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Getting To Know The Other Royal Kingdoms

by Julianne Algueseva 4 months ago in Fantasy
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Chapter Five of the Magic of the Dragon Princess

Sitting at the table, I didn't want to look at anyone because of what I had done. I was about to cry, but my brothers kept on giving me a thumbs up behind my father's back. I didn't know what to do or say, so I took a big gulp and swallowed my pride and said, "Dad, are you mad at me for doing what I did to the guests?" Terrified and worried about what he would say, with a look of disappointment he started to smile and reply, "honey if I was in your position for twelve years not knowing whether or not I was going to eat, I would have done the same thing. By no means is this your fault. Everybody here is your friend and they understand." I paused for a second and thought, "I guess he's right." Hugging my father I knew things were going to be fine. "Honey," said my mother, "I don't think I properly introduced you to the other eleven kingdoms."

Taking me by her side she showed me all the guests that were sitting down in the other chairs. She said, "You already know Queen Fanga from the fourth kingdom, but you don't know her daughters, there are ten of them, they're about your age, maybe a little older." Whispering in my ear she said, "There used to be ten boys but Queen Fanga ate them. If you talk to her about what happened she'll just deny it." "This is King Poe and Queen Raven, and their lovely children; they are from the second kingdom of the Royal Mystic Gypsies." The family waved at me and said hello. To my sight King Poe looked like a normal young man with snowy white hair and greenish-blue eyes. He was wearing a white renaissance shirt with tight leather brown pants and dark suede knee-high boots.

Queen Raven also looked like a regular lady with black hair and fair skin, but her eyes were like a reptile. She was wearing a long dark orange medieval dress that changed colors when she moved. I also noticed the small fox she was wearing on her shoulders, interesting enough it was alive. The creature had butterfly wings and many tails. My mother whispered in my ear again, "don't let their appearance fool you. They're really older than they look. Oh, and another thing they are extremely gifted in enchanting items, foretelling the future. I've also heard they know a couple of fairies that grant wishes, and there's a lot of other things we don't know about them. We believe that's why they are called the royal mystic gypsies." The next family she showed me at the table was the third kingdom, home to the winged ones.

My mother said, “Another name for their palace is Puresdale. It's actually a floating castle, and try not to stare too much at King Chaste and Queen Purity, or their children, they really don't like it." Staring at the hooded creatures even though my mother said not to. I was trying to see what they looked like under their hooded robes. I said to them politely, "would you mind if you would remove your capes for me, please?" Chaste replied, "We don't usually remove the cloaks unless we're in our Kingdom, but we'll make an exception." The hooded being's took off their capes, I gasped and said, "You, you look exactly like an owl. Except you're more human-like." Interrupting me Queen Purity said with a smirk, "where did you exactly hide Princess Jennibelle from,"… Before the owl woman could say anything else King Dallyath appeared behind my back, and gave a glare of warning to her. I turned my back and said, "why are you looking at them like that, father?"

Strangely glaring back at him, wondering what he was hiding. With a concerned voice I asked him, "Dad, where's my little animal friends?" "They're in your room," replied Dallyath. "Please, would you bring them down here with me?" I said calmly. The dragon king shouted, "James, Jonathan, come here!" Immediately within a flash out from the kitchen came two butlers. Both were bald, one was very short the other extremely tall, the odd thing was they looked like humans, but with pointy ears and light green skin. I asked my father what kind of creatures they were, he replied, "their leprechauns." He whispered, "but, the tallest one has a growth disorder of some kind. We're still trying to find a cure for the poor fellow." "James I want you to go get Jennibelle's friends from her room. Jonathan, I want you to go get the cages," ordered Dallyath. "Cages? My friends don't need cages! They're perfectly tame, they would never hurt anybody, nor would they run or fly away." I shouted at my father.

"Look, dad, I can talk to these creatures, they're really nice, and"... but to my eyes I could tell my words fell on deaf ears. With a most stern glare my father shouted back at me, “you are my daughter, and I don't think it's a good idea to let wild animals run amuck in our kingdom!" James and Jonathan came rushing down the stairs. They had the owl, the fruit bat, and Mr. Whisk's family in what seemed to be small golden jail cells. Both butlers carefully handed me the cages. Gazing at my friends, they looked so sad and frightened, so I let them out. All the royal families gasped in astonishment at the fact I disobeyed my father's orders. My animal pals nuzzled me and said thank-you. I replied, "You're very welcome." My father had a furious look on his face, but that look suddenly turned to amazement as the creatures perched on my shoulders and the rest in my robe pocket. My mother pulled me aside with a nervous voice and she said, "Anyway, sweetheart, this is King Sol’ro, Queen Evalyn, Queen Loretta and their children.

"Why does he have two queens instead of one?" I asked my mother. "Well in the fifth kingdom of the Semi-Precious Stones also known as Gemspark Castle, they have different rules as well as the other kingdoms of this world. If we were to travel to the different royal lands we must abide by their laws, and that goes for them too," my mother replied. I asked her what kind of creatures they were. My mother said with a slightly agitated voice, "why don't you ask them yourself. It never hurts to ask questions. Remember that, okay?" Looking at these royal creatures with their greenish skin and giant tusks, I thought to myself, "I know I've read about these creatures somewhere." Thinking back in my mind, I remembered at Basiliskah's erie bookstore there was a book about folklore creatures, "fairies, no…hob-goblins, no…wait a minute! I know what they are, their trolls."

Asking King Sol’ro and his queens a lot of questions, they finally said, "okay Jennibelle, I think we've answered everything you needed to know about our kind. Now let your mother introduce you to the rest of the royal kingdoms." My mother brought my attention back to what seemed to be two seven foot giants, one was female, the other male. Both looked like they were twins. My mother said, "This is Princess Astrid and Prince Hoyt. They are the children of Queen Ingrid and King Jaro; they are the rulers of the Sacred Lands of the Farming Giants." With a whispering voice I said to my mother, "if those are the kids, where's the parents?" Suddenly from another room, in the distance there were several loud booming footsteps that were approaching.

In through the large double doors of the dining room came a thirteenth foot woman dressed in a beautiful renaissance dress with a crown of flowers on her head and a fifteenth foot man in medieval clothing. They both took turns squeezing through the door because of their massive height they almost touched the top of the ceiling of the castle dining room. "Hello Princess Jenibelle. It's very nice to see you again," the giants said. "It's very nice to see you too," I replied in a nervous voice. Even though I couldn't remember them, it seemed that everyone remembered me. My mother showed me yet another family of royals, the rulers of the seventh kingdom. She said with a smile, "These are the monks of Mirage Mountain, they are the guardians of the Flaming One."

I interrupted her in confusion saying, "Why are they wearing different kinds of bird masks and again with the capes and hoods, I don't understand that." With a gentle and relaxed sigh my mother replied, "Well honey, if you just calm down I'll tell you. According to legend these royal priests and priestesses live on top of an active volcano. They have devoted their lives to guarding the Flaming one who lives inside of it, and every five-hundred years their volcanic monastery erupts, but instead of spewing lava it pours out healing tears. These monks travel all over this world to sell these tears, even for one small vile cost you a horn and a tail." I said in amazement, "Those must be some really potent tears then." I smiled at the masked individuals, and all of them nodded back.

My mother took me by the arm gently and showed the next royal family. "This is King Zale and Queen Avalona and their children, they are the rulers of the Underwater Palaces of the eighth kingdom, they are Mer-People, they can only come up to the surface if they are dry and not wet." These fish-like beings had iridescent blue and green scales on their face. Their arms and legs had sharp fins, and were dressed in the finest yellow gold. I asked, "What happens to them if they do get wet?" "Our legs turn back into tails and fins." Interrupted King Zale.

"But how can you breathe the air? I thought fish couldn't do that?" I said in a confused tone. "Every once and awhile we can come up on land to breathe the air. As long as we have lots of water to drink so that way we don't get dehydrated. It's a magical kind of thing,'' replied the mer-king. The next royal family my mother showed me was the Kingdom of the Wild Furies. Much like the owl people, but except for the owl part, they were land mammals. "This is King Leon, Queen Panterah and their children," I smiled at them. "Hello Princess Jennibelle," the royal furies said with soft purring. "Hi, how are you doing this fine morning," I replied in a nervous voice. Looking at these beings wondering why they had strange looking collars on their necks. Before I could say anything else my mother butted in and said, "Honey, who are you talking too?" I said right back, "King Leon and Queen Panterah, I was about to ask them a couple of questions."

"Sweetheart, King Leon and Queen Panterah don't speak English, they talk like animals and the creatures of Wildeblood Kingdom as well. They can only speak English through those collars on their necks. You have such a vivid imagination, little one." King Leon tapped his collar and adjusted the dials. As he cleared his throat and stood up, the large anthropomorphic lion man pounced over the table and said to my face, "you have a gift young one." My father came rushing over to say, "what happened, what did she do?" My mother right beside me started to say, “King Leon says our daughter has a gift.” My father replied, “a gift? You don't actually think she can talk to animals do you?" King Leon said with an assured face, “I didn't notice till just now that our collars were on off mode, but your child has the gift to talk to us without this nagging contraption on our necks.” My father taking another gander at me then at my animal friends on my shoulder and pockets then looking at me again saying, “well, this makes a whole lot of sense. I really need to set down now," As my father slowly went back to his chair, my mother sort of smirked, she then started to take me by the claw to show me the last royal kingdom.

Staring back at my dad, he looked very tired yet worried, but the most recognizable feature that was on his face was that he was terrified. I wondered why he was like this. Bringing my attention back to the other royal beings, my mom introduced me to the tenth kingdom which was the Four Castles of the Tribal Kings. “This is King IronEye the eldest, King GoldenHeart the second eldest, King SilverSoul the third eldest and finally King CopperHead the youngest. They all are gifted blacksmiths and martial art masters." To the looks of these four kings the oldest brother had one eye that was normal, but the other had an iron patch, he looked like he was having a bad morning. King GoldenHeart appeared very happy and yet excited for some reason I didn't know why. The third sibling was leaning back in his chair and had his fist on his chin. I think he might have been concentrating on important matters. Although I'm not quite sure what he was pondering about, he didn't even blink when I smiled or waved at him. The youngest brother however was arguing with one of the servants, he looked very displeased.

I asked all of them, "where are your wives?" They replied all at the same time, "They're in the ballroom setting up everything for your surprise birthday bash." My dad slapped one of his claws against his face and said, "You had to say it out loud didn't you? Really guys, really?" It took a moment for me to remember but yes, today was my birthday. Excited and thrilled, I jumped up and down ecstatically. In all my life I've never received a party. Sure, I've seen them in books and heard the wild gatherings down below that King Scorp and Queen Ursa hosted, but I've never received one in my name. "So where is this ballroom?" I asked my mother and father eagerly. They replied, "Let everyone finish their breakfast, sweetie. Then we'll show you."


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