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Fairy tales in the woods

by Mary R Baldwin 2 months ago in Short Story
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fairy tale

In the forest kingdom, little Grizzly bear and little fox, two good friends, opened two bakeries door to door, they are busy every day, profit is good. One day, the little fox made a small calculation: if the customers only come to my shop to buy bread, then I can not earn more money? So, it sneaks up a bad trick.

The next morning, little grizzly bear as usual, at the door of the store to greet visitors. But he was puzzled that people avoided his shop. The squirrel whispered to him, "Last night, it was said all over the forest kingdom that your bread was made of poor flour and had a lot of flavorings added to it. It was not good for your health. It is said that little Fox said all this."

"No way! Fox is my best friend, he will not frame me!" "Said the bear angrily. As the days passed, little Grizzly's bakery was empty; Fox's bakery, on the other hand, was bustling.

Little fox will get up before dawn every day, catch in front of the customers out of the food, long down tired. One day, he was so exhausted that he fell asleep in his chair. When he opened his eyes, he was terrified: the oven was in flames!

Awakened from his slumber, the bear grabbed a fire extinguisher and went to help. Anxious and afraid of the little fox has been distraught, see little grizzly bear to help, moved to tears. The two former best friends fought side by side and finally put out the fire.

Looking at the little grizzly bear to treat each other honestly, think about their own actions, little fox regrets. He apologized to the bear and admitted his mistake in spreading the rumors. The kind little bear forgave him, and the two friends were good again. Under the call of the little grizzly bear, everyone started together, and the little Fox's bakery was soon repaired. In honor of their lost friendship, the two bakeries became one and took on a new name -- "The Good Old Boys Bakery."

【 Old farmer Moves stone 】

In the middle of an old farmer's field, for many years there stood a large stone. The rock broke several of the old farmer's plowshares and damaged his plow machine. The old farmer has nothing to do with it, and the boulder has become a lingering heart disease when he farms.

One day, after another ploughshare broke, remembering the endless trouble the boulder had brought to him, he finally decided to end the boulder. So, he found a crowbar into the rock under the rock, but was surprised to find that the stone buried in the ground is not so deep, so thick, a little hard to be able to pry up the stone, and then break with a sledgehammer, clear the ground. In a flash, the old farmer's mind flashed over the years of being troubled by the boulder, and he could not help smiling at the thought of disposing of this headache earlier.

From this fable, we can understand the truth of business management: when encountering a problem, we should find out the root cause immediately, and if there is a problem, we should deal with it immediately without delay.

In the management activities of enterprises, they often encounter repeated problems or adverse phenomena. If the problems are avoided or delayed, the backlog will inevitably cause difficulties for enterprises, and even make the production and business activities of enterprises unable to be carried out normally. In serious cases, it will threaten the survival of enterprises. Therefore, the enterprise management of the more frequent problems, should not avoid, but should seize the signs, immediate investigation, tracing the source, as soon as possible to find out the solution and methods.

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