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Haven’s Peak Anthologies: Her Name on the Wind

by Dee Jay Kay 12 months ago in Horror
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Story three of six

Day 1

My dearest Aoife,

I hope this letter finds you well. I have recently become betrothed to a loyal man named Finneas. I am utterly smitten with him, dear sister. However, as you travel from Dublin to Belfast, I have some upsetting news for you. Finneas has been hired as the head carpenter for an expedition to the Isle of Haven’s Peak. It is upsetting because it means that I am leaving you before you return. I am excited for my prospects on the Isle. Hopefully, Finneas plans to build the church after our home is built so that we can be married. When that happens I will send out an invitation for you to join us on our special day. I will write again once we have settled in and the postal service has begun on the Isle and across the sea. For now my dearest sister, Bon voyage as they say. E.

Annie Kilpatrick had read the letter a thousand times and on the journey to Haven’s Peak this would be the thousand and first time. Or at least that’s what she had believed. She had found the letter in a memory box belonging to her mother after she had passed. Her mother had died a few months earlier and Annie unfortunately had no other family to speak of. The first time she had read the letter she was intrigued by the prospect of having family so close to her but never knowing about it. Her mother and grandmother never mentioned them. She pondered the letter and thought about her great-grandmother Aoife, whom the letter was written to. ‘Maybe Aoife never got invited to the wedding and maybe they had a falling out,’ Annie thought to herself. She hadn’t looked forward to anything since her mother passed and it brought a slice of hope in her newly darkened soul. She watched out at the water as the boat arrived and had already found a room in the local inn. Annie made her way to the village as quick as she could in hopes of finding her lost family sooner.

Day 2

Annie had had no luck on finding anyone who had surname Kilpatrick with the founders. She had already asked the Innkeeper whom had sent her to the church for the records. As she poured over the books, she found nothing. She walked past a notice board which had missing posters on. She looked closer at one of the posters and noticed the name Winn. Annie felt a pang of sadness as she too felt a recent loss. As she turned to move on, she noticed a second poster underneath it. Founders Day, it read, if you would like to help seek out the Pastor who resides in the lighthouse. ‘Odd,’ she thought, ‘I was at the church and the pastor lives on the other side.’ She shrugged it off and headed towards the lighthouse. As Annie approaches the waters edge and stared at the peak where the lighthouse stood, she noticed a abandoned pier leaning out over the water. She stopped as she thought she heard someone call her name. She turned around and the wind picked up. She shook her head and moved forward.

As she reached the lighthouse, it was nearly dark and the light was shining out across the sea. A man stood outside and appeared to be admiring the light. Annie approached cautiously. The man spoke with a thin Irish accent, “the names Pastor O’Shaughnessy.” He smiled at Annie and welcomed her towards him. “It’s mighty late to be up here how may I help you?”

“Hi, my name’s Annie Kilpatrick. I saw that you were holding a Founder’s Day and I actually arrived to find my family whom I believe helped found the island. It’s stupid.” She shook her head and was about to turn and head back. “Wait,” the man spoke, “it’s a long walk back to the inn and it’s rather late. My wife and I would love to have you over for dinner and we can discuss this.” Annie hesitated before nodding courteously.

The Pastor’s wife had made a lovely stew and Annie had lapped it up. She hadn’t realised how she had not eaten all day until she smelled the cooking. After they had eaten, the Pastor excused himself and Annie and led her to an old library. He pointed towards a worn looking chair and pulled a small wooden chair nearby. “Please sit,” he urged as he walked to the shelves. Annie went to sit in the wooden chair when he shook his head. “No, no, you’re the guest and that chair is mighty comfy.” He continued searching the shelves as Annie moved into the seat. ‘It is really comfy,’ she thought to herself. He returned moments later with a large book. “Now you’re a bit late for Founder’s Day. But this book was signed by all settlers who came to the island,” the Pastor explained. He flicked through the first pages and found the first name. “It has a bit of back story on why we wanted to settle here but if you have any family then you can find the name in here and can see if any have remained on the isle.” He placed the book in Annie’s hands and left her to her own devices in the library.

Annie awoke a couple of hours later by the wind whistling outside. She would have felt cold but she found a blanket laid over her. She searched for the book and noticed it had been placed next to a small note on a table nearby. She wrapped the blanket around her and walked to it and read, Annie, we found you asleep. If you need anything to eat or drink please help yourself. See you in the morning. She smiled as she looked at a little smiley face written at the end. As she made her way back to the chair she could hear someone call her name. It didn’t feel like it was coming from inside and she walked to the window staring out to the sea. Annie hesitantly opened the window and noticed a broken wooden perch. She leaned out cautiously and heard nothing. She shrugged her shoulders and closed the window. She made her way back to the chair and fell back to sleep.

Day 3

Annie was awoken by the smell of cooked breakfast and decided to join the Pastor’s wife in the kitchen. “I didn’t get your name, I’m sorry,” Annie apologised. The pastor’s wife was humming and turned to her. “It’s Siobhan, my dear. And don’t worry you were rather hungry last night,” Siobhan giggled. Annie hadn’t realised last night but Siobhan seemed to be heavily pregnant and offered her a hand. The two women cleaned the dishes before eating as the Pastor walked in. He plated up the food and invited the duo to join him. “I would have cleaned up, dear,” he began, watching his wife blush, “anyway. Annie, did you find anything before dozing off?”

“Erm, no. I got quite a bit in and stopped when the dates changed for the second year but no one with the name Kilpatrick was ever a founder. The closest name is an Edith Sullivan.” She looked disappointed. The pastor and his wife have a look of concern, that Annie hadn’t seen. “Well maybe she didn’t sign with her maiden name…” he began.

“No, it’s fine. I’ve got two more days here and then I’ll return home. They might have decided against coming. Who knows. Maybe someone knows who the Sullivan’s were.” She finished her food and hurried out. She thanked the couple for their hospitality before heading back to the Inn.

She apologised to the Innkeeper who explained the Pastor had rang and explained so it was fine. Annie couldn’t help but feel welcome here. It was a warmth her city didn’t offer. She enquired about anyone with the surname Sullivan on the island but no one had that name. She decided to go for a walk and to just enjoy the sights whilst she could.

Annie enjoyed the ocean breeze in her hair and walked along the coastal cliff side. She met a handful of other people whom all seemed friendly, although a couple seeming had blood shot eyes and hurried on without interruption. She didn’t mind it as she was used to ignorance from the city life. As she watched the sun recede behind the pointed rocks, she made her way back to the Inn for her final night. As she reached the door, the wind picked up and she heard someone call her name. It sounded familiar but distant. Although hesitant and cautious, Annie decided to head towards the sound of her name.

Annie quickly found herself near the light house walkway and by the decrepit pier. She looked around and noticed the sound was coming from a woman sat on the edge of the pier. Annie slowly made her way towards the woman as the call grew louder. As she reached her, she felt compelled to sit next to her. She didn’t even look at her but knelt down and watched out across the ocean. The woman’s voice was gentle and soothing, it reminded her of her mother, as she began to sing quietly. Annie was entranced by her.

Hours had gone by and suddenly the wind stopped. “You we’re looking for family, my dear Annie.” The woman spoke elegantly. “Now, you found them.” The woman stood up and fixed her outfit. “Now I’ll leave you to my fate.” As the woman turned around and began walking down the pier, her image began to change and soon it appeared as though Annie had returned to the walkway. “Goodbye, thanks for the second chance,” the woman called out, her voice now the same as Annie’s.

Annie couldn’t turn, nor could she move. She had felt the woman leave her but felt too weak to do anything herself. Annie began to feel herself drift away, and thought she saw her mother floating above her, arms outstretched as if to welcome her. With Annie’s last shred of life, she smiled and reached her hand to the floating figure before being engulfed by darkness.

The Final Day

“Well I thought I’d come and say goodbye, and honestly to see how you got on,” the Pastor explained as he walked towards the port, “did you manage to find anything that could link you to your family, Annie?”

“No, unfortunately not. If they were here they are definitely gone now.” The pastor gave the bags to a crew member. “Well you’re more than welcome back here anytime,” he shouted as he watched the girl rush on the ship. She shook her head and grimaced. “No, I don’t think I will,” she grinned as the wind picked up and blew her hat onto the ocean. The pastor stared at her and couldn’t help but think that there was something different about the woman he had met to her now. As he watched the ship sail away, he thought he saw a glowing Annie hoover above the sea but shook it off as nothing before returning inland and to his wife.


About the author

Dee Jay Kay

Hello there people, I am an amateur writing, interesting in getting my work out there, and for people to read it. Let me know what you think. Dee Jay Kay x

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