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Flowering. Approach. Part 27: Curiosity Unfolds

by Thavien Yliaster 2 months ago in Series
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What are you really there for?

"Flowering" is a series, just like its artwork, that is a work in progress

Reader discretion is advised: This series contains death, violence, and sexual content. Flowering is not a lighthearted series. Flowering is meant for a mature audience. It is not my intention to mislead those who read it, thus misleading the perception of the series itself, leading your hearts astray.

Please, "take this lesson to heart." - LaRha and Wetah

By Timotheus Fröbel on Unsplash

Feeling entrapped and ensnared by her beauty, the words of his parents echoed in his head, “If you see her again, run.” Yet, he didn’t want to. It was as if he was afraid to run away. Like there was a deep foreboding feeling that told him he would be missing something. If not something, then maybe someone.

She had frigidly turned to face him. Her arms wrapped around her tummy, hiding her belly button. With a quavering voice as if she were about to cry she began to bawl with a bow, “I AM HUNGRY!” A few small tears had left her eyes, “Please, I am so hungry!”

She rose back up, staring at him, waiting for his reply. “I am hungry too. I am here for the fish.”

“I have not eaten in days. Please, let me eat the fish.”

Zephyr didn’t want to leave empty handed, but he figured as long as she stayed in the river and since she was starved that he was safe. “Okay…” he said sullenly, “eat the fish but leave the traps.”

“Leave the traps?”

“Leave the traps.”


“I must put more bait in them tomorrow. Then I may catch more fish.”

“If you catch more fish, may I eat some please?”



“You are already eating my fish. Why should I let you continue to eat more?” His hunger was getting to him now, along with the anger of the argument he had with his father in the days before. His mind remembered, “Why should I continue to give of myself first, when other people will just take without giving back?” This was the only other person he’s met outside of his family, and it already seemed that his suspicions were being proven correct.

“What do you want so I may eat more fish?”

He wasn’t prepared to be asked that. As much as he would just want to see her, he figured that she wouldn’t be around for long and that she’d eventually be found by where she came from or by his family. Yet, since she was a different woman, he would like to know if there were more different women, and also potentially men from where she had come from.

“You must give back.”

“I have nothing to give. What could I give you for the fish?”

He hemmed and hawed for a moment, until his curiosity struck him like a lightning bolt. “Tell me about where you come from and why.”

“Is that all?”

“Tell me about why you grabbed me.”

“Is there more?”

“Are there others,” he inquired.


“Are there others like you? Are they nearby? Are they girls like you,” he pointed at her, “or are they boys like me,” he jabbed a thumb at himself.

It was all starting to come together for her now. “That’s why he hasn’t left. He wants to know if I present a danger to him, and if there’s somebody else more dangerous than I am. Most boys would leave immediately after being caught spying. He’s not here to spy, he’s inquisitive about potential harm. However, it seems concern seems to extend beyond himself. Like he’s asking for someone else.” It was so clear to her now. Yet, his distance made his initial actions peculiar, but it displayed his caution, and even potentially his cunning.

“Are you alone?”

He sensed danger in her question. He sensed that if he lied it would end terribly for him, yet if he told the truth, she, and the possible ‘they’ would be more than prepared for them. Having ‘them’ being prepared for his family was a nightmare beyond belief. His father was resting and needed even more day by day. His mother, though fast, wasn't as strong as his father. His sisters could run and hide with him, but unlike their parents, his sisters and him were weak and small by comparison. “Take this lesson to heart,” their words echoed inside of him, reverberating within his bones.


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Thavien Yliaster

Thank You for stopping by. Please, make yourself comfortable. I'm a novice poet, fiction writer, and dream journalist.

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