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Fun in Huangshan

by Test 2 months ago in Short Story
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After another busy semester, we took advantage of our summer vacation and went to Huangshan, one of the most famous mountains in China, to enjoy the scenery and relax.

Fun in Huangshan
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

After another busy semester, we took advantage of our summer vacation and went to Huangshan, one of the most famous mountains in China, to enjoy the scenery and relax.

We drove the car to the foot of the mountain, took the cable car to the halfway point, and started hiking up the mountain. As soon as we left the cable car station, a bean-like raindrop fell on me like a drum. With a tilt of the head, you can see the mountain straight into the clouds, like a soldier who is standing guard, a huge body standing like steel, shrouded by clouds and mist is even more beautiful, although at first glance just a white, but a closer look, the mountain's verdant still defy the clouds to show a little color. Although hazy, and not very clear, let a person a feeling of mistakenly entering a fairyland, as if the next fog will come out of a white-bearded, crutches immortal. Almost ten o'clock, to reach the hotel on time in the afternoon, we climbed up more vigorously. After about another hour, we reached the first peak, Shixin Peak. There was an observation deck on the peak, and when we looked down, we saw that all the huge rocks were 90° vertical, and the rain was flowing down the rocks very fast. The flat rock surface was smooth and unbelievably smooth, without a single blade of grass, kind of like the top of a bald giant's head. "The weather here is bad, and for various geological reasons, no plants can survive on this rock face." One of the guides said. After about another half hour of walking, Mom and Dad's shoes were wet, wet anyway, and then wet again, so they began to play with water with their feet as they walked, and now and then a beautiful splash of water bloomed around their feet, and then fell with the laughter of the two, forming one small halo after another on the waterlogged road. I was wearing shoe covers and my feet were not wet at all, but seeing them having so much fun, I couldn't help but throw them off and start playing in the water. I saw a pool of water, a kick too, suddenly, cold air all over the shoes, although I said "bad", my heart is very happy. After a while, the rain became heavier and heavier, the road became muddy, and our raincoats also pulled out several openings due to excessive force, and the cold wind went straight to my body, but with the encouragement of my family, I still persevered and arrived at the hotel.

When we got into the house, we turned on the heat, dried our clothes, and went to eat dinner. Halfway through the meal, I was attracted by a strange sign on the table that read, "Every bite of rice you eat has to be picked up by the mountain pickers, and every bite you pour out has to be picked down the mountain." There was also a worker's sweat-soaked face painted on the side. I looked at this face for a long time and couldn't help but think of the muddy road and the biting cold wind just now, and I couldn't help but have a little respect for him, and I hurriedly ate the rest of the food in the bowl.

The next morning, we put on our backpacks and dried shoes and set out on the road down the mountain. Within a short while, we reached yet another windy spot, One Line Sky. It's a trestle with boulders on both sides, and the sky looks like a line when you look up and get the name. We did not get close, we heard the sound of the wind inside "whistling", must be another windy place, I could not help but button up my clothes. It's true, once inside the stacks, I don't know which direction the wind came whistling and I shivered, and carefully walked in. We topped the wind, in the huge group of rocks in the east around the west for about two minutes, in front of the eyes opened up, only to see that we walk by the mountain, the other side is the cliff, my heart and "thump" a little. The wind was even stronger, and our two hands grabbed the handrail like a lifeline, and I felt that my hands would be caught in the gale as soon as I let go. My clothes were blown "clattering" straight. In this way, we moved like ants little by little across the stack.

Later, we walked through the hundred steps and other attractions, and finally took the ropeway down the mountain and returned to the parking lot. Although this trip was not long, it was fun to experience a different kind of scenery!

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