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Force a husband to marry another, why the story of killing

by Hanla.qiaozhi 2 months ago in Short Story
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A husband loves his wife with passion

Xia He Yu and Lv Ruo met in the winter of 2000, they work in a private enterprise in Wuhan, one is an accountant, one is a cashier, frequent contact let each other's hearts hit out of the spark of love. They got married hand in hand on the National Day of 2001. The next year, the birth of their son Li Li made the couple's life more fun.

In a blink of an eye, Li Li turned 3 years old. One morning, summer rain took his son's hand and sent him to the kindergarten. While crossing the street, a car sped up to the pavement despite the red light. Xia He rain instant wake up from the scare, hard to push his son to the side of the road, but avoid being hit by the car fly...... When she came out of the coma, four days later, she found that her legs were missing at the knees!

She is only 28 years old, no legs, the future of life how to go on? Painful summer rain thought of suicide - jump, but she did not have legs, want to commit suicide is not easy. When the ward was empty, she moved from the bed, broke her head and bled, and finally moved to the window. The pain of the wound made her unconscious. When she came to, she saw her husband, Lu Ruo, holding her hand in tears. She said sadly, "How can you be so stupid? If you go away, how can I live alone?"

Lived in the hospital for most of the year, summer rain finally discharged. Work can not do, housework can not do, even their own eating, drinking and washing have to be carried out in a wheelchair. Xia He rain can not accept such cruel reality, temper becomes more and more irritable, even love in front of her son also dare not close to her.

One night, Xia He Yu scolded Lu Ruo for no reason. Sad Lv Ruo chuai on a pack of cigarettes ran outside to relieve boredom. At this time, the mother of the summer rain went to her daughter and said bitterly: "How not easy he is! For you, he not only to earn money to support the family, worry about you all the time, compromise to bear your unreasonable trouble and picky, but also have to force a smile...... You don't want to drive him crazy and run away!"

Lu Ruo is indeed a competent husband. Every morning before dawn he gets up to cook milk, bought soup bag snacks and then wake up summer rain dinner; Worried that she would be overwhelmed at home, he subscribed to many magazines and increased the speed of the home broadband to make it easier for her to surf the Internet and watch movies. Clothes and quilt covers at home are cleaned after he comes back from work; Whenever his wife was constipated, he would dig out with his fingers bit by bit... Think of here, Xia He rain shed remorse and guilt of tears, when Lv Ruo late night from the outside after smoking cigarettes back, she apologized to him for the first time, temper from then on also slowly meek a lot.

However, the summer rain unexpected is also difficult to accept, because the recovery is not ideal, she not only lost both legs, reproductive organs also because of traffic contusion, can not lead a normal sex life. Complete body and normal sexual function, these two have no, summer rain unbearable pain, she thought of suicide again. She took advantage of the absence of her mother and husband, and rolled her wheelchair up to the windowsill. She was about to jump when her young son spotted her. The son held her, crying while Shouting "mother", crying let Xia he rain can not malicious heart down.

When Lu Ruo got home, he knew about this and hugged her and said, "Rain, don't be silly. There is no love, but we still have feelings. Believe in yourself, believe in your husband, believe in our marriage and our unhappy but happy family! '

From 2006 to 2012, Xia Heyu and Lu Ruo's marriage has been in peace for 6 years. Lu Ruo has never abandoned and cared for his sick and disabled wife for 6 years. All THE relatives and friends have the same evaluation to Lu Ruo: "Good man!"

Six years of marriage, forced to marry another

Every time Xia Heyu sees her once handsome husband wasting away and aging prematurely due to overwork, she will be full of guilt and say to him: "I can't give you the tenderness of a woman, let you can't live a normal man's life, we'd better divorce, I'm voluntary..." Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Ruo would put his hand over her lips and say firmly, "How could you be so stupid? I'm here for you, of my own free will! As long as you live, you will always be my wife, and no one can take your place in my heart! '

From the husband's point of view, it was not his wife but his son Li Li who really bothered him. Li Li is 9 years old. He is in Grade 3, but he is naughty and naughty, and his academic performance is not good. One evening, Li Li's head teacher Qiao Tingyan came to visit Lu Ruo and his wife. She said, "Li Li is a very clever boy, but he has a strange personality. He is rebellious and precocious." Through this home visit, Qiao Tingyan finally understood that Li Li's performance had a lot to do with his family, because his father was too busy taking care of his mother to pay attention to his education. The kind Qiao Tingyan very sympathetic, they offered to make up for the obligation to force force.

The next evening, Qiao Tingyan came with her daughter Miaomiao. Li Li and Miao Miao are the same age, in the same grade but in different classes. Later, Qiao Tingyan found that the two children get along very well, so they were transferred to the same class and deskmate. With the teacher's care and guidance, Li Li's personality has changed greatly, and his academic performance has also improved rapidly. In the final exam, Li Li actually took the third place in the class. Out of gratitude, Lv Ruo and summer rain decided to invite Qiao Tingyan family to their home for a potluck.

Xia He rain to see Qiao Tingyan just a person with the children came, just blame her, why not bring her husband. Qiao Tingyan blushed and replied sadly, "Well, I don't have the blessing of a big sister. I have such a good husband. I got divorced three years ago and he cheated on me..."

That night, summer rain insomnia. In her eyes, her husband is a good man, Miss Qiao is a good woman, but they are not happy because of the other half of life. Summer rain suddenly thought: the same is a good person why can't they form a pair, live a good life? However, summer rain can not take the courage to make a decision, the most important thing is, she will not love her husband for many years to surrender.

A few days later, Lu Ruo caught cold because she took care of the summer rain in the evening and had a bad cold. Xia He rain looked at her husband with a high fever around her busy to busy, a sour nose, finally made the decision: "abandon" her husband, the beauty.

Xia He rain know rashly put forward a divorce, Lv Ruo will certainly flatly refuse, she said to him calmly: "Joe teacher orphan mother strange not easy, you have time to go to her home to see, what need help don't stand by." Unknown Lu if did not want to agree. From then on, Qiao Tingyan came to help with lessons, and Lu often went to her house to help move heavy objects, fix taps and so on. One thing after another, the two families seem to be a family.

See the time is ripe, Xia He rain to Lv Re frank: "we divorce, Joe teacher character is good, I see you quite suitable." Lu Ruo immediately objected: "Are you sick again? I thought we were supposed to be together forever." No matter how to persuade the summer rain, Lu If is not agreed to divorce. Xia He Yu began to fast, Lu Ruo also fast; Summer rain and deliberately lost his temper, hit the bowl, said he had already with Qiao Tingyan good. Whenever this time, Lu Ruo never argued, let her vent, after he said nothing to clean up the mess on the ground.

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