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Fight to the death

On the edge of the endless desert, there is a strong and friendly old Uyghur.

By EmilyPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

On the edge of the endless desert, there is a strong and friendly old Uyghur. When he was young and strong, he made a living by long-distance transportation. During the day, the camels known as the "desert boat" were his means of transportation; at night, the camels lay in a circle, and he slept in the camel ring.

One year, his sheepdog gave birth to a single cub. According to local customs, it is very unlucky for a dog to have a single cub. So he ventured to a place where wolves haunted, caught a newborn wolf cub from the wolf's den, and brought it back to be fed as a pair with his pup. The wolf cub gradually grew up, was very strong, smart and aggressive, and he especially favored it, often using the beef and mutton he saved to feed it carefully. Under his careful training, even if he met its kind, the wolf was loyal to his duty and guarded him and the camel conscientiously. Therefore, in his mind, the wolf and the dog are no longer any different - both are loyal guards of himself and the camel.

In the middle of summer one year, his camel team was on the way to deliver goods for a survey team deep in the desert when it encountered a very strong storm. It was a rare devil-moving storm. The wind was so dark that he could not reach his fingers. The six-humped camels were all beaten away by the yellow sand of the storm, leaving only a dog and a wolf who depended on him for life. By the time the wind gradually subsided, he was disgraced and exhausted, and what was worse was lack of water and food, and it was a critical moment of life and death. That gray night, he fell asleep in fatigue and sleepiness, but was suddenly awakened by the biting sound of wolves and dogs. When he sat up, the wolf and the dog immediately stopped biting, calm as usual, scrambling to make out with him, as if trying to get food from him. Not long after he fell asleep, he was awakened by their desperate biting. That night, he tossed a few times like this, which aroused his vigilance: in this special predicament, why would they uncharacteristically bite repeatedly and desperately, and both sides were scarred and still refuse to give up? So he pretended to be sleeping, only to find that whenever he lay down, the dog would crouch alertly beside him to guard him, staring intently at the wolf; and the wolf, always staring at him, was ready to pounce at any time. Whenever the wolf was about to pounce on him, the dog quickly pounced on the wolf and bit the wolf, doing its best to protect it. His dog was tall, black and shiny, very strong and fierce, and the dog's "parents" were a breeding hybrid shepherd that his younger brother had carefully bred to deal with wolves. It was more than enough to deal with the wolf, so he was safe and sound.

It dawned on him that in this state of starvation, for the wolf, its master was the only thing to eat. Therefore, the wild and cruel nature of the wolf, the friendliness of the dog and the nature of the housekeeper, are all vividly expressed.

After finding out the truth, he no longer dared to relax. As soon as it was dawn, he fed all the edible things to the wolf, and took the opportunity to tie and kill it. Together with the dog, by eating wolf meat, he not only found the lost camels of Six Peaks, but also transported the items to the exploration team station on time.

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