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by wangliang 2 months ago in Series
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Chapter 23 Coffin of King Lu of Seven Stars (One)

My EYES WERE FIXED A WHILE, HOW ALSO CAN NOT MOVE, but do not know whether to eat the relationship between the armor on the belt, although my head can not turn over, but actually did not appear hallucination. My eyes were in a trance, but my mind was clear.

At this time, I suddenly heard the voice of the third uncle they rushed over, Shouting in the heart is not good, they have not tasted the fox corpse magic, do not know the fierce, trade rushed over will certainly cause trouble. I WANT to SHOUT TO REMIND THEM, BUT MY THROAT SEEMS TO be stuck by something, open mouth but what words also can't come out, I almost want to burst blood vessels.

Suddenly I had a flash of inspiration, found that my hand can move a little, immediately two hands have made a pistol gesture, the gun pointed to the fox corpse's head, keep the point, in the mind straight call: Pan, you this time how also want clever point, this action you still don't understand you really can go ****!

Just POINT A FEW TIMES, BEHIND A GUN RING, THE HEAD OF GREEN EYE FOX CORPSE WAS IN FRONT OF MY WHOLE SON HIT EXPLODED. I was opening my mouth at that time, the corpse water almost exploded my face and mouth, I almost immediately vomited out, this thing is more disgusting than ****, I almost vomited all the things in the stomach, only to turn around and see the distant Pan holding the wound in one hand, the other hand is doing OK to me. I cursed insinuantly and wiped the corpse water off my face with my sleeve.

It was a long distance from SAN Shu to the altar, and there were vines all along the way, which was very dangerous. However, SAN Shu was very clever. He used stones to attract the vines first, and then passed by himself, and soon they climbed the altar. He is very afraid of me out of the matter, immediately come to see me have no matter, smell the smell of my body he is a frown, almost spit out, I was not too cool, see him so, go up to give him a hug, put his nausea of the poor fall down.

I saw them all safe and sound, think of A thing, ASK A way: "THIRD uncle, in the main tomb you how to leave me run away, his mother frighten me dead, that devil place I a person HOW STAY down?"

The THIRD UNCLE LISTENED, THROW OFF HAND TO GIVE BIG KUI A HEAD KNOCK: "I ****** LET THIS BOY DON'T DISORDERLY TOUCH THING, HE IS NOT LISTEN." Then he said what he met again, they in the burial chamber one ear room, see a curtain wall, general tomb in curtain wall, that there must be a hidden behind the room, they also didn't think naturally, this ancient tomb, any secret door is open, down three uncle how smart people, find a authority at a glance, it's a pity that the great kratos competitors, Third Uncle has not been clear, the organ has been pressed by him, and then just like us, fell into the tomb of the West Zhou Dynasty in the next layer, then the plot seems to be very twists and turns, third uncle said more and more ridiculous, I think he almost said to the place where the edge, busy let him stop.

Third uncle said: "you still don't really believe, you look at me these guys." He took a black box from behind his back, clicked it, and it magically turned into a gun. I know a bit about guns, and this one is famous, so I was shocked.

It's a folding Arez submachine gun, 9mm caliber, it shoots pistol bullets, it's about the size of a Chinese cigarette, it's a little less than 50 pounds, it's easy to use, but it's also unstable because it's so small.

Third uncle said that they also found several bodies in the tomb, this gun and some ZHA medicine, are from the body, not only that, the place is full of bullet holes, it seems to be a bad fight.

I carefully examined the gun, very confused, it seems that the previous batch of thieves in the tomb, very well equipped, at least better than us, do not know what is the origin? All these people came in and didn't come out. Have they all died here? If not, where are they now?

I thought while leaning on the sacrificial platform, did not expect this seems to be very strong stone platform will not support me, I have not pressed all the weight, the sacrificial platform suddenly sank, low down half. We were so startled that we crouched down, thinking we had set off some kind of trap. We heard a series of cranking sounds, starting at our feet, and finally a loud crash on the distant stone platform. We looked up and saw that a large opening had been made in the huge tree behind the platform, and that a huge bronze coffin had appeared in the opening, secured by iron chains. The chains had been joined to the tree, and had been wrapped around the bronze coffin several times.


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