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Guy keeps pranking girl

Watch what happens when a 17 year old male high school junior keeps pranking his female classmate

By Jordan HarrisPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

It was a warm spring day at Thomas Jefferson High School. Kids could finally get out of their winter jackets and put away their hoodies, (Unless it was raining.) friend groups were planning to do things with each other after school and on weekends, and the seniors were getting ready to graduate. Things were looking up for the students of Thomas Jefferson High. But not all was perfect, because this high school, like any other had a lot of troublemakers, bullies, pranksters, class clowns, etc. But the most notorious prankster at the school was a 17 year old junior named Zach Davis.

Zach has been pranking his classmates, teachers, and other peers since he was in kindergarten. And every time he got caught, he would usually have to write sentences or he would get detention. But he never learns his lessons. After he gets punished, he would usually go back to his old ways. Nothing ever worked to make him more well behaved, so his parents gave up on trying to teach him a lesson, but did warn him that karma would come back to get him. But he laughed every time his parents told him that.

Zach pranked a lot of people in his grade, regardless of cliché or social status. Like the time he put laxatives in the jocks' Gatorades, or the time he put sneezing powder in the Science Club's volcano. But out of all the people he pranks, his victim who he pranks the most is his classmate Alyssa Andrews. Zach has been pranking Alyssa ever since she moved to his town when he was in the fourth grade. The first prank he ever pulled on her was putting a live worm in her hair, which grossed her out completely, and she has hated him ever since. Other pranks he pulled on her over the years were whoopie cushions, snake-in-nut cans, fake mice, fake spiders, fake snakes, and many more. What Alyssa did not know is that Zach secretly had a crush on her, and the only reason he pranks her is because that is his way of expressing his feelings towards Alyssa.

Zach was in the cafeteria eating his lunch, when he spotted Alyssa at the table with her friends. He then was thinking of a prank to pull on her, but then remembered that she would not fall for any of his previous pranks, so he had to come up with a new idea to prank her. After he planned the prank, he walked to over to her table. Alyssa and her friends noticed and grew annoyed. "What do you want Zach?" asked Alyssa in a whiny voice. "Nothing" said Zach, "I just wanted to talk." "About what?" asked Alyssa, "On how stupid you are?" her friends laughed when she said that. "No" said Zach getting slightly mad, "I wanted to talk about you being part of my magic trick." Alyssa then thought about it for a few seconds, and even though her friends tried to warn her, she accepted. Zach then got the attention of everyone in the cafeteria and said he was going to do a magic trick in and everyone got excited. Then he took out an entire gallon of milk, and poured it on Alyssa's head, followed by, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and pickle juice.

Everyone in the cafeteria was speechless while Zach was howling with laughter. Alyssa then runs out of the cafeteria sobbing, Alyssa's friends were glaring at Zach, and so was everyone else in the cafeteria. Zach is wondering why no one is supporting him and people were telling him that he took it too far, calling him a jerk. Even the bullies were shocked at Zach's actions. Zach walks out telling them they have no sense of humor. Some of Alyssa's friends walk into the girl's bathroom to ask if she was ok. She was washing the stuff out, still crying. "We've got to get Zach back" she said, with her voice shaking "We've got to teach him a lesson for all the crap he's done to everyone." "But how?" asked one of her friends "He's the prank master. He's not going to fall for anything." Alyssa thought about this for a second, and said "Meet me after school today. And tell other people to come as well."

The next day, at the end of the school day, there's an announcement on the PA saying that there is an assembly for the juniors. Zach runs to the auditorium to find out that he is the only one in there. He then walks onto the stage to goof around. Suddenly, tar is dumped on him, and then he gets feathered. Then Zach gets honey and sunflowers seeds poured on him as well. He is confused for a second, then the entire junior class walks in bursting into laughter and pointing their fingers at him. Even some of the teachers were laughing at him too. Zach then demands to know who was the mastermind behind it. "It was me" said a voice. Zach turns around and sees that it was Alyssa, grinning. "This is payback for all the times you pranked everyone, especially me." One of Alyssa's friends says "Who's the prankster now jerk?" and everyone goes back to laughing at him. Feeling humiliated and embarrassed, Zach walks home in shame.

At home, after washing the stuff off, Zach tells his parents about what Alyssa did, and they reminded him about karma, and recommend that he apologizes to Alyssa. He thinks about it, then reluctantly prepares to apologize. The next day, he walks over to Alyssa's house, and rings the doorbell. Her mother opens the door and Zach says he wants to talk to her and says Alyssa is in her room. When he gets there, Alyssa says "What are you doing in my room? Are you going to prank me?" Zach then says no, and says how sorry he was for the prank he pulled on her and the pranks he pulled over the years, he said it was not his intention to be a jerk, he was just having fun. He also finally tells her on how he always had feelings for her, but was too scared to admit it so he used pranking as a way to express himself. Alyssa then smiles at Zach and then tells him that she forgives him. Zach then vows to never prank anyone again, and Alyssa couldn't be any happier. Zach then asks Alyssa for a hug to prove that he truly is sorry, and she agrees. The two then hug for awhile, and Alyssa whispers in his ear that she's always liked him too. Then she leans forward and kisses him, and after they were done kissing, Zach asks her on a date on Saturday, and she says yes. Zach then walks out of Alyssa's house feeling like a new person.

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Jordan Harris

Just a 20 something college student trying to find his way in life. I'm new to the writing world so give me a chance.

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