back to doing what she had come here to do in the first place: writing. The call came in from your mother, who informed you that a family gathering was necessary.

"Family meeting?" he inquired, chuckling, before eventually exhaling a breath of relief and turning to face the assembled group of individuals. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems that my grandma has died."

"What!?" As some of the females started to weep, the other girls gasped in disbelief. The thought of not having him around was difficult for them to contemplate; they had been so used to seeing him on a daily basis that it seemed as though he belonged in their company. They were all sad, believing that he would never return, but little did they realise that he would...

"Let's face it, this is ridiculous! There is some good news, too!" As his look became more serious, he managed a cheery grin. "No inheritance or anything like that was left to her; she spent all of her money on useless items. The one exception, however, is..."

"I'm curious as to what it is. Someone screamed from the crowd, excitedly anticipating what might possible make them feel better about the loss of his grandmother; but, while they waited to find out what he was going to say, it seemed as if he had been frozen in position for the whole time.

No one could tell what was wrong with him, but before anybody could figure out what was wrong, he eventually started talking again...only this time it wasn't in the upbeat tone that he had used only a minute before, instead there was a trace of grief behind every word he uttered this time.

His speech had the distinct impression that she was going through some type of grief process, but no one could put their finger on it. "Everybody, please accept my apologies. We haven't known each other for very long, and I understand that."

If everything is in order, please tell me. Principal Johnson interjected, his voice tinged with worry in its tone. However, I don't want to put you under undue strain. However,

With a less-than-enthusiastic tone, he interrupted, "No, it's OK."

"Everyone here will be graduating today, and I'm delighted that we had the opportunity to meet one another. However, some of us had more unexpected interactions with one another than others," says the speaker. " His disappointment could be heard in his tone of voice before a slight giggle could be heard in his voice of voice "I just wish we had gotten to know one other a little bit better."

"Hey!" His voice was full with anxiety as Principal Johnson said. What happened? It seemed as if something major had occurred. How come no one alerted him to this situation earlier on?"

Do you have any reason to believe that no one did it?" Before continuing, she chuckled, "he was always proud of himself till...," she said.

I was like, "Wait, what did that?" When he realised what he was about to say, his eyes widened with terror. I'm curious as to how long.

"Didn't anybody else think of it? Before continuing, she chuckled, "he was always proud of himself till...," she said.

"Please! I need clarification-"

Until he discovered he was ill, he was completely in love with himself. She interjected before giving out a tiny laugh, as if it were some kind of inside joke between them, and the rest of the crowd, who had been puzzled by the entire event, let out a relieved giggle.

Although they were first concerned, they quickly recognised how ludicrous it sounded and how much time they would have lost thinking about him if it had turned out to be anything more dangerous after all.

Everyone could hear the sound of her heels slowly fading away into the distance as she spoke in a professional tone. "Principal Johnson, I apologise for interrupting, but we need to get started," she said in a professional tone, but everyone could hear the sound of her heels slowly fading away into the distance. They were clearly not going to receive a response from her, and even if they did, it would be years before they recognised how ridiculous their position really was. It's worth remembering that there was no such thing as time travel or any form of supernatural abilities back then."

Certainly, this is correct "While turning around to face the audience again, he mumbled something under his breath, full of remorse and sadness.

Please accept my apologies on behalf of everyone; I should have been more self-aware and not let my stress to get the better of me recently. He seemed to be sincere in his words.

The fact that he expressed real regret for what had transpired should not be misconstrued; no one should be allowed to suggest differently! In the future, I'll make it a point not to bring anybody else down with me.

As Principal Johnson tried his best to break the ice once again by starting a discussion, "Well," he concluded. The fact that everyone seemed to be a little uneasy after that final statement was probably due to the fact that they didn't want him to feel horrible about himself any longer. What he was feeling was understandable; after all, who wouldn't be? She may have passed for an aunt or anything similar to that to them. In light of your recent concerns about your future, I believe that things are turning out for the better. "

There was a collective nod of agreement, as if everyone was trying to persuade themselves that everything was going to be okay. Indeed, he has said that he has lately been offered a better employment opportunity, and even if it is out of state, it may be to his advantage in the long run! Although she couldn't be with him every day, she could at least keep an eye on him from time to time, just like she would with her own family."

The man added, his voice tinged with a little excitement, "I'm delighted you believe that." The gesture means a great deal to me.


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