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Flowering. Approach. Part 3: A discussion with Mother.

by Thavien Yliaster 6 months ago in Series
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The young mother set her foot on the path of Life. "Is the way long?" she asked. And her Guide said: "Yes, and the way is hard. And you will be old before you reach the end of it. But the end will be better than the beginning."

The series and artwork are both a work in progress.

Warning: Flowering is not a lighthearted series. It is not my intention to mislead those who read it, thus misleading the perception of the series itself, leading your hearts astray.

Please, "take this lesson to heart." - Wetah and LaRha

Without further ado, let the story commence.

By Nathan Hulsey on Unsplash

After eating their apples in silence, everybody went off on their own business. For Zephyr, he was outside the hut making string out of the tall grass, and tying them together with sticks.

“Are you making another fish trap?” LaRha stood over him, interested in what he was working on.

“Yes.” The anger still seethed within him. He wanted to be angry, and short with everybody. He was happy about Xelu’s apology, but still angry at his parent’s answers.

“You know Xelu can’t eat those, right?”

He nodded his head, “Yes, but if I have more fish to eat, that means I won’t eat as many forest creatures and fruits. This means that Xelu can eat more as well, and I get to eat more, ‘cause it’s different.”

“You make a fair point,” LaRha was happy about his thought process, “but you also like to eat fish. So, it’s more of a benefit for you than it is for her.”

“Well,” Zephyr looked for a rebuttal, “if I want to eat more, whether it’s fruit, herbs, or meat, isn’t it best that I eat what others cannot eat, so I don’t take away from them?”

“So, you want to make sure that everybody has a full plate?”

He nodded his head eagerly. “Full plates means full bellies.”

She giggled at that, “Okay baby,” she sat down next to him, “how about I help you with that?”

“Do you like to eat fish too?”

“Honey, I used to have big puddles full of fish.”

“Can we have a big puddle full of fish too?”

She laughed at that, “I wish we could, but having a big puddle full of fish means that you can’t eat them whenever you want. You have to let them live and grow.”


“Yeah, so that means that you have to wait, and be patient. Until then, you can continue to collect them from the river.”

“If I bring some back, will we dig a hole to keep some fish in?”

“You’ll have to dig it yourself, and fill it with water first. Fish need water, just as we need air.”


“So, what do you plan on catching today?”

“I hope to get some shiners, blue speckles, and pinchers.”

By Autumn Bradley on Unsplash

“Oh, I like the pinchers. Especially the tails.”

“They’re yummy, and the shiners when put over a fire and made crispy, their bones are crunchy and I don’t have to worry.”

LaRha laughed at that, “I know that’s a reason why you liked them, especially because you enjoy eating quickly. If you slowed down more, you could eat more and worry about less bones.”

“How could I eat more?”

“The less bones you eat, the more food you can fill yourself with.”

“Like meat?”

“Like meat and fruit and herbs and all of the bounty that nature provides for us.”

“Ohhh,” he started to work with haste, thinking about all of the fish and pinchers his new trap would catch. Plus, he also wanted to check on the trap he placed in the creek yesterday. He was hoping to find a bounty today.

Standing up when he was complete with his work, he was going to head off. “Zephyr,” he turned around to his mother, “eyes up, ears open, and don’t think about your anger while you’re in the forest.”

“What about what made me angry?”

“The more you focus on something in your mind, the more blinded you are while traversing the forest. Your mind will make it easy for you to get lost in this space,” she waved her hands around them while stretching out her arms, she then pointed to her head, “if you’re continually lost in this space.”

“Eyes on the path, ears open to all around me, and head on a swivel.”

“That’s my boy,” she said. “Now go on, and come back soon. Don’t make me come looking for you.”

“I won’t.”

“You’re going to stay out of the river, and only near the shallow parts?”

“I will.”

“You won’t step foot in the water, and if you have to, you’ll come get me or your father?”

“I’ll come get you,” he pointed at her. “If he won’t apologize then why should I ask him for something?”

“That’s the anger I was telling you about. You have to let it go before you go into the forest. You can pick it up later, but leave it at the edge of the forest.”

He rolled his eyes at her, “Do I have to?”

LaRha picked up a rock and walked towards her son. Taking his hands in her, she placed his hands on the rock. “Please put your anger here, and leave it here. You can pick it up later, but leave it here for now. I promise it will still be here.”

Sighing out of annoyance, Zephyr said, “Okay.” Squinting his eyes shut, and thinking very hard about his anger, he imagined placing it on the rock. He imagined transferring it into the rock. He imagined the rock emanating with his anger, as if there was a red glow of heat showing off of it. Just like how he would see a rock on a sunny, bright day and see a blurry line just on the outer edges of the rock, he imagined a red aura lifting off of the rock, like how a stench would lift up off of clothing.

“There,” he said, “can I go now?”

She handed the rock over into his hands, “Yes, yes you can.” His mother said to him. After giving him a kiss of the forehead and tousling his hair, she smiled and said, “Place the rock down there, and you can be on your way.”


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Thavien Yliaster

Thank You for stopping by. Please, make yourself comfortable. I'm a novice poet, fiction writer, and dream journalist.



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